Bobby Au Yeung to Try Producing and Scriptwriting

Due to a health scare in 2013, Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) reduced his output to one filming project per year. Turning 61 years old in July, Bobby has no plans to retire and is still full of passion and creative ideas. As a gifted and engaging actor, Bobby does not want to limit his work to being in front of cameras, and hopes to grow his experiences through scriptwriting and producing his own projects next.

Will Work With TVB Again

With no additional TVB dramas lined up, many believe that Shadow of Justice <伙記辦大事> is Bobby’s last drama, but the actor clarifies that he hopes to work with the station again, “I have been under a per-series contract with TVB for more than 20 years. After Shadow of Justice, if there is a suitable script and the company needs me, then we will discuss another possible collaboration.”

Wants to Write and Produce His Own Project

In addition to acting, Bobby also hopes to participate in behind-the-scenes work. With restrictions in place due to the pandemic, Bobby has had less face-to-face work and more time at home. His friend, who is also a film director and producer, convinced Bobby try screenwriting.

“I am not a typical actor. When I receive a script, I will flesh out the character and make it even more flawless,” Bobby admitted he already has a habit of brushing up his characters to make a deeper impression on viewers.

“I have worked in front of the camera for many years. When I get a script, I am only able to act out what is written for me on paper.” If Bobby can do his own screenwriting, he can more control in fleshing out his character more, and continue to make revisions on set depending on his co-star’s reaction.

His friend also encouraged Bobby to produce a web movie, and utilize his years of experience and connections in the entertainment industry. “Later, I could also dive deeper into behind-the-scenes work, like music or post-production effects.”

Clear about what roles he wants to assume, Bobby said, “I don’t want to be a director, because the director has to worry about too many different aspects of things, like the script, music editing, and post production. In the end, I am an actor. If I had to run around and worry about every little detail, I will not have the time nor the energy to do so. When I have free time, I am open to learning and trying new things. I don’t like wasting time.”

Bobby with his wife

Needs Work to Overcome Boredom

Despite his popularity and many fans hoping to continue seeing him onscreen, they are also concerned about his health and well-being. On whether he will be able to handle the demanding behind-the-scenes work, Bobby clarified that he is not chronically ill, as he was hospitalized for acute pneumonia, which he equates to being a one-time incident.

“I will take care of myself and my health. My health would only be affected if I did not have work, because I will be bored to death!” Bobby insisted.

While eager to try new work experiences, Bobby is not overly ambitious and will keep his health in check. “Actually, health and safety is the most important. I do not need to have a massive fortune. We have witnessed many of our colleagues pass away lately. It’s a pity, but I also understand that it will be my time one day also. I don’t want to have any regrets.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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