Bobby Au-yeung Supports Moses Chan Leaving TVB: “You Earn 3 Years in 10 Months”

Yesterday, My Ages Apart <誇世代> actor Bobby Au-yeung (歐陽震華) attended an abalone-eating promotional event, where he tried different cooking styles of the brand he endorses. The actor, a self-professed foodie, said he eats everything without discrimination, and doesn’t really care about the difference between “good food” and “cheap food.”

“If it tastes good, it’s good food,” said the 57-year-old actor. “In the past, it was a big deal to eat abalone, but for this style, you can do it casually,” he added with a smile.

Asking if Bobby also eats abalone for breakfast, he said, “I’ll only eat it when I crave it. After all, it’s now free for me!”

In regards to his My Ages Apart costar Moses Chan (陳豪), who intends to leave TVB when his contract is up this year, Bobby said, “You just don’t feel at peace when you haven’t tried what’s out there. We are all naturally curious.” Has Moses consulted Bobby for some advice? “He doesn’t need to! It’s not like I’m very familiar with what’s out there either! He’s an honest guy. He can’t be bullied.”

Pointing out that ten months of salary in outside agencies equated to three years of salary at TVB, Bobby exclaimed, “Not even! (Then why did you come back to TVB?) I like it here, because of the people.”


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    1. @killer02 Bobby and Moses calibre make enough money. They don’t need it but its so much easier and high pay up North. Imagine yourself choosing between a low paying, hard work job or easily finding a high paying, easy work job, no doubt most people will choose the later.
      The top tvb stars have that option to choose. The low to mid tvb stars still struggle to make ends meet at tvb so they must try their luck to head to China or risk staying their whole life at a low pay, hard work job.

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      2. @killer02 Why so sour?

        It’s not like any of those A-listers you named became A-lister the moment they stepped into the showbiz world. Most of them worked their asses off for years before they became popular. Right now, they are merely reaping the fruits of their labor and opting new opportunities that their fame has given them.

        If you are gonna keep harping that life is unfair, yes, that is true. Life is never fair. So, what’s the big deal? Everyone faces some kind of unfairness every single day. People who get laughed for being physically less appealing than others. People who get discriminated for their skin color. People who get paid less because they are considered to be the weaker gender. We all face some kind of unfairness in our daily lives but instead of complaining about it, we accept that life is never going to be fair and make the best with whatever we can everyday. So, let me ask you again. Why are you so sour about it?

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      4. @killer02 It all boils down to risk reward tradeoff. You may think celebrities, entertainers and athletes do not deserve that kind of money but the reality is they are overpaid for the risk that they are bearing. One big scandal can wipe out the future jobs for a celebrity for years (or even decades) or a severe injury may render an athlete completely immobile or unable to play again. When you compare that to ordinary people who earn fixed income each month; regardless of anything, they still get paid. Most importantly, for normal employees, they do not have to bear the same risk like entrepreneurs, salespeople, celebrities, athletes etc. do. Of course, you can say normal employees may get retrenched during corporate restructurings. Yet, most of the time, these people could still rebound and find another company hiring them for parallel roles because they have transferable skills. The same cannot be said for people who are working careers which require them to stake their reputations out there and mainly rely on their looks or acting skills.

        Not to forget, there’s also the supply demand which drives their remuneration up north. The more popular the celebrity is, the more the corporations are willing to pay for their endorsements as part of their branding strategy. These marketing and branding costs are then passed back to the consumers when the products are purchased. Thus, if you don’t want these celebrities to get so much money, it’s simple really. Stop buying Pepsi, Nike, SK II, Puma, Chanel, Shiseido, Samsung etc. etc. etc. There’s a reason why there are so many budding Youtubers. Showbiz is a higher barrier to entry but Youtube, well, anyone with an account can talk crap in a vlog and upload it. Michelle Phan, a well known Youtuber raised millions of funding and got endorsements from big brands simply because she is popular in Youtube. If you really want to blame, don’t blame the celebrities. Blame the people who support these celebrities because they are the ones who are inadvertently feeding their popularity and contributing to their deep pockets.

      5. @killer02 Whether people in the entertainment make too much has nothing to do with your original statement about how these people should be happy where they are.

        It is NOT their fault that they’re in a field where people get overpaid! Maybe blame yourself for watching their shows and paying to see their movies. I guess if you want to demonstrate the power of a consumer, stop supporting them.

        Forreal – we can be powerful. Look at crap movies like Aloha. People stood their ground and the movie flopped.

        Maybe think about that before you blame celebrities for being terrible people because a better paid company wants to recruit them. Why so butt-hurt? Maybe you should become a celebrity so you can make more than us and we can judge you for it like you have to them.

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      7. @killer02 Regardless of what you say and think, this IS the capitalist society we are all living in. Unless you are capable of bringing change to the society mindset or have sufficient military power to push the whole world into a socialism structure, there’s no point ranting here no matter how “valid” you think your points may be. I, for one, wouldn’t want to live in a society where all my resources are being dictated and allocated by some stupid central government.

        Some ordinary folks struggle with money because they are terrible at handling it. The equation of wealth is simple. You either save money or you find ways to create more income. If people have no money to support their families, the first question they gotta ask themselves is: “why did i not have proper family planning?”. Breeding like rabbits is not going to help if the family does not even have the financial ability to raise the children. Nobody is obliged to degrade their lifestyle to help you feed your kids.

        Welcome to reality.

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      10. @killer02
        Working hard isn’t enough. How can you expect high pay just because someone is trying hard to support family. The money has to come from somewhere. Just because someone is working hard in physical labouring for 10+ hours a day does not mean they deserve lots of money. Money is generated from the service offered or products sold. Farmers work hard but products are cheap.

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      12. @killer02 DO NOT put words in my mouth.

        What I was trying to say is it is fair game if an already high paying actor wants to move on. If they can earn more elsewhere AND get more rest, they’d be an idiot not to go. That has nothing to do with whether someone is materialistic or not.

        Are you some monk who owns no possessions?? If not, you are just like us mere mortals.

        Ever heard of living within your means? Guess what? When you earn more, you can spend more?? And a random troll is not going to make them change that. Why should they have to? Oh so, I’m a millionaire. I should only eat ramen so I can save this money. Rofl gtfo. Rich people just do not have the lifestyle you and I lead. That’s fine. They’ve earned it. But you want them to stay miserable at a place like TVB making 6-7 figures WHEN they can definitely make more in China?

        You can be judgmental, but let’s not be dense.

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      14. @killer02
        The pay isn’t low for sure. Just low comparative to what’s on offer since the development of the mainland market. It extremely tough for TVB contracted artists to see others earning buckets of easy money in China when themselves are earning less for more work. In every industry, it is similar which is why many leave their jobs to go to a higher paid company. Loyalty can only go so far. However, I feel badmouthing TVB after leaving is betrayal because however harsh the conditions were, if it wasn’t for TVB then these artists would not even have a platform to make themselves known to the audience.

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      16. @killer02
        If I made a million, I would certainly not retire and settle for life. People have high ambitions for recognition, money and power in which you are lacking. Being able to meet these ambitions or surpass them is another story. Maybe you just don’t believe in yourself enough?

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      18. @killer02
        For humans to have a meaning in life they have to have motivation. Some will preach, some will find a figure to worship, some will seek power and some will seek monetary gains. Just because made a million, a person has to stop still and retire? What is the point of life then?

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      21. @killer02
        I think I can be happy but not fully satisfied. Just look at the Chinese businessmen earning much more than they can spend. Sending their children overseas on enormous pocket money that exceed our salaries. Also throwing money overseas to invest. You never hear them stopping and saying ‘I’ve earned enough’. Instead they seek to earn even more. That is human nature. Only the lowly educated, unambitious, waste of space people are happy to buy the lottery and hope to win a million and retire.

      22. @killer02
        It looked at one point that Moses and Bobby would not make it in the entertainment industry (Especially Bobby) so only a small percentage actually get to make these millions. Just like every industry there are ones who rise to the top and ones who fail or just about earn enough to live. In TVB there are the leads that earn millions and move on to make multimillions but you also get the ones who move on to HKTV crying their eyes out. It’s a cruel world where timing is key and battle of the finest/fittest. If someone has earning power why would they suddenly stop? I’m really concerned about your state of mind since a lack of skills or lack of success has affected your mindset and confidence in yourself. Better to work hard to overcome this than raging with jealousy.

      23. @killer02 AGAIN, you clearly lack reading comprehension skills. It doesn’t matter if they’re already paid “enough” in YOUR opinion. If you’re doing the same job and some other company wants to hire you for more, you’re gonna be smart and take that offer.

        That’s simple logic. I’m pretty sure you’d do the same in your position. So hop off before you explode from a heart attack after finding out how much celebrities make. Peace.

      24. @killer02 you know. Instead of hiding behind your computer and being jealous of these celebrity, maybe you should do something about your life? Then maybe your bitterness will go away. Their fames are not forever, them making and spending their money is really none of your business. If oje can make more, why would they say no? Go out of the house more, it will do you wonder.

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      27. @killer02 Liked someone mention before, life is not fair! so if you are just going to keep complaining and not do something about it, then the issue is with YOU not these celebrities. If you still don’t understand that, then no one can help you.

        Working hard doesn’t mean anything! Some field allow you to make more money.. and some field doesn’t. If someone want to make a lot of money, they need to go into one of those field. Not all celebrities are famous and makes millions but hey they love what they do and it’s their own choice. Same for people who does job that they love but doesn’t necessary have a big paycheck. Where I used to work, some people get millions in bonuses… do I get jealous.. hell yeah.. but those people also work 10 plus hours a days and require a master degree and are put on plan to get other certification.. can I do that? Nope.. that’s why I don’t mind not making those millions.. that is just how life is… These celebrities have fans on their side but it doesn’t mean those fans will be there forever.. one day they can be famous.. one day, not.. so if they have the ability to make lots of money now, why shouldn’t they?

        Stop complaining and go find a better job!

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      29. @killer02 you are obviously missing the point. it doesn’t matter if they make 10 millions now.. it doesn’t mean they will make that much in the future. their incomes are not stable unlike a regular job where you know how much you make each month.

        for people who doesn’t make enough to support their family.. that itself is their problem. regular people are no different then celebrities.. they spend money on useless crap also! they can be worst as they can’t afford those items and live beyond their means! if they can’t afford things.. don’t buy it.. don’t have kids until they are ready.. stop complaining and get a degree or a certificate to earn more money!

        anyway, i’m done replying to your post as nothing will get through to you.. life will never be fair.. .. you control your own destiny so stop whining and go out and make more money!

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      32. @killer02 With all due respect to your arguments about how unfair life is and how undeserving these celebs are of their enormous paychecks, how much money they have or how they choose to spend it is none of your farking business. If you had the chance or ability to earn so much i doubt you would turn down those opportunities. You’re only sour cos you don’t have the looks or talents to make mega bucks like them. I will be expecting you to @ me with your standard cut and paste rebuttal. Don’t disappoint me.

      33. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      34. @killer02 right on cue buddy! If nothing else at least you’re consistent lmao. Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen the ugly face of jealousy staring back at you? Ok I will stop giving you the attention you crave. There’s just no use arguing with a troll/idiot.

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    2. @killer02 Wouldn’t you want to be paid fairly in your field? It’s no secret TVB overworks their artist, and the pay is low. I don’t see what’s so wrong about venturing out, especially when you get to rest more and make more. It’s not about being materialistic. Moses is older now with a big family to raise. I don’t like the guy, but he should think about his future.

      It really is not more than enough to settle for life when the cost of living is also more for them. It’s not like they can all retire and continue to live lavishly.

    3. @killer02 your post is just too funny. This is not called shallow or materialistic..It’s call finally being able to break free from very bad working condition. If TVB was fair, artists won’t be leaving 1 after another. And Moses has 3 kids, money is never enough!! Even if they are paid a lot now doesn’t mean when they get older, they will make the same so of course they need to dig the gold now!!! If you work at a company for over 10 years and they only give you a measly raise but a new company recruit you and give you 10x as much but with better working condition, you will jump bump too!

  2. i think it’s a great thing for having different opportunities outside of hk or any opportunities. before china being a prominent market like it is today, hk celebs only had the choice to go to hk or go into film. it’s great to be able to go out, see what’s out there and then decide whether you like or not. this gives way to new stars to be born. besides, tvb is really stingy w/ pay.

  3. Anyone with ambition should target to work for the biggest companies in the industry and strive to earn the maximum money they can achieve. I understand there an older lead, less educated lead actors such as Bobby would put health and be satisfied with staying at TVB. The slightly younger generation should definitely try and venture further. 20-30 years ago, the ‘five tigers’ were tied heavily to long TVB contracts and from the success and money they have gained after leaving, it proves that it is a no brainer to venture elsewhere. However, there are a few examples of personalities who aren’t money and fame orientated such as Kwong Wah, Wong He and Sunny Chan but I expect them to be a rare breed. We can’t criticise actors/actresses to leave for easy money and small workload because we would make the same move in our own professions if the opportunity arrives.

    1. @jimmyszeto

      To be fair, Bobby does not need the money. From what I read, his wife’s family is fairly wealthy. That is also another reason why he only films like one series per year. If money was an issue, you can bet that he would be filming a lot more.

  4. I think it is healthy to have a change in work environment. Things can get boring when working with the same people under the same format for decades. Venturing out for a while is not a bad thing, especially as they are in their middle years. They need some stimulation in life and yet the time to rest.

    I believe that you can learn new things from meeting new people. China and HK operate under a different working culture. Maybe they can pick up new skills along the way, whether for their career or for their personal life.

    And if they do fail up north, they can still return to TVB after a few years. Maybe by then, TVB will learn to cherish them more.

  5. It’s a matter of personal choice and also advancement of own acting skills which is only possible if you work at different environment and with different people. In TVB you act with the same group. Can’t improve much. Some times it isn;t just about money but yes, we all know although they are paid well, they are still underpaid. But look at ratings and see the worth like how hollywood is with box office and all?

    Anyway Bobby doesn’t strike me as particularly ambitious. But I had such fun watching him and hos co stars in My Ages Apart. He wasn’t the best but all those NG scenes, you can see he puts everyone at ease with his jolly demeanour.

  6. When is money ever enough? Money is even more important if you have a family with kids and are the main breadwinner. Those who do not carry the financial burden will not understand how hard it is.

  7. oh my god. I’ve been reading constant, non-stop comments with killer02, but it keeps going.

    guys, killer02 is obv trolling. s/he doesn’t even change her reply with different accusations – why do you guys bother?

    if killer02 really feels the way s/he does, your comments and rationale will not change her. it’s like arguing on YT! arguments will never end. cease this pointless debate.

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