Bobby Au Yeung Relies on Expensive Herbs to Maintain Health?

Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) is a beloved actor and household name. Known for his exuberant charm and infectious laughter, many were shocked and concerned when news broke that Bobby was hospitalized for acute pneumonia in 2013. Alcohol was assumed to have been one of the major triggers of this incident. Since then, the jubilant 58-year-old actor has made major lifestyle changes to improve and maintain his health.

Bobby’s outgoing and humorously pleasant personality makes him a popular friend among many within the entertainment circle. It comes as no surprise that Bobby and his wife are frequent guests to parties and gatherings. Prior to the incident, Bobby would consume alcohol regularly. Although he has yet to completely stop drinking alcohol, his consumption has greatly reduced.

In addition to reducing his alcohol intake, his wife, Rosanna Fu (傅潔嫻) has also taken full control of his dietary restrictions, disabling Bobby from giving in to the temptations of unhealthy foods. Instead of chips and chocolates, Bobby regularly snacks on dry scallops and cordyceps which allegedly cost over $100,000 HKD each month. Rosanna also ensures that Bobby continues his follow-up doctor appointments.

While Bobby has yet to retire from acting completely, he has now shifted his focus to his personal health. Since his hospitalization in 2013, Bobby has gradually reduced his work output and now insists on working for only half of the year, and then taking a break for the remaining time to rest and enjoy life.

When spotted recently out shopping with his wife, Bobby looked unmistakably heftier, perhaps due to extended periods of rest and wholesome Chinese herbal supplements.

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  1. it’s probably be more helpful to exercise, cut out all the junk food and eat wholefoods. i wonder the potency of these expensive herbs have on health. may work but just as a bandage if you can’t seal the wound.

    1. @m0m0
      I agree and these expensive herbal stuff may give you immediate results but they may hurt you in the long term. My late uncle took some and felt better for the short term but it affected his health in a negative way so he ended up in the hospital. I simply do not trust these herbal medicine stuff anymore. My late mom got liver damage from too much herbal medicine and passed away as a result so I vow not to believe in this stuff anymore.

      1. @hetieshou
        My grandparents kept on drinking these high concentrated herbal soups and both suffered same effects of diabetes and blindness afterwards. It is beyond me why chinese like to spend on all these herbal substances. Even my parents spend thousands buying dry abalones, dry snails and dry scallops every time they go Hong Kong use them in soups. To me they are just dry seafood with terrible texture rather than the mythical health potion. Natural is best!

      2. @jimmyszeto I can kind of understand the dried seafood – it’s more concentrated in flavor and therefore, a lot tastier in soups & meals. As to their other purported benefits, I’m sure they’re just placebo effects.

      3. @jimmyszeto @hetieshou

        Sorry to hear what happened your close ones. I didn’t even know the herbal stuff would have such a harmful effect. I thought it was just placebol.

        Do you know what specific health boosting foods they bought? The seafood stuff can be for flavoring and there are some health claims too. But I think some people are unaware of the methods they use to preserve the seafood. I know many dry Chinese food items have sulfite in them as a preservative. It is very harmful to human health. One time, I wanted to buy dry fish maw and on the bag, written in english it said the fish maw contained high amount of sulfite or some other chemical I can’t remember. It basically said it is a dangerous food item. Eat at you own risk. I put it right down. Imagine you can’t read English or in Asia, all you hear is how good this stuff is for you but you’ll never know that it is harmful because of what people put in it. I think all food item is good on it’s own and dried foods can be nutitious too but you gotta to think about what people put in it for shelf life.

    2. @m0m0 Yes, my mom was very sick with an incurable illness. My parents spent so much money on going to the Chinese doctor and taking herbal medicine. They wouldn’t listen to me that all this medicine is just a waste of money. Like you said it helped them feel better short term, but in the end, it did not help at all, and she still passed away after years of treatment.

      1. @kokomo
        from what i heard is that chinese medicine is suppose to be used as supplemental not curing the cancer. i know some people think that chinese medicine cures every type of disease. i guess at least you saw some effects of the medicine probably not the effects they were hoping for though. i know there are some chinese doctors out there would tell their patients not to seek western medicine care b/c it will make their cancer grow. it’d be too late when they seek real medical care b/c cancer is all about timing.

  2. snacking on expensive herbs isn’t a healthy way to go. in fact, he should stop taking alcohol.

    bobby is an experienced actor and commands stage presence. I love his dramas, especially forensic heroes.

    1. @janet72
      A lot of these herbal substances are high in sugar, they are already unsuitable for people with illnesses. I also don’t see how drying and preserving an aged scallop can have good health effects…

  3. It is true these so called herbal thingy. I was back in M’Sia sometime ago and wanted to get these birds’ nest as it is proclaimed to make you youthful but my husband said they are just birds’ saliva and no medicinal backup. I heard Dodo Cheng ate a lot of bird’s nest soup but it doesn’t make her any younger, lol.

    1. @Jenny birds nest supposed to make one look younger and gives one a beautiful complexion.
      for me, I get a very good appetite after taking birds nest.

      1. @janet72
        Tbh, I rather go for facial as it is quite cumbersome having to double-boil for a considerable time to get a nice complexion. No offence intended though.

      2. @jenny Theres some news online to indicate that some forms of animal cruelty occurs with the harvesting of birds nests e.g. taking the nests before babie birds can fly or before they can lay eggs. Although some others claim they dont take it until babies have flown the nest which I hope is true. It would make more sense I should think if they let more birds live and breed for more production. Then yet again greed can make humans impatient and short sighted. Not sure what the real truth is.

      3. @megamiaow
        wouldn’t be surprised if animal cruelty occurs. i’ve heard that the more painful you make an animal die, the more tasty. i wonder what kind of sick mind came up with that theory.

      4. @m0m0 I just learned very recently that the way we kill fish for food is actually not conducive to best tasting fish. I guess it’s true what they say – how you treat your food is how it’ll treat you and that includes method to source, raise, kill and cook your food. It honestly makes very wary of how our food is sourced and how it makes its way into our meals. But even that’s shortsighted. With how interconnected our planet is, the way we treat our environment is exactly how we treat our health. And right now, we’re not doing a good job…so no food will really help us.

  4. I remember before my dad passed away, he had warned me to stay away from the bird’s nests as he mentioned that it was not beneficial. He was a believer in Chinese medicine though. If I was sick, my dad made me eat that when I was younger and now I’m afraid of any type of medicine.

    I myself never bought into the hype of abalone, bird’s nest, etc. I find it’s such a waste of money.

  5. I have heard about cordyceps (冬蟲夏草 in Chinese) since childhood days and had had it for a short period of time. I know it is a well-known Chinese herbal medicine, and have done some research on Google just now. If you are interested in learning about it, here are some articles.

    All Chinese herbal medicine works a lot slower than western medicine. It is used to restore or improve the body/systems/organs instead of killing the illness/bacteria as in western medicine.

    I agree that cordyceps is a very expensive Chinese herbal medicine if it is naturally grown.

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