Mat Yeung Removed From “Shadow of Justice” Poster

After The Runner <大步走> completes its run, TVB is gearing up to broadcast new drama Shadow of Justice <伙記辦大事> on April 12. Promotional trailers were recently released, and many were eager to see Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), Joey Meng (萬綺雯), and Joe Ma (馬德鐘) on screen again.

In the drama, Bobby portrays Chief Inspector of the Traffic Accident department and Joe will portray a famous lawyer. Their characters possess different values and their own interpretation of justice, thus leading to many conflicts and battle of wits.

While Mat Yeung (楊明) has a significant role as a traffic police officer, he mysteriously disappeared from the promotional poster. He does not appear in any of the trailers broadcast in Hong Kong, but can be seen for a few seconds in the overseas trailer. He was pulled from the promotional stills and trailer in Hong Kong due to his ongoing trial for his DUI charges.

When the press spoke with the drama’s producer Andy Chan (陳耀全), he confirmed that Mat’s scenes were not reduced in Shadow of Justice despite his controversial trial. “He is acting in a drama, and viewers will be able to separate the drama from reality.” However, the producer admitted that Mat will not be attending any upcoming promotional events for the drama, “During this time, t’s best not to use Mat to promote the drama–its better for him and also better for us…. I haven’t been in touch with him. I don’t want to disturb or affect him.”

“Shadow of Justice” Trailer

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Mat Yeung Reverses Guilty DUI Plea to Avoid Being Held in Custody

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  1. He should be removed from TVB……

    Anyways, excited to see Bobby in this series. Not sure the storyline sounds interesting but Bobby always does a good job. Also, the fact that Jeannie has a main role over Winki is beyond me. The talent is not even close.

    1. @tt23

      The male casts is good but Jeannie , yuk

      Her acting really sux

      But glad to see Joey Meng onscreen again, she is the female lead …

  2. Lol Good response for saying no we don’t want a potential criminal promoting a law enforcement drama.

  3. Good. But more importantly, he should be removed from the roads before he hurts or kills someone.

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