Mat Yeung Causes “Come Home Love” to Slip in Ratings?

After serving jail time for his DUI offense, Mat Yeung (楊明) is having trouble salvaging his negative image. TVB may favor the actor despite his continuous reckless behavior, but viewers are not too thrilled to see him on Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞> as indicated by the slipping ratings.

Mat plays  kind-hearted character, “Red Bean Tang Yuan,” which TVB expected would please viewers.

Although Come Home Love has been a family favorite among all ages, last week’s ratings were evidently dragged down by Mat and only managed to peak at 20.9 points. Meanwhile, Owen Cheung (張振朗) and Katy Kung’s (龔嘉欣) new drama, Unchained Medley <靈戲逼人> peaked at 21.7 points.

While the episodes without Mat easily garnered over 40,000 clicks within two days, two of the three episodes with Mat hover between 34,000 and 36,000 clicks.

Although Mat only starred in three episodes of Come Home Love so far, there is evidence he may become a long-running character on the show after his girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) posted a photo of him in the TV studio. Judging from the storyline as well, it is speculated that Mat will continue his role in the sitcom.

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  1. Wow didn’t know audience were so against.
    It’s time for the tv station to stop doing whatever they like, forcing audience to watch leading artists who can’t act, recycled plots. Times have changed and they are no longer the monopoly or a superior choice, there are so many other programs these days that audience could just easily watch something else.

  2. Honestly I don’t really care but Matt’s character is incredibly boring so far. Who wants to watch another boring “nice guy”? in the two eps he’s been in, he has yet to have any interesting chemistry with any of the characters. Not sure where the writers will take his character.

  3. it may true… i did not watch some episodes because i see next episode resumé with him… so i skip

  4. Looks like TVB is desperately running out of artistes… isn’t it way too early to get him back on telly? He should be frozen for longer.

  5. I’ve never found Matt Yeung to be a compelling actor. He’s okay in those stoic cop roles, but I don’t see him having the charisma to truly lead his own series. I’m also surprised TVB is so forgiving to him. They froze Ali (an actual talented actress) longer for something that I’m not even sure she actually did.

    1. Not same thing… ALI was a politic view, so TVB can not again with the all China….hahaha

  6. This guy had both the looks and talent but no connections, no money, and was distracted and immature. He is from the same training class as Raymond Lam and the media even dubbed him as bigger than Raymond at the time, but a las, he just can’t clean up his reckless behavior. 2 DUIs. I would not go as far as saying he is not kind.

  7. Tbh, negative acting chops aside, both he and Lisa don’t really fit into the overall flow of CHL. You can obviously feel the producers just jammed them in. Both require the other cast members to carry them when their characters are involved. Forces me personally, to skip any episode when either are in it.

  8. Matt should be thankful to the management and his partner for their relentless support despite his personal struggles and legal troubles. Post imprisonment, he should concentrate on treating his alcohol addiction instead of making an early comeback to TVB series. Hence, I’m not at all baffled by the dismal ratings given the lukewarm response to his appearance on CHL.

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