Mat Yeung’s Future Father-in-Law is Hospitalized

Dating since 2016, Mat Yeung (楊明) and Lisa Chong (莊思明) have faced many trials and tribulations in their relationship. In addition to the ups and downs of being business partners together, Lisa also stood by Mat’s side through his DUI jail time. Similarly, Mat supported  Lisa’s family when her father was hospitalized for an undisclosed illness.

Intending to marry Lisa in the near term, Mat also treats Lisa’s father as his own. Mat has been bringing soup every day during his hospital visits. On whether her father’s illness has impacted her wedding plans with Mat, Lisa said, “We are not thinking about that. The most important thing is that all my family members are healthy.”

When asked about her father’s condition, Lisa responded, “He’s fine and just feeling a little unwell. He is resting right now, and his condition is stable. Thank you everyone for your concern.”

Changing the subject to her work, Lisa shared that she will be staying in China for an extended period of time this year. “Because of the pandemic, my work output was reduced and it has been quiet for me. Everyone hopes for the market to be hot again. I have to pay mortgage! Previously, I was living off my savings.”

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  1. Good for him but the daily soup delivery will be more newsworthy if she’s is not from a wealthy family.

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