Mat Yeung Converts to Christianity After DUI Conviction

Hong Kong actor Mat Yeung (楊明) hopes to turn a new page after being sentenced to jail for driving under influence. While Mat continues to work on himself, he also reportedly finds solace in the bible and converts his religion from Buddhism to Christianity.

Prior to the sentencing, Mat and girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) were Buddhists and were often seen visiting temples to ask for God’s blessing to overcome his challenges. Mat was even seen kneeling down praying with incense and burning large bags of gold and silver paper. To show his sincerity at the time, Mat also volunteered to sweep the temple’s floor and collect the burnt incense.

Once Mat was released from jail, Mat was reportedly introduced to Christianity by TVB executive Virginia Lok (乐易玲) and he gradually welcomed the new faith. Having been converted, Mat is often seen visiting the church.

Source: China Press

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  1. I mean Buddhism doesn’t tell you to get drunk in the first place, idk how converting to Christianity gonna help with anything.

    1. Buddhism has a karma concept which most people cannot stomach since they still have to pay their dues in the next reincarnated cycles. Christianity though, as long as one repents before they breathed their last, they can still enter heaven. So it’s not surprising that people prefer the latter since they can do as much jack as they like and make sure to repent and believe wholly in Jesus.

  2. I thought he was a long time Christian. Many years ago I saw a Christian film he starred in in a Christian bookstore. That was not long after his first brush with the law. I thought he converted then and turned over a new life. Turns out, I was mistaken.
    I cannot find info of the movie now. But, I clearly remember it’s him on the cover.

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