Mat Yeung Apologizes, Recounts Jail Experience

Granted an interview on TVB program Scoop <東張西望> after his release from jail following a DUI conviction, a teary-eyed Mat Yeung (楊明) recounts his short 17-day stint in prison!

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Twice bowing while interviewed, the 41-year-old said, “My time (inside) was very disciplined, I lost my freedom there, and thought over many things and reflected on a lot of what I did, and also hope that my release today will be a fresh start,”

Asked about reports that he had requested protection for fear that he might be harmed in prison which was why he was transferred to Stanley Prison midway to serve out the remaining sentence, Mat did not provide more details but only replied that he does not wish to disappoint the company (referring to TVB) or waste the opportunities that has been given to him all this while.

Mat: Guilt Was the Worst Torment in Prison

With the camera directly focused on Mat throughout the interview, he continued and said that he has let down his family and those who had continuously supported him and gave him chances. Describing the first few days of the sentence as the worst, he admitted to screaming several times. “This sense of guilt is the worst torment inside, there’s no one to talk to you and only the four walls, nothing to express your emotions…”. Mat added that the correctional officers and doctors had been a great source of encouragement and positive strength and cautions against wrongdoings, as “it is tough to pass time in (there)”.

Claiming that he has learnt his lesson, he expressed that he was most guilty about having caused his parents worry as the latter had even encouraged him instead. As both his parents tested positive for COVID-19 and were currently at Penny’s Bay Quarantine Center, Mat will only visit them some time later. He added that he would also want to “get a bowl of noodles” as the dish was unavailable in prison.

Watch Mat’s Apology:

Two Things He Wants to Do On Leaving Jail:

Source: HK01

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  1. 2 weeks in jail and he looks worn out. He needs to address his alcoholism, his recklessness in light of his alcoholism and asmit guilt from day 1 to get lesser sentence.

  2. Haven’t we heard his apologies before???….and don’t forget he is an actor! All these are orchestrated by TVB to get him back to TVB, in my opinion!

  3. Too bad it’s not his first time. Luckily each time, no one else was harmed, but drunk driving is too serious a crime.

    1. Exactly! He doesn’t look remorseful. if that his best act, he needs to rethink about his career. But then so many actors in Hong Kong have the right face package, but the acting skills are just memorable for being bad. So most of them make money doing product endorsements rather than actual acting.

  4. I really find this type of practise of high profile people having to do a press conference and bow as an apology just ludicrous. Firstly the only people he needs to apologise to his family and secondly he needs to address his habit of drink driving. He kept going on about him inside and his experience and not once mentioning that he understood why he was served with a custodial sentence and what he had learnt that was his actions could have caused harm to others who rightly have access to the roads. This is all very PR and he has learnt nothing, he has money and he could have easily have a driver pick him up or he could have taken a cab is he is out drinking, totally no need to drive himself there whilst he is sober then the drive himself back when he is drunk. Once he has completed his ban, he will drink and drive again because he has got away with it before. But next time he might not be as lucky. Also if this is a PR stunt, his acting is terrible and his sad tone is grating. Maybe best thing TVB can do for him is to ask him to go back to their acting classes.

  5. Should have thrown him in jail after the first conviction. If he felt remorseful, he wouldn’t not have spent so much time appealing. He deserves more jail time.
    Without makeup, we can see all the craters from his acne infected face.

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