Mat Yeung Promises to Take Care of Lisa Chong

Sticking together through life’s ups and downs, actor Mat Yeung (楊明) and long-time girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊鍶敏) were said to have delayed their marriage plans when Lisa’s father Ch’ng Chong Poh (莊寶) was hospitalized this year.

Making known her father’s peaceful passing on Instagram in a recent post, Lisa expressed her gratitude to the team of doctors and staff who cared for her dad in his final days and announced that the funeral proceedings will take place on March 9. Penning their tributes, Lisa as well as her sisters Jacqueline (莊思明) and Mona (莊思華) described their dad as a “respected hero” and “greatest dad in the world”, hoping they will be family in their next lives.

Tells Father-in-Law He Will Love & Pamper Lisa
With their steady romance, Matt was photographed bringing soups daily on his daily visits when his prospective father-in-law fell ill. In a tribute on Instagram, the 42-year-old shared remembrances of the Malaysian tycoon, writing, “Uncle, thank you for your love and guidance all these years. I remember you really liked to smile and enjoy food, your laughter, smiles and little actions are all really cute, you are a truly happy spirit and your gentlemanly manners have all left an imprint in my heart, I really can’t bear to have you leave, hope you are truly free and happy.”

Ending off his post with a heartfelt promise to his long-time girlfriend, Matt wrote, “Don’t you worry, I will surely take good care of Lisa, to make her feel as pampered and loved as you will. I really can’t bear to part with you (heart emoji) Miss you!”

Source: HK01

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