Mat Yeung Promises to Take Care of Lisa Chong For the Rest of His Life

After his short stint in prison for his DUI offenses, Mat Yeung (楊明) is currently seen in drama Night Beauties <一舞傾城>. He thanked TVB and producer Wong Jing (王晶) for giving him this opportunity despite his scandalous past.

Not worried about the negative comments about himself, Mat is more concerned about whether his controversy would affect the drama and cast. “When the drama first aired, netizens  referred to me as a prisoner in a derogative manner. It is the truth and I can’t control what others say.  If they feel happier after saying this, then go ahead. These personal attacks have no substance and won’t help me in the future, so I choose  to forget them quickly. People on the street also address me in the same way– I just smile in response. Of course, there are also people who come over to say they support me.”

Mat’s 17 days in prison were the hardest, as he had to face the unknown. “My room had lights on 24 hours per day, so it was hard to sleep. I had a really hard time adjusting during the first two days. I told myself this is punishment for my actions, but I cannot let myself spiral down. With the hardest days now behind me, I need to face the future with positive energy.” Since Mat  learned his lesson and will never make these mistakes again, he hopes to share his experiences with others and spread positivity.

Although he had a hard time during his trial, Mat never considered breaking up with his girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明), “This thought never crossed my mind. During these three years, she helped me face the media and the public while supporting me privately….. This is not something a normal woman can do–she really stood by my side. I’ll take care of her for the rest of my life as repayment. I’ll work hard to not make her worry. If it weren’t for her, I would have had a much harder time. I’m ashamed that I made my family worry, and I hope my parents can enjoy the rest of their lives.”

Lisa was very touched by Mat’s promise, “Maybe outsiders misunderstand him, thinking that I’m the only one giving in this relationship. I’m not stupid; I won’t let someone who is not good to me stay by my side. He treats me very well, always takes care and accommodates me with everything in life. He treats my family very well and is very filial. He is someone with strong family values.”

At this time, Mat does not have any jobs scheduled but fortunately he has some savings. He believes in working hard to improve himself and maintaining a good mental state. True to his word, Mat lost weight for Night Beauties and even had a minor heat stroke while filming back-to-back fighting scenes. Although it was tough, he joked that he is even more scared of filming passionate scenes. “I joined TVB when I was 17 and it’s been 25 years. TVB is my home–I never thought about leaving. I’m very lucky and thankful that the company did not give up on me, so I need to work even harder to repay them.”

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  1. he’s lucky to have her, she’s loaded and seem like she is very supportive of him.

  2. I’ve always found him attractive ever since his early days. Just like Michael Tong. Some people just don’t have the luck to make it big despite having the looks. But I must say Mat is pretty lucky. 2 DUI offenses and only a slap in the wrist with 18 days in jail. I mean, I can understand if you are in your early to mid 20s to be stupid enough to drink and drive but to do that even at this age shows recklessness and definitely a drinking problem. I enjoy seeing him and really hope he has truly learned his lesson this time. I think he’s been a lucky guy to have these DUIs and some prison time under his belt, yet still given acting opportunities, 2nd male lead nonetheless, and such a supportive, not to mention, RICH girlfriend that stayed by him all this time. I think she loves him way more. And he would be an idiot to break up with her as she is his golden ticket to never having to worry about work or money ever again considering his acting career has always been stagnant and lacking.

  3. Yup Matt has a great gf, only a fool would mess that up…as there have been others that have. Glad that Matt knows that about his gf! He better put a ring on it soon!

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