Mat Yeung Stays Away from Alcohol

After a failed appeal for driving under the influence in August 2020, Mat Yeung (楊明), 42, was sentenced and served 18 days in prison. After his release in early January, Mat tearfully apologized for his careless behavior. The TVB actor now tries to stay away from alcohol when possible.

Avoiding the public eye for the past few months, Mat is finally back to work and attended a promotional event for his upcoming drama, Night Beauties <一舞傾城>. Among a female-heavy cast, Mat was originally the main male lead. However, due to his imprisonment and downward-trending image, his scenes were reportedly reduced and he has been demoted to second male lead. To this, Mat responded, “I’m not sure. It wasn’t specified who is main male lead or who is second. We just portray our characters according to the script.” On whether he is concerned that the drama will air to negative reception, Mat laughed and joked that he is used to negative comments.

Expressing that he has spent a lot of time thinking over his actions and has matured significantly, Mat hopes to work hard to improve himself in the future. Asked whether he is concerned that others will be judgmental due to his jail time, he said, “What happened is a fact, so I won’t be scared. It is a necessary consequence. After this lesson, my life will take a turn for the better. I will seek out the correct path.”

Admitting that he has put down the incident and learned from it, he is working hard to move on. The biggest lesson he learned is to cherish what he currently has and to spend time with his parents. On whether he has made any changes to his drinking habits, Mat expressed, “I haven’t drunk alcohol in a long time, and I haven’t drank since I was released from prison. However, I will toast and have an occasional drink at events and banquets, but I won’t go out to drink and get drunk anymore.”

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  1. I guess time will tell. I hope he really breaks the habit of getting drunk. I actually like watching him.

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