Mat Yeung Films for “Come Home Love”

Since his January release from jail for his DUI conviction,  Mat Yeung (楊明) has resumed filming for TVB again. While promoting his current drama Night Beauties <一舞傾城>, Mat also joined long-running sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛.回家>.

TVB hopes to create a likeable character for Mat. He will play Jason Pais <白彪> righteous and honest illegitimate son, Tong Yuen. Filming for several weeks now, he recently went to Tai Tam to film a water scene with Pal Sin (單立文). In the scene, Mat was bullied into carrying all the equipment and acting as Pal’s personal assistant. Pal then pranked him by screaming that he was being attacked by a crocodile, and Mat immediately dived into the water to save him.

Filming in the heat while fighting off mosquitoes, Mat’s elbow was cut by  sharp rocks in the water. The director immediately halted filming so Mat he could receive medical attention. After getting bandaged up, Mat resumed filming as his injury was not serious.

Currently working hard to lose weight to look better on camera, Mat admitted he “was too fat before” but felt it was getting harder to do so at 42 years old. “I recently lost more than 10 pounds and hope to continue.”

It has been 10 years since Mat filmed sitcoms, and the actor felt that it was a bit like returning home. “I’m really thankful that TVB has been walking alongside me in this journey just like [my girlfriend] Lisa Chong (莊思明). They gave me a lot of opportunities and now I can film for Come Home Love. They want me to get used to filming again and slowly get into the rhythm of things.” Asked if he would be willing if TVB wanted him to sign a “slave contract,” Mat replied, “It’s up to them. I’ve been working here since I was 17, and I have a lot of emotional attachment to the company.”

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  1. That’s sad… he’s been acting with TVB for 25 years and still has to resort back to doing Come Home Love which is a great stepping stone for newbies, but he is far from one. With the lack of talent these days, I think it is his time to shine and take on more leading roles especially if the station and the public has forgiven his DUI sentence. Honestly, 17 days in jail isn’t a big deal. Calling him names like ex-convict etc is just nasty and uncalled for. But I guess it is a consequence he has to live with just like him having to regress to acting in Come Home Love. Hopefully, he can become more well liked in CHL and get the public’s approval again and get more acting opportunities in the future.

    1. Honestly, there are no excuses for DUI. Reminds me of Michael Phelps and they don’t seem to learn from their first mistake. A moment of fun/convenience that can easily go wrong and ruin another person/family. Why risk it? It’s the height of stupidity. I’m not one for cancel culture, but sometimes you want to give these people a good old shake.

  2. Oh no not again… I hated his brief appearance in the original Come Home Love. Plus, despite his reputation, you know he will bounce back quickly since he’s TVB’s favourite child so he’s gonna leave after a few eps. The same thing happened with Carlos Ng, Raymond Cho… just there to get some pocket money and disappear after getting a better gig.

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