Mat Yeung Celebrates Lunar New Year with Lisa Chong’s Family

Released from his 18-day jail sentence for DUI on January 7, TVB actor Mat Yeung (楊明) fortunately made it in time to publicly apologize and celebrate Lunar New Year with his loved ones. He was seen happily having dinner with girlfriend Lisa Chong’s (莊思明) family on January 22.

In Lisa’s Instagram posts, she and Mat are seen smiling in their cherry pink sweaters while having a huge feast with her family. Lisa commented, “Gong Hei Fat Choi! Wishing everyone an amazingly prosperous and healthy Year of the Rabbit!” She also left hashtags including #westaytogether; #familytime; and #thebestisyettocome.”

Staying beside Mat throughout all the court hearings and also picking him up after his jail release, Jacqueline has been a very supportive girlfriend. While the two have yet to announce official marriage, it is believed that it would happen eventually, as they have shared a stable relationship over the six years, despite the many hardships they both faced.

Lisa’s family already considers Mat as part of the family. Her siblings Jacqueline Chong (莊鍶敏),  Mona Chong (莊思華), and Chong Shunsheng (莊順勝) also appear supportive of their relationship and attended the Lunar New Year dinner.

During his apology interview through the program Scoop <東張西望>, Mat had shared his hopes for a fresh start, so he likely learned his lesson and will focus on cherishing his work and relationships.

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Mat Yeung Apologizes, Recounts Jail Experience

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  1. Maybe he’s a loving and attentive boyfriend but I do wonder if he’s really feeling remorseful. He’s a repeated offender who has in this latest court case, still trying to appeal till the end. The press conference while it’s better than the mainlanders artists who will only apologize over WB or pretends nothing has happened, is just staged and doesn’t look sincere.

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