Lisa Chong Visits Mat Yeung in Prison

After convicted for driving under the influence, actor Mat Yeung (楊明) has been sentenced to 18 days in jail.  His girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) had immediately visited him at the jail the day after sentencing and was seen looking worried. She and Derek Wong (黃建東) visited again on New Year’s Day.

In August 2020,  Mat crashed into a divider at Magazine Gap Road in the Mid-Levels. He appealed the decision on December 22, but was dismissed by the court. He is expected to complete his sentence by January 8, 2023.

According to Stanley Prison’s visitation rules, Mat is allowed two visits from friends and family during his 18-day stay. Lisa and Derek were seen arriving at the Stanley Prison in a black, seven-seater van at around 1:25pm before heading in to fill out registration paperwork. Lisa was only carrying her bag and did not bring any daily necessities for Mat. Derek wore a mask, sunglasses, and a cap and quickly followed her inside.

Mat appeared at 2:45 p.m. and was seen wearing a brown, long-sleeved prison uniform. His hairstyle and physique did not appear to be much different from before his jail time.

Walking with a slight swagger, he seemed to be in good spirits. After meeting with Lisa and Derek, he was escorted back to his cell through an open air tunnel by correctional staff. Leaving with Derek after 3 p.m., Lisa was clearly in a better mood. Taking the initiative to wave at reporters and wishing them a Happy New Year,  she did not respond to questions about Mat but cautioned reporters to leave soon due to the cold weather.

Derek, who is a good friend of Mat’s as they filmed many dramas and exercise together, also refused to divulge details on Mat’s current imprisonment in contrast with his usual chatty self.

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  1. Was really happy for him that he had turned his life around. Kept talking about rebuilding career after given another opportunity by TVB. This guy is the biggest hypocrite around….

  2. No opinion on her acting (haven’t seen her in anything) but damn if she wasn’t the most supportive gf. Hope he appreciates her.

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