3 Reasons to Watch “Shadow of Justice”

Currently airing Shadow of Justice <伙記辦大事> stars Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), who has always been TVB’s ratings lucky charm. Partnering with Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Joey Meng (萬綺雯), Bobby makes his TVB comeback in four years.

Bobby is the main reason why viewers should look forward to the drama. All of his dramas have received high ratings and become classics, such as A Recipe for the Heart <美味天王>, Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐> and the Forensic Heroes <法證先鋒> franchise. His last drama My Ages Apart <誇世代> also received good reviews and peaked at 29.5 ratings points. With the recent declining quality of TVB dramas, experienced actors such as Bobby bring back faith in viewers.

Secondly, after winning Best Actor in 2018’s Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>, Joe has not filmed any other TVB drama. The last time Joe and Bobby worked together was in 1997’s Taming of the Princess <醉打金枝>. Joe self-deprecatingly referred to himself as a D-list actor when he filmed Taming of the Princess, and it has been a long journey to achieve his current status, to which Bobby added that he witnessed Joe’s ascent to success. The pair will have many scenes where their characters will face off against each other and the audience can look forward to their chemistry.

Having a romantic relationship with Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) in the drama, Joe is not afraid of negative comments about their 21-year age difference. Praising Jeannie for being smart and hard working thus eliminating any communication issues, Joe shared they had a great time working together.

Rounding out the experienced cast is Timothy Cheng (鄭子誠), who returns to his roots as the ruthless villain and will sexually assault Jeannie and Winki Lai (賴慰玲) in the drama.

Winki shared her experience in working with Timothy, “We needed to act out the assault scene in a very small space, so we both felt very awkward. However, once the director yelled ‘action,’ Timothy immediately transformed into a villain. When working with Timothy, you will see that he is a good person in real life, but he can immediately transform once we start filming. He is really talented!”

Jeannie added that Timothy was very gentle with her while filming the assault scene, so she encouraged him to use more force and reassured him that she was not scared. Both Bobby and Joe praised Timothy for his great acting skills and expressed that that he gave them the chills.

“Shadow of Justice” Trailer

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Only 1 reason to watch; Bobby. The rest, not enough. This series would have benefitted ,ore as a strictly procedural series; with bobby as smart cynical arrogant detective and joe as a somewhat shady defence attorney. Instead, it chooses to be so confusing, and none of what I expected and is a typical TVB drama. I see the overhyped story about rape, again. I am very disappointed but for Bobby, I will continue to watch. He is fantastic moreover he’s the adulterer in here so that is sorta different and amusing. And yes, it is creepy to have Joe romance Jeannie when I’m sure on paper Joe’s character is not that old. Seriously, we don’t need that romance.

    1. @funnlim

      Joe is old enough to be Jeannie father. Why TVB? Does the story line specifically said it’s May-Dec relationship?

  2. I am only watching this for Bobby (and Winki, I like her) however it’s been underwhelming so far (even though it’s early)… too much time spent on Mat/Jeannie. Boring story and both are not talented enough to have that much airtime especially with better cast members like Joey, Joe, and Winki.

    I hope it gets better but so far slow.

  3. I also watch it for Bobby and so far, nothing to make me want to continue with it….yet will prob do so for Bobby

    I dont like all else in the show and till date, still cannot fathom how Joe received his best actor, was he good in that show?

  4. Not impressed so far, it would have been okay if it was a low budget series, but for 2 TV kings, this is just disappointing.

    This series actually centres around Jeanie which is disappointing as the character she plays isn’t particularly interesting or likeable.

    Why does the writer think that 30-year-old gangsters do not know how to use apps, and why is Jeanie working at a shoddy delivery place and struggling for money if she is an app developer?

    Can we just skip all the Jeanie stuff and solve some crimes now…

    1. @eleven omg yes! I noticed the same thing…. I was watching because it made it seem Joey and Bobby are the main characters. But it’s really bugging me how it’s more about Jeanie.

  5. I’m struggling to get into it after 2 episodes,

    Not sure whether to continue, ‍♂️

  6. Im watch this for Bobby and Joey but this series has been lagging and its a bit boring im still deciding if i should go on in watching

    1. @sherla1019 Same, want to watch this for, Bobby and Joey…didn’t know that it’s around Jeanie sheesh. Only 10ish chapters too, so hopefully it gets better.

  7. Bobby is the reason i’m continuing this series. Apart from that, I would hope to see more screen time om Joey n Bobby instead of focusing too much on Jeanie, and they scripted Joe in love with her? Goodness! the script writer ought to be shot for this! she can be his daughter ffs! Also, why is Joe being slapped with thick makeup, fair to the extend he looks like those dead corpse!

    1. @hstelee i stopped since i know its all about Jeanie. Joe was not slapped with thick makeup, he had too much botox and he is looking awful by the day. You should have seen him in other variety shows or interviews

      1. @conan2209 I’m a few episodes behind, is it really all about her? What a waste of Bobby’s talent if so. It’s insulting that they would put him in a show about her so people would watch it.

      2. @tt23 i stopped at 5. Was not interesting enough for me. Then again, i am super bias, i just dont like all others in this show..

  8. Hmmm I wanted to watch this for Bobby + Joey but Geez whenever Matt Yeung comes on I want to change the channel. Can’t stand him as a person or an actor.
    I’ll go back to watching FH or My Ages Apart.

    1. @bubbles23 have your tried Ali’s AI show? Its hilarious! Seems to have good reviews too, cant wait to see how HKers will react when its out in free TV in Aug 2021

      I also couldnt take seeing Matt in this show…

      1. @conan2209 I don’t have tvb anywhere but I could watch it on those streaming sites… That’s why I only recently finished Beauty and the boss.
        Is FYY still annoying in AI?
        If Ali were to film a new drama who do you her paired with?

      2. @bubbles23 now that FYY has better enunciation and doesn’t speak at such high pitch, I can accept her a little better. Think she’s making an effort, could see in the weekly variety show.

        Wonder when TVB will give Ali a new show ;(
        I’m bias so I think she’ll work well with anyone, just give us a break from Moses.

      3. @conan2209 I LOVE the AI show so far. it’s funny, the acting is decent and FYY is not unbearable. It’s also so refreshing because it’s not a cop or lawyer show. Ali is nailing the character.

      4. @tt23 me too! She’s Soo good in it. This shows us it need not be a “blockbuster” with big budget to draw viewers or to get good reviews.

        The scene where she was with the butcher was super hilarious!

      5. @tt23 ok you two have convinced me to start watching the first episode.
        It’s strange because the only way I like watching Moses is when he’s with Ali, and I can’t think of anyone that surpasses their chemistry. On the other hand I hate. Moses’. way. of. acting.
        Also yes the cop/lawyer combo is really old … Some how it just reverts back to cop+mafia+lawyers instead of solving cases. I rather they just straight up film a mafia drama.

      6. @bubbles23 problem is while they termed it a police/lawyer show. It turn out to be a “backdrop” and the focus is on the complicated/entangled love affairs the actors are in. This is so different from in the past where the love affairs but complement the main theme.

        Let us know your views when you are done with the first few episodes!

      7. @bubbles23 yeah looking forward to hearing what you think!

        @conan2209 It’s definitely low budget haha they use old computers and there’s no theme song lol but the storyline and acting is much better than dramas released this year so far.

      8. @tt23 i so love the scene with the butcher, it cracked me up each and every time! It rhymes so well!

        Wonder if it was the scriptwriter or Ali that came up with the lines and to handle it in this manner.

      9. @conan2209 hahaha yessss

        sad to know she hasnt filmed anything since AI. im gonna rewatch my ages apart again cause she was SO good as Paris

      10. @bubbles23 yes!! finally someone who shares the same love as me! Paris definitely my favourite to the point i wanted to be like her. i was gutted she didnt win best actress that year. her and moses were so sweet in my ages apart.

  9. I did give it try but found the plot line a bit boring. The cases are boring as well. Bobby’s charisma is what makes me want to watch til the end but Joey and Jeannie are pretty much acting the same as before.

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