Ali Lee’s “The Perfect Man” Premieres With 22 Points

The Perfect Man <有種好男人> premiered with 22 ratings points, despite airing during the holiday period which has historically low viewership. The daring casting of Ali Lee (李佳芯) as a mother with a 17-year-old son, Ricco Ng (吳偉豪), is generating the most media buzz in the new TVB romcom.

In the first episode, Ricco’s character secretly returns to Hong Kong. Not knowing this, Ali continues to video call him and Ricco is revealed to be a sweet talker, calling his mother Yau Yau and jokingly reminding her to not accidentally get pregnant.

In contrast to his role, Ricco joked that he is not skilled at sweet talking girls in real life but is very close to his mother and knows how to put her in a good mood. “Our relationship is like friends. Since we have a lot of people in the family, everyone is pretty easygoing.”

As this is Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘) second time working with Ali after her cameo in Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>, they an understanding partnering together again. As the series progresses, there are many sweet moments coming up. “We took a lot of time to discuss how to best film our romantic scenes. For example, the passionate scene in the office pantry took an extra long time to film because we wanted to bring out the feel of the script and viewers can see our contradictory feelings.”

Asked if he is romantic in real life, Joe replied that the small everyday moments in marriage, such as going to the supermarket with his wife and doing chores, are the most important. Thanking the crew for taking care of him when he filmed a scene where he had to roll down a cliff, Joe said “It was very cold and I had to submerge into water. We filmed the entire night, and I want to thank the crew for preparing ginger tea, towels, and blankets.”

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  1. Ali is great in this as always. I am only watching for her. The writing is terrible but she gives the character life and makes it okay to watch. Unfortunately, Joe is so boring that it doesn’t make him a worthy partner for her, therefore the relationship between their characters lacks any feeling.

  2. Joe lacks chemistry with every female costar. The guy’s so wooden. The only person whom I’ve seen he’s had ok chemistry with was Charmaine

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