Ricco Ng Lauded as Moses Chan and Kenneth Ma’s Successor

Traditional Chinese Medicine drama, Let Me Take Your Pulse <你好,我的大夫>, is drumming up support since airing on September 11. With the first week averaging 22 points in ratings, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Matthew Ho (何廣沛), Ricco Ng (吳偉豪), and other cast members hope the drama will continue to climb in viewership.

Wearing an eye-catching low-cut dress, Sisley was quite knowledgeable selecting herbal ingredients and she taught others how to weigh the portions properly. Her parents and pet dog were also in the audience to support her.

Heavily promoted by TVB, Ricco is dubbed as Moses Chan (陳豪) and Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) successor in some media reports. Ricco reacted in shock and humbly responded, “I hope I’ll be able to pave my own road to success. I’m very happy that people are saying this but I don’t dare accept this title. I still have a lot of room for improvement and a long way to catch up to them.”

Ricco shared he has high hopes for each of his new dramas. “I put in a lot of effort into every character and I hope the audience can accept my character and my pairing.” He also shared that the scene where Erica Chan (陳嘉慧) throws water at him was done in one shot so he felt very accomplished. Regarding the rectal examination scene, Ricco did not feel awkward while filming it but became more conscious during post-editing.

Ricco’s father Ng Dai Keung (吳大強) recently made a surprise cameo on Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛回家>. After having a taste of acting, Ng Dai Keung  wants to try a villainous role. When asked if he will give his father any acting advice, Ricco said, “I was also a newcomer and I still retain an attitude of always wanting to learn. I believe my father is the same so it’s okay for him to try an antagonistic role. Every actor will have their first time; it’s about how you deliver that character. I haven’t tried either but I want to! Maybe my father saw my interview about wanting a villainous role so he wanted to try as well.”

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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