Telford Wong Hosts Miss Hong Kong 2021 Semi-Finals

TVB’s rising stars Telford Wong (黃庭鋒), Kalok Chow (周嘉洛), Karl Ting (丁子朗), and Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) were given a chance to host the Miss Hong Kong 2021 semi-finals on August 22 alongside veteran actor Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂). 

Given that Kalok and Ricco did not have a lot of experience in hosting, they were glad to have Chin Ka Lok lead the pack.

As for Telford, his career is on the rise and aside from his leading role in new drama OPM, he is thrilled for the Miss Hong Kong 2021 hosting opportunity. The 33-year-old shared that they prepared for 18 days for the semi-finals. When asked if he was nervous, he honestly said, “I am excited more than I am nervous! I watch the pageant every year and I even had the chance to participate in a variety show with the contestants last year.

“However, this is definitely the first time I have hosted with the three. When we are together, we are very loud but happy,” Telford explained. Although the four actors get along well, they are all busy with their filming projects to meet up frequently.

As several male artistes, such as Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), and Hacken Lee (李克勤), met their significant others through the Miss Hong Kong pageant, Telford laughed as he also noticed the pattern. “This is really all up to fate. I don’t have a girlfriend, nor have I dated ever since I joined the industry. I don’t purposely avoid dating, but I just haven’t met the right one yet, so it is really up to fate.”  


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