Kalok Chow Falls for Rosina Lam in “My Pet, My Angel”

Currently airing, light-hearted TVB romance My Pet, My Angel <寵愛 Pet Pet> sees animal communicator Wong Sing Yan (Kalok Chow 周嘉洛) and veterinary doctor Kam Wai Ting’s (Rosina Lam 林夏薇) relationship continue progressing, with the duo sharing many experiences. However, Sing Yan is unable to pluck up courage to confess due to his own misgivings about May-December romances!

Kalok Dares Not Confess to Rosina

Almost kissing Wai Ting on the lips after he accidentally falls while replacing a light bulb, he turns to alcohol upon getting home, but gets knocked out quickly and end sup dreaming of all his sweet moments while with her. Approaching her wanting to make his confession with Dutch courage, he is chided instead for his drunkenness, while Sing Yan realizes that a topless Ding Fung (Hugo Wong 黃子恒), his rival in love, happens to be at Wai Ting’s apartment. Misunderstanding their relationship, Sing Yan decides to throw in the towel.

Adds Erection Detail to Enhance Wet Dream Scene

Responding to viewers’ observation on his “protruding manhood” in the scene where he dreams of Rosina, Kalok explains, “The scene is all about a hot-blooded Wong Sing Yan who dreams of making a successful confession of love, so (I) intentionally added a subtle physiological reaction as an expression of desire towards a person you fancy; hope that it will resonate with the viewers who noticed,” The 27-year-old, who previously exposed his buttocks in a split-second scene in 2022 costume drama Your Highness <痞子殿下>, for which he took home the “Most Popular Male Character” award, had mentioned back then that “It’s all for the effects, it’s not such a big deal to me”.

With Rosina being 9 years older than himself, Kalok was asked about whether he hasever dated someone older in real life. He generously admitted to having had a girlfriend who was 2 to 3 years older than him, but declined revealing why they eventually broke up.

With Rosina lending her voice to the drama’s theme song Because You Are Here <因為有你>, the music video also showcases many of the two leads’ shared scenes with pet dog Dong Shuo (Donut), which are not included in the drama.


Watch the theme song MV:

Source: Mingpao, Skypost

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