Ruco Chan and Rosina Lam Film “Sinister Beings 2”

Sinister Beings <逆天奇案 > aired in 2021 and was a big success on Chinese streaming platforms. Following their turbulent breakup in the first installment, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Rosina Lam (林夏薇)  return for the second season, which also features the addition of exciting new characters!

The sequel will be more suspenseful with more detective scenes. Ready for the action scenes, Ruco has been training his legs whenever he has free time on set. It is rumored that Kenneth Ma (馬國明) may make a cameo, but the actor was not present at yesterday’s press conference.

Alex Fong (方力申) will portray Rosina’s potential love interest and Ruco’s colleague. Rosina did not want to spoil the plot and explained that she and Ruco remain as friends after breaking up, while “Alex is a new friend.”  There will be some “overseas” scenes for Rosina and Alex, but they will be filming in front of a green screen with the CGI background effects added afterward.

The most exciting cameo will be former TVB actress Noel Leung’s (梁小冰) onscreen appearance alongside her husband Gary Chan (陳嘉輝) in one of the cases. It has been 26 years since her last drama with TVB, so viewers will surely feel nostalgic. “I will play a poor and pitiful character who is stuck in the triads.” She joked that viewers should be “mentally prepared” as her character will have a shockingly unattractive appearance.

Gary’s character will have a secret crush on Noel for the past 30 years. Commenting on the rare opportunity to work with his wife onscreen, he said, “It’s nice to be able to date and film with my wife. It brings back memories of the past where we ate lunch from takeout boxes.” As their son is already 16 years old, Noel pointed out that he does not want to spend time with his parents anymore. “He always tells me to go on dates with Gary.”

Asked if she is making a full-time acting comeback, Noel said she when she received the script for Sinister Beings 2, “the story was very touching so my acting itch came back.” Addressing rumors that she may also appear on sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞>, Noel modestly deflected, “I’m scared to give the wrong idea. It’ll be embarrassing if I get rejected! Gary’s three sons in the show are all very good looking, and I want to join too. I’ll have to ask the producer if he wants to cast me first.”

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  1. I was meh on a sequel since the first one wasn’t that great, but Noel Leung will get me to tune in. One of my favorites back then.

  2. Surprised they took out Crystal Fung’s character, she was the FL in the love triangle with Ruco and Rosina. Guess they aren’t promoting her anymore. They should just make another fresh story with Ruco and Rosina. It’s a little weird out when they make the ML falls in love with the 2nd FL in the sequel

  3. I’m fine with FYY’s character not returning or having a very minor role. I didn’t enjoy her character in the first one.

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