Joe Ma’s Son Graduates with First-Class Honors

Specially flying to Australia recently to attend their son Ma Xiang‘s (馬在驤) graduation ceremony, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and his wife Karen Cheung (張筱蘭) beamed with pride at their child being awarded with a First Class honors degree in his field of studies!

Joe: “When Will It Be My Turn?”
Sharing photos on social media, 53-year-old Joe posed cheekily while donning his son’s gown and graduation cap after the ceremony in Sydney, Australia. He reflected, “About twenty years ago it was my wife’s PhD graduation ceremony, today I got to attend your graduation, congratulations once again on your first class honors in mech engineering! Hope that you can garner even greater achievements and shine on in your own small universe! When will it be my turn (to graduate)?”

Similarly beaming with pride and joy, his wife Karen recapped how fast time flew by as she posted an old photo from twenty years ago, where Joe is seen carrying Xiang proudly, with her beaming beside the father-and-son. She juxtaposed the throwback photo in which they recreated the same poses and expressions.

Then vs. Now: The Ma family at Xiang’s graduation.

Wants Son to Live with His Head High

She wrote, “About twenty years ago it was my PhD graduation ceremony, today I’m attending your graduation ceremony, how time flies…To be able to witness you entering another phase of life is the proudest and most comforting moment for every parent, thank you for appearing (in our lives)! Hope you can achieve even greater heights and shine in your universe, like the meaning of your name, (to be) mighty and majestic, to be a kind, dignified, high-spirited person with an open conscience!”

Source: MPWeekly

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