Ali Lee Takes Good Care of Herself

Aired during TVB’s primetime slot, Stranger Anniversary <雙生陌生人> starring Joe Ma (馬德鐘) aired to disappointing ratings. In contrast, The Perfect Man <有種好男人> starring Joe and Ali Lee (李佳芯) clinched viewership ratings higher than both Go With The Float <輕.功> and anniversary drama Forensic Heroes V <法證先鋒5>, despite being given an unfavorable graveyard slot!

Ali’s Dramas Fare Well
Stranger Anniversary‘s poorer than expected viewership ratings of 13.5 reportedly worried TVB management, and triggered the move of The Perfect Man which also stars Joe to the graveyard slot.

Despite so, The Perfect Man still nailed a 22.6 point average, putting it ahead of both heavyweight productions Go With The Float (19.8 points) and Forensic Heroes V (21.8 points), thanks to Ali’s strong fan appeal. Online discussions on the drama saw netizens praising Ali for having both good looks and acting chops, describing her as the perfect leading lady.

Skin Routine Started From Young
With her sweet looks and fair skin, Ali looks youthful for her 40 years and also works out to maintain her slim physique, as seen from social media photos showing off her fit abs. The actress had once said, “Focus on caring on yourself when you’re single, and embrace each other when you have someone”.

Reminded by her mother to take good care of her skin since she was just nine, she diligently applies body lotion on her skin and uses her own DIY aloe vera mask, while dressing in long-sleeved tops and bottoms often to shield from the sun.

As Ali underwent a surgery to remove a 10cm ovarian cyst previously, she has made a conscious choice to avoid cold foods, but would indulge in the occasional ice cream as a happiness boost following hectic filming schedules. Abstaining from beef since eleven years ago, Ali’s beauty secret is both nourishing food, complemented with a good skincare routine. An outdoor lover, she also enjoys mountain treks and hiking as a way to wind down physically and emotionally, while taking efforts to protect her skin with sunscreen.

Source: HKET

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  1. Watching this TV series and absolutely enjoying seeing how beautiful Ali looks in all her scenes……..Don’t really care who the leading man is and especially if it’s Joe Ma, cause he really has limited acting abilities, and has too much recent plastic work done to his face………..And it still doesn’t cover up all his ageing lines either.

    I can’t think of any other TVB actress in recent years, that looks as good on-screen as Ali.

    1. Omg me tool. She’s honestly so pretty and it looks like she does it so effortlessly. So unfortunate that Joe is so boring and has no chemistry with her. I am only watching for her.

  2. Always love to watch her acting as she is so natural. She is also beautiful with her glowing skin. Hope she is given the chance to act in more movies.

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