“Shadow of Justice” is Too Focused on Jeannie Chan

Given its incredible cast Bobby Au-Yeung (歐陽震華), Joe Ma (馬德鐘), and Joey Meng (萬綺雯), Shadow of Justice <伙記辦大事> was a eagerly awaited drama. However, the police drama’s viewership ratings have been declining due to its old-fashioned and unrealistic plot with too many relationship scenes. Many viewers also think that Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) is taking up too much screen time. 

It has been over six years since Bobby and Joey have worked together, so viewers were excited to see their onscreen chemistry. However, Jeannie’s screen time is surpassing the three talented leads, who seem to be in supporting roles instead. They felt the 31-year-old actress’ skills still needs improvement, and that she does not have the ability to carry a leading role yet.

Feeling deceived, angry netizens commented sarcastically: “This drama should be called Jeannie Chan and Her Men because all the male characters are tied with her”; “I’m not used to so much screen time for Jeannie Chan” and “I tuned in for Bobby and Joe, but they have so few scenes. The entire plot is revolving around [Jeannie Chan]!”

Paired up with a stellar cast, Jeannie’s role in Shadow of Justice was obviously to propel her star power higher. With many established actresses slowly departing from TVB, the station fears they do not have enough artistes to take on bigger roles. TVB has been training a new generation of younger artistes, such as Jeannie, to headline dramas.

With her beautiful looks, Jeannie grew up in Canada and entered the industry as a model. Gaining recognition in Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>, Jeannie continued to take part in Raising the Bar <四個女仔三個BAR>, Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>, and The No No Girl <全職沒女>. Signing with Shaw Brothers, Jeannie has been given plenty of opportunities to shine in Greed and Ants <黃金有罪> and Beauty and a Boss <愛美麗狂想曲>, making her one of TVB’s top rising actresses.

Source: Yahoo HK     

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I agree. I tuned in purely for Joey and Bobby, but was so disappointed how the whole story revolves around Jeannie. an Jeannie is Not up to par yet.

  2. I’m trying to watch this for Bobby but he’s barely in it. I can’t stand Jeannie and her weird eye thing she does. Ugh she’s terrible, brings zero energy to the show this was a complete waste of pure talent with Bobby and Joey.

    1. @tt23 omg Jeannie would make a good AI lol. Her face doesn’t move. The show is soooo boring without Bobby. The scenes and story don’t really make sense. It’s like being dramatic for the sake of being dramatic. Like please. I hate how tvb tends to promote shows one way and then the actual story has nothing to do with what’s advertised.

      1. @bubbles 23 “I hate how tvb tends to promote shows one way and then the actual story has nothing to do with what’s advertised.”

        The problem is how there is an entire script team working together on one drama, with different writers assigned to different arcs under tight deadlines. A qualified script editor would seamlessly weave it all together, and clever editing can make the product more polished. There is usually not enough cohesion to tie in all the different character arcs together, and love triangles often seem to be just filler material to make up the prerequisite 20 episode format that works for TVB’s broadcasting schedule.

        I hope to see more mini series which target online streaming platforms that allow them to write a tighter story focusing on just a few key characters.

      2. @jayne i think their problem now is love relationship/triangles are the main focus in every show and the theme (if they even exist) is just a filler. If they want a romance, make it a romance like the Koreans do, dont call it a something else and then fill it up with not so pretty women and old men.

        TVB is paving its way to doom if they continue with the above formula

      3. @conan2209 Even in a police drama, the love triangles are easier to write compared to a sophisticated crime. 🙂 Most of the junior scriptwriters for TVB dramas are recent university graduates and don’t have enough life experience to write mature dialogue, so the romance often feels hollow and does touch deeply like Korean dramas. Hope with the new production staff recruiting event taking place at TVB, they will find more talent.

        Majority shareholder and executive board chairman, Li Ruigang, hit the nail on the head regarding TVB’s weaknesses. With his broadcasting background, Li definitely understands what it takes for a station operator to succeed compared to former majority shareholder Charles Chan. Company culture is hard to change and they face an uphill battle, but it’s absolutely necessary to make TVB still relevant.

      4. @conan2209 agree. the lack of male actors filling the gap left behind Raymond/Ron/Bosco in their youth is making the problem even worse because now you have all these 50 yo man + under 30 yo female in this romance arc. so many dramas have this problem. Even the Ruco + FYY pair up is weird.
        If they are hiring young graduates I don’t understand why they write dialogue like it’s the early 2000s. Should they be more innovative assuming they are aware of what k dramas are pushing out? Heck even Viutv managed to write different kinds of romance stories

  3. From TVB’s point of view: shall we groom someone in their 30s or someone in their 50s? I would chose the former too and it’s very strategic to use experienced actors to promote the newbies.
    From the audiences point of view: we want to see good AND experienced acting. I would say Joey and Bobby are good actors while Joe is experienced.

    I swear Jeannie was doing ok, for someone her league at least (so the bar is lower), until they forced her to brake down in front of Joe and shout “I am sorry I cannot be a witness in court anymore.” That scene was so unnecessary in general so that is a writer’s fault. Also to the writers, we know Joey’s legs are long but 3 blatant references by episode 24, is overkill.

  4. so glad i made a decision not to watch this…i think i will go back to netflix till the next Ali’s show

    1. @conan2209 yeah there’s nothing to watch…. So sad we may have to wait a full year assuming Ali gets casted in a new drama before the end of the year.

      1. @bubbles23 digress, I just heard that it’s rumoured Nancy Wu asked her besties (aka Mandy and Myolie) to ostracise or boycott (?) Ali. I already don’t like them much, now I despise them…

      2. @jimmyszeto I noticed the group doesn’t talk to her much in public so who knows…in the prank show, some said she was mouthing Nancy Wu when they asked re the person who snubbed her

      3. @conan2209 is there an article on this?? I always thought their clique was Mean Girls like, as if they act like they are better. Sad that Selena is a part of it…
        Ali is too good for that sort of gossip and drama.

      4. @conan2209 yeah wasn’t there a show they all went on vacation together? but it seems like the core of the group is still Nancy, Paisley, Mandy, Elaine. Is Myolie based in China now?

      5. @bubbles23 remember when Myolie was in a show where she was the empress? I refuse to watch it and a friend told me she wince at every scene with Myolie… Myolie JUST cannot act, wish someone will tell her that instead of leading her on with lies after lies

        I don’t pay attention to the group but now I know it’s likely they have an issue with Ali, I despise them ;p it’s just so childish of them

      6. @conan2209 oh god I barely remember that…. Myolie completely ruined Triumph in the Skies 2, more than Fala. (She wasn’t even that bad in the first one) But it shows she has zero depth. Dunno why she’s Uber popular in china cause she’s like the opposite of Charmaine in terms of acting.
        I do recall Nancy and Tavia having some beef though.

      7. @bubbles23 didn’t watch that too…prob the period where I stopped TVB…I don’t like Myolie, Natalie, Fala, Mandy etc etc etc

        I like Tavia but her nose is blocking my view (ok that’s mean of me). Read reports that Tavia went high and mighty after she gained fame.

        Would have thought that Nancy, having gain fame after slogging for so long, will be a nice soul to others

        I love only Ali! Can someone just tell TVB to cast her in a new drama already! ;p

      8. @conan2209 hahaha. Speaking of Tavia, her sister has become the go to widower/ ex wife. And none of her roles are easy as there are always emotional scenes. She deserves more credit.

  5. I find her so monotone. She’s got zero screen presence imo, and really cannot anchor a series. I find myself just fast forwarding her parts, especially his parts with Matt Yeung and Joe Ma.

    Oh and Joe Ma is terrible in this series. From the beginning, the guy looked more like a serial killer than a lawyer.

  6. I quite like this drama…..and yes I also fast forward when she and Joe Ma on screen!! Does not look right together! Bobby is the one that keeps me watching!


    1. @tommybear
      Wouldn’t you promote someone else though when the three leads are well past their prime? One is in semi retirement and coming back for a series every few years. One has face surgery and is barely recognisable. The other is into her final series…

      1. @conan2209
        Still would promote Jeannie over the old guys. No guarantee of success but a no brainer in any business decision. TVB already have Sisley and Ali who will dominate for years to come as long as they are willing to stay. There has been some failed promotion ventures from TVB too-Grace Chan and Jaqueline are fine examples…

      2. @conan2209
        Yeh Sisley’s dedication and battling through adversity is impressive. Back n the day she was compared to Grace Chan in annoying acting and lack of talent. Now she has moved levels above that we have forgotten about the comparisons. Her dubbing performance was amazing. Such attention to detail. It’s one of my favourite classics and a great Nick Cheung scene dubbed to perfection with the Owen-Sisley chemistry…

  8. I am enjoying this series. I don’t mind Jeannie Chan. She has improved a lot and she’s nice to look at. But I hate the pairing with Joe Ma. It’s weird. Plus Joe Ma’s post-plastic surgery face stands out in a weird way…. I like Winki Lai. She is really good. I find that the few (including Winki) with stage theatre background are really good

  9. This series sux
    Along with Jeannie Chan

    Too bad it’s Bobby and Joey last series with TVB as they the only reason I’m watching it still, but it’s painful
    I’m just skipping entire bits now..

  10. haven’t seen a tvb production since Excorcist meter. That’s the only good production in the last decade….

  11. This entire series is just one bad script writing. Horrible, unrealistic and full of plot holes storyline. Bobby who is an AI police officer has so much time on his hands that he frequently goes over to OCTB department and poke his nose everywhere. On the other hand, Joey, a high ranking OCTB officer, reveals confidential information of her department to Bobby like nobody’s business. I wonder what’s the bloody point of assigning Bobby to AI in the first place? Might as well just put him inside OCTB or Narcotics department.

    Also the triangle love between Jeannie, Mat and Joe is absolutely unnecessary and cringey at best. So much screen time was spent on their useless past flashbacks where everything becomes slow-mo. It was so boring and uninteresting.

    The most interesting part of this drama is definitely Bobby’s relationship with Jeannie’s dead mother. I think that part was well written, and they should have focused more on that part as the story goes on, to tie Bobby back to Jeannie, instead of shafting it on the sideline and introduce useless love triangle between those 3.

    All in all, the story is all over the place, and it took them 25 episodes in to finally pick up the main plot. Utterly forgettable, badly written drama.

  12. no wonder the ratings is only 23.4 the whole entire series revolves around Jeannie i was kinda hoping itll pick up towards the middle but nope……….I feel bad for Bobby n Joey they were suppose to be the main cast why is the whole plot about here no action but a boring luv triangle story line………o yeah and i cringe when Jeannie n Joe kissed

  13. Boy I don’t know why they think she’s beautiful? Not even that close especially she’s got some strange looking nose. Please don’t tell me she’s going to find the best actress like Sisley Choi that would be ruined for sure. I’m glad I haven’t watched the series yet since so many people are complaining about her and I have to agree with the rest if it wouldn’t be Bobby this series probably dead. I find these few ladies are being annoying Jeannie, kamen Kong and Crystal Fung? At least Crystal are more beautiful.

  14. I like most of you, I’m just watching for Bobby. I HATE the relationship between Jeanie and Joe Ma because it’s just cringe! He’s a big time lawyer so what is he doing with a delivery girl? What is interesting about her character? There is nothing remotely interesting about this relationship and no chemistry. I fast forward when during the kissing scenes. I much prefer Mat Yeung with Jeanie. They have better chemistry. It feels like Bobby is the supporting character at this point. I’m about finished and only watching for Bobby scenes. The rest of this series was a waste of time.

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