Michelle Reis Will Not Have More Children

While attending a promotional event for a makeup brand yesterday, Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis, (李嘉欣) announced that she will not have another child.

After giving birth to her son, Jayden Max Hui (“Little JM”), in 2011, the former Miss Hong Kong expressed that she does not want to have more children. “My husband and I have come to a consensus. A lot of people want me to have a daughter, but I don’t want to have my daughter carry the burdens for the boundaries that I have established in this industry. It will affect her growth.” Asked if she feels any regrets that her beauty will not be passed down, Michelle responded, “Sometimes daughters do not possess the beauty of the mothers. This is my choice, I have no regrets. It is fate!”

In May, tabloids reported that Michelle may have had a miscarriage, as she mysteriously lost an earlier belly bulge. Michelle’s manager had responded at the time, “The tabloids can write whatever they wish. We will not respond.”

Although Michelle said that she would never bring her son to with her on business trips, she professed that she misses her son every time she leaves the house. “Every time I pack my bags and get on an airplane flight, I get depressed! I miss him dearly!”

Michelle also revealed, “My son is very independent now. In the past, every time I leave home, my son would kick up a fuss! My friends joked that I should leave the house more often. They implied that I was impeding my son’s growth by staying home all day!”

Little JM is a curious boy, and Michelle will sometimes go on small family dates with her sister and her son to ride the train or the tram. “He finds it interesting when everyone stares at us!”

Source: On.cc

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  1. Having another child or not is her personal affairs, why did Michelle have to make a public announcement? Very funny!

    1. When you are in the circle, nothing seems to be personal anymore. Her son can inherit get looks since she looks more like her dad and not her mom.

      1. @lim Funn,
        Dude, I do think before I type anything unlike you!!! I have been having typos due to typing on my iPod. Also, this is just an entertainment site that is just for fun. Why spend too much time on it?

    2. I think Michelle’s son looked mixed, more like his mom than his dad when he was young.

      1. Her son should be only 25% portuguese so I wonder how he can look more mixed?? I think Michelle’s dad was 100% portuguese right? or was he only half??

    3. Usually these are answers to questions. I don’t think she volunteered the information.

  2. no point having another one. her husband supposedly is a “safe with a lost key.” even if she goes on to have more kids, it’s unlikely they will inherit the bulk of the family’s wealth.

  3. Michelle, to quote Diana, better to have “and heir and a spare” just in case…

  4. I think is her lost for making a decision like that. Daugthers are so fun and a child’s love for you in return is just amazing…

    1. I wonder how many children do you have. I have a son, and I ‘m very satisfied.

      1. I have a daugther turning three soon and a son who just turned 5.

    2. It is good to have sons or daughters and there are times that you cannot pick or ask for too much. There are good and bad to having both sons or daughters.It just depends on the child..

  5. Does anyone even care if she has another kid or not?……something is wrong with her aging body so she can’t have anymore kids. Of course she’s not gonna admit it……..the first child is probably not even hers…….faked the whole process.

  6. To be frank, she does not seem like the maternal type. I wonder if she doesn’t want the risk of another pregnancy to potentially change her body further. Pregnancy is unpredictable and sometimes may wreak havoc on a woman’s body.

    Anyway, it is not like she can know that she will have a daughter in the next try.

    1. Michelle Reis originally wanted to have test-tube babies because she did not want to ruin her figure. I don’t know why she changed her mind later. Maybe her husband and in-laws did not like the idea of having test-tube babies and she had to give in.

      1. You can still have a good figure after having kids. My aunt had 5 kids and has a great figure. Angie chiu had 3 sons and still has a nice figure… I think it is sad if she does not want another one just because of her figure. That is a bit selfish if that is the reason. However, maybe it is because of her age that she does not want to have anymore kids??

      2. How you look after having kids is unpredictable. All women are different. I have an auntie who was slim all her life until her 4th daughter (don’t know what happened there lol) and a cousin who didn’t get slim until her 3rd son’s difficult pregnancy and labor. There sure are a lot kids in my family now that I think about it….

        Now that others mention it, I have forgotten how old Michelle is! She is 42 but looks so youthful! sort of makes me think of Kevin and Jessica who are 43 and 42 respectively and unmarried.

      3. I am a mother myself and being pregnant is completely empowering. The feeling of knowing that you are giving life to another human being as well as feeling the baby move inside of you is just priceless. Yes, of course not all pregnancies go smoothly for each woman but in the end when you hold your baby for the very first time, it’s like magic! I really think that all women if possible should experience childbirth and consequently being a mother. There really is no bond like the one you share with your child.

      4. @lim Funn,
        It is also none of your business about what I say!!! I am just stating what I think. By the way, why don’t use your own name instead of Funn’s name?? You really sound like this other annoying poster here that probably got kicked out so is using a different name now.

    2. Pregnancy does change your body indeed and for some to a great extent. It just takes time and a lot of exercise and toning as well as dietary restrictions to get back in shape.

    3. i hve 3 kids.. i just recently lost the weight tht i put on.. anyway its her choice.. some r satisfied wth 1 some wan loads so choice

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