Actresses Financially Rewarded for Having Kids

Michelle Reis and other female celebrities receive stupendous material rewards from their husbands for carrying on the family line.

Having to experience the pains of labor and nine months of pregnancy before giving birth, mothers deserve all the praise one can give. In the glitzy entertainment circle, many actresses are rewarded with immense material gifts and rewards from their husbands, as an encouragement for bearing kids.

Michelle Reis

Marrying wealthy businessman Julian Hui (許晉亨) in 2008, actress Michelle Reis gave birth to son Jayden Max Hui (許建彤) in 2011. She reportedly received $100 million HKD and a ring worth 2 million!

Marie Zhuge

Married to Neway entertainment heir Ernie Sit (薛嘉麟) since 2012, socialite Marie Zhuge (諸葛紫岐) has two sons. After she gave birth to her third child Anderson this year, her husband Ernie made public that he would accompany her on travels around the world, and gift her a four-thousand-feet mansion featuring gorgeous sea views, worth $200 million HKD as a reward.

Rosina Lam

32-year-old actress Rosina Lam (林夏薇) married businessman Jason Mok (莫贊生) in 2015. Eager to start a family, she took a break from work in 2019 to rest in the hopes of getting pregnant. Rosina will reportedly receive a $100 million HKD reward for every child, and had earlier received tips from actress Eva Lai (黎燕珊) on how to conceive a boy.


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  1. What? Make it looks like it’s not their kids, getting pregnant, giving birth is just part of their job. Surrogate mother??? It suppose to be the most beautiful thing a woman can do. Carrying & giving birth to a child, nothing can compare

  2. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with grand gesture appreciative gifts for delivering children. Yeah, pregnancy is natural for women, but doesn’t mean it’s pleasant. The pregnancy itself is a real PITA.

    1. @coralie Agreed.

      Just because childbirth is the norm, doesn’t mean it should go unappreciated. Pregnancy often takes a huge toll on the body, so I see no problem with husbands spoiling their wives a bit (or a lot) during and after the fact.

  3. What about Gigi Lai and Cathy Tsui? Aren’t they supposed be on the list too? So if they don’t pop out any kid that means no reward for them?

    1. @cutie777 They should definitely be on the list. Also, Taiwanese PACE WU. Keeps popping out out of wedlock. Sure, it’s just love. haha lol…

      1. @wm2017 I wonder too if they don’t pop out any kids that means no reward for them? I mean not every ladies can get pregnant right? I wonder if these men’s still loves them without pop any kids out.

  4. Much bigger reward than toiling late night shifts on the TVB set. Lump sums paid, plenty hired to raise the children. Easy life!

  5. Michelle Reis – alrdy known ‘gold-digger’. Being mistress back then doesn’t faze her too. The couple was ‘kerbed’ on spending by being given a limited monthly allowance or something? by Julian Hui’s late dad.

    These women – most sound like baby-machines. Rather than women to role-model; imo kinda embarassing actually to the 2019 independent modern educated woman. Many probably resort to feminine wiles to get therre too.

    Price for every baby popped out (negotiated?) ; and all the better to have more kids. Bec each kid means more rights + opportunities to their share of family fortune too. Materialistic gifts with each birth, and more rights to family fortune with every new member they pop out.

    That’s what Stanley Ho’s children are vying to do this yr, aren’t they? All getting married and popping out babies – so they can get more justifications to more fortune?

    I hope these folks are just as RESPONSIBLE about shaping their kids well, that they pop out. Rather than have them be more jet-setting superficial socialites aka spoilt entitled brats. As some can be (plenty parked in Vancouver – all arising in the HK vs China spill-over. There was a huge show of might with all the Lambos, Maseratis, Lotuses parading etc some wks ago waving flags)

    1. @nomad822 Don’t blame the baby making machines, blame the stupid Asian values for being overly obsessed about continuing the legacy. Where there is a demand, there is a supply. The baby making machines are just satisfying the fantasies of the old farts to have lots of descendants for a price. I see their relationships transactional, not familial.

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