Rosina Lam Was Once “Hurt” by Nancy Wu’s Callousness

Hosted by Amigo Chui (崔建邦) and Mayanne Mak (麥美恩), new talk show Bong Bong Amigo <諸朋好友> invited Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Rosina Lam (林夏薇) as guests for the first episode, where the close friends spilled details about their long-time friendship.

Nancy Appears Aloof, But Has a Warm Personality In Real Life

Rosina recalled that they first met during 2014’s Starhub TVB Awards <星和無綫電視大獎> held in Singapore, where she was arranged to sit next to Nancy, who was then her senior in the industry. Influenced by Nancy’s positive vibes and open nature, Rosina recounts, “Seeing [Nancy] onscreen gives the impression that she is a very hardworking, dedicated artiste who wants to do everything well which might create a distant feeling, but she’s actually very warm in real life.”

(Left) Rosina was known as “Raymond’s cousin”. (Right) True friends don’t judge each other!

While Rosina had attracted a lot of attention as “Raymond Lam’s paternal cousin” back then, Nancy did not let the label cloud her judgment of the actress. First having the impression of Rosina having a girly personality, Nancy got to know her a lot better as they filmed 2016’s The Short End of the Stick <公公出宮>, with the two eventually becoming good friends. She praises her as being a genuine person, “Rosina Lam is exactly the Rosina Lam that I know, who remains unchanged, up until now.”


“Even Friends May Hide Their Feelings”

The two friends claimed to have never fallen out before, but Rosina revealed once being “disappointed” by Nancy. She recounted how she had completed her make-up for the day’s event, and sat waiting for hours until the hairstylist finally appeared – but to her dismay Nancy suddenly instructed her assistant to get the hairstylist to help with other artistes’ hairdos. “Maybe she had no ill intention, but I had waited really long, so I felt really hurt at that moment.” Afterward, Rosina mentioned the day’s events to Nancy. “Because I didn’t have dinner at evening, it caused an acid reflux. Once I started vomiting I couldn’t stop, and even had to board the plane on a wheelchair.”

Surprised that Rosina brought up her unhappiness in a rather direct manner, Nancy recalled being unaware of the episode, “I didn’t mean it—when she mentioned [the incident], I had no recollection…and actually didn’t know how things unfolded.”

Rosina attributed her forthrightness to her direct personality, “She confessed that she hadn’t expect me to be so honest about how I felt, because sometimes even friends might conceal their true feelings, but for me I’d directly express my unhappiness. I’ve a more independent streak, so when I encounter problems, I’d [digest] and handle them first before verbalizing [my feelings].”

Source: HK01

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