Gigi Lai Spotted Shopping for Twin Girls

Since marrying the wealthy Ma Ting Keung, 39-year-old Gigi Lai was loved deeply by her husband. Gigi rarely made public appearances. Aftergiving birth to twin girls last July, Gigi’s figure was quite plump. However, due to female interest in beauty, Gigi has tried to quickly regain her former figure.

Yesterday, Gigi was spotted shopping in the Central district at the Jacadi Paris building for baby toys and clothes, purchasing a double set of supplies for her twin daughters. Gigi wore trendy black pants and 3-inch high heels and did not resemble a middle-aged woman. Accompanying her on the shopping trip was a female assistant.

At the baby supplies shop, the sales person immediately recognized Gigi Lai when she entered the store. The sales person was friendly and assisted Gigi select her products. Gigi carefully selected all her products within an hour and bought many sets of baby clothes, shoes, socks, toys and even baby seats.

Speaking on her mobile phone when she noticed the presence of reporters, Gigi maintained a gentle smile throughout. Adhering to the low-key style of her husband, Gigi did not respond to any reporter questions and boarded a 7-passenger car.

Source: Appledaily

Jayne: Gigi Lai and Michelle Reis still look smashing while nearing 40! Gives women hope that with some effort, you can look good at any age! Looking good at any age takes effort though, whether it means shopping for clothes that fit well to those frequent salon trips!


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After giving birth to twin girls on July 24th, Gigi Lai Chi checked out of Canossa Hospital yesterday. Gigi was accompanied by TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling and ten security guards. Wearing a low-cut white dress and slippers, Gigi waved happily to reporters. She revealed that her older twin daughter had already returned home, while her younger daughter will be discharged later [due to her low birth weight].

Gigi Lai Pregnant with Twins!

Since marrying 53 year-old businessman, Ma Ting Keung, the 39 year-old Gigi Lai Chi has been trying to get pregnant. Finally, in January 2010, it was exposed that Gigi Lai was pregnant. Since she was spotted at her brother, Lai Ying’s, dermatology clinic earlier in February, Gigi has not made a public appearance afterward.


  1. “At the baby supplies shop, the sales person immediately recognized Gigi Lai when she entered the store. The sales person was friendly and assisted Gigi select her products. ” – Who wouldn’t recognize a Billionaire’s wife? Gigi can surely make the sales person’s sales boosts up in just 1 day by purchasing lot of baby stuff without looking at Price tag!

    1. The girl knew Gigi bc Gigi was an actress. Not bc she married a billionaire.

      1. hi Sky,

        Your answer is pretty average with the level of thinking of an average person. Of course, gigi can be recognised by people in HK since she was an actress last time. I was merely cracking a joke up there saying of course the sales personnel can recognise Gigi due to that she’s a billionaire wife status now. Can’t you tell it was a joke or sarcasm?…..

        If you think deeper, an average working sales personnel would LOVE to serve or attend Gigi Lai knowing she has loads of $$$ to spend after marrying billionaire husband.. and the sales person managed to get Gigi to purchase alot of stuff, the “commission” or so called incentive of that sales person will also be increased. That’s how the Incentives or Commission works in a Retail LIne 😛

  2. it’s so great to buy something without looking at the price tag…. I wish I was that lucky.

    1. go find yourself a sugar daddy or marry a rich fella

  3. Gigi looks stunning and bright in all the photos, except a little chubby in the photo where she’s wearing a grey coat. Hope she’s enjoying her new life as a wife and mother! 😀

  4. While it’s generally easier to look good beyond 40 nowadays, women like Gigi Lai and Michelle Reis have lots of advantages that the average woman doesn’t have, such as: lots of helpers to look after their kids and therefore can rest much more often and easily; access to the best in skincare, healthcare and fashion since they have lots of money to spend; cooks who serve them the best and healthiest food; no need to keep a fulltime outside-of-home job, so have plenty of time to look after themselves, etc.

    With life that easy, it’s not surprising that they can look good, fresh, relaxed and happy!

    Having said that though, lots of money doesn’t always equate happiness. It can also bring much grief and trouble…

    1. Totally agree and they are only nearing 40 so it isn’t that bad. Angie Chiu and Michelle Yim are over 50 and they look great so I don’t see the big deal with Gigi and Michele looking good for their age.Also, they both married rich people that take care of them so looking good would not take them as much effort as it would someone else.


      2. Yea, that is true. But what I hate most is when they lie to their teeth when questioned about it. If they are ashamed of it then why do they even do it at all?

    2. I agree as well. But it definitely also has to do with genes. I mean these women are naturally beautiful.

      1. Genes, BOTOX and great skin care/nice clothes and all of the above:)

    3. It’s not just rich people that can look good. I think it’s also the genes and a healthy lifestyle that helps a woman look great at 40 or after 40. My sister is a mother of 4 kids, she’s 39 years old, and she still looks great! She’s been able to regain her figure and no one thinks she looks like she’s nearing 40. She works full time as a teacher, so it’s not even like she doesn’t need to work and have all the time to rest. But, she does still take care of herself to make sure she looks good, dresses well, and most importantly, she’s happy and is always moving out and about.
      I think women might tend to look older when they spend 100% of her time devoted to her children and start to not take care of themselves. They start worrying too much about their children and husband and not on themselves. That’s when they start looking haggard.

      1. Lack of sleep ages the skin very quickly! Also overexposure to sunshine. I’ve always tried to do as little as I can in my beauty routine, too lazy to paint my nails or even wear perfume. But my skin is getting older and if I keep trying to do the minimal, I might regret it a few years from now.

        Looking good all the time takes effort though, and more effort with older age. Just like it’s an effort to keep weight down with age.

      2. @jayne,
        My mom always yells at me and my siblings for staying up late since it is bad for the skin. Wierd how I still get complimented for my skin. You call yourself lazy?? I am the laziest one when it comes to any beauty routine. I don’t wear make up or do anything that you mentioned. All I do is use SPF cream, use chapstick and sometimes use night cream. But that’s it since my mom is constantly on my case that using too much skin care is not good too. I also don’t think that more is always better… Make up damages your skin in the long run as well. Sadly, most don’t want to agree with me since they wear make up everyday and don’t want to believe that their skin and lips will turn brown one day due to using too much make up and lipstick/lipgloss.

      3. I try to do the minimal as well. However, the consensus I get with dermatologists/beauticians is that you need to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and definitely use eyecream. I’m only in my early twenties, but I’ve started to use an eye cream and night-time moisturizer. Trying to prevent those wrinkles before they come!

      4. Not all are blessed with naturally beautiful skin, hence the use of make up to hide the defect. The best is to adopt a regime of wash-tone-moisturise since childhood but we never start at least until teenage time.

      5. @Judy,
        Yea, I use eye cream too since that is the area that ages most. You are scaring me since I don’t do a lot of what you said. I don’t cleanse with any cleansers since I am lazy and they get into my eyes and it hurts. I just wash it with tap water because it won’t sting my eyes. I don’t use night time moisturizers much either.. I think I had better start to use some skin toners sometime but not too much. TOo much skin care is not good either. Do you ever read the ingredients?? I have read that a lot of the ingredients are bad for your nervous system. It gets scary to think about that…

      6. I also want to add that skin care products as well as make up gets really expensive… Of course that is not a problem for celebs since they have a lot of money. They also would get access to the best brands and maybe even discounts if they happen to endorse the products. Thank goodness I don’t use make up and a lot of skin care or else I would not be able to afford it…I just get really shocked when I see people spend so much on that kind of stuff.

      7. @ HeTieShou

        Yes, I agree that some of those skin care products have a lot of chemicals in them. However, it is also true that your expose your skin and body to all kinds of environmental contaminants. We live in an environment that is very much different than our parents (my parents in china ate mostly organic and lived in places where the water was actually blue and there aren’t factories just miles away your from their house). Our skin is constantly in contact with UV rays and environmental contaminants, therefore, we must use expend some money on skin care products if we want to preserve the elasticity and vitality of our skin. I don’t spend much money on makeup, but I do splurge on quality skin care products — mostly natural and organic products that don’t contain preservatives.

        Yeah, I’m pretty picky about my skin care regime 🙂 It’s def. paying off as some people still think i’m in my late teens!

      8. @Judy,
        I think you are right which is why I started to use skin care when I was in my mid to late 20s. My parents were always so keen on natural beauty and told me to never wear make up since it eats into your skin. As I was growing up, they would always tell me a story about this one really beautiful singer/actress (that I forgot the name of)that became ugly due ot wearing too much make up. They also showed me my cousin’s lips since they turned brown from years of wearing lipstick/lipgloss. Basically, they did everything they can to tell me that make up is bad for your skin and body. I guess they did convince me since I rarely ever wear make up at all.

        DO you use BB cream? I was thinking of giving that a try but then found out that is not a skin care product. It is actually make up so I decided not to use it. What kind of skin care do you use? Honestly, the only kind that I use is Oil of Olay, however, I don’t use that on a daily basis either. But you are right that we do skin care products to help preserve the elasticity of our skin. I also have to say that it is also genetics as well. There are some people that don’t use much but have nice skin, while there are others that spend soo much money on make up and skin care but still don’t have really nice skin. I heard that both my parents had nice skin when they were young and rarely used anything… Doesn’t everyone wish for that?? I am not that picky on my skin care and don’t want to use anything too expensive since I can’t afford it. But then again, I use mainly some Oil of Olay products and that is it.

      9. @HeTieShou

        I use mostly Boscia for my basic skincare routine, which is natural and preservative free, but is a bit on the pricier side.

        I just started using BB cream.. specifically I like ElishaCoy because it’s all natural. I don’t think it has any negative side effects to it. Dermatologists use to give it to their patients after harsh chemical peels/post-surgery to help patients heal their skin. It’s actually suppose help improve skin over time… like take away blemishes, improve skin tone, anti-aging, etc etc. I just started using it, so I’m not sure if it actually does all that. I do notice that it doesn’t irritate my skin (my skin is sensitive and allergic to a lot of skin care products) and feels super soft n smooth after I use it. I’m thinking I’m going to stop using all other makeups all together and just start using bb cream. You should give it a try!

      10. @JUdy,
        Thanks for your info and the site. Well, I don’t think I want to use BB cream because it is clearly not a cream. It is foundation make up. I think it is misnamed and should be called BB foundation. I don’t want to have to remove it each time I wear it like make up. We are all different when it comes to skin products or make up as well. What works well for one person may not work well for another. BB cream/foundation has many kinds that are expensive so that is another reason that I don’t want to use it. I also don’t want to get dependent on it and then have to keep on using it. I think make up is like a drug. There are many that get so addicted to it that they would not even dare to go out in public without it. I don’t want to become like that. I think Olay is way more than enough for me and it isn’t that expensive. Believe it or not, my skin is naturally decent already so I don’t need to use too much of anything or I won’t be able to afford it. But thanks for your recommendations. I really appreciate it and maybe one day I may give it a try. It would be great if Jayne started a section for make up and skin care discussion. It would be interesting…

      11. @Judy, thanks for recommending the natural product lines; I am always interested in finding more high quality natural products. Sad to say the products I have tried have been limited to what I can find at Whole Foods cosmetic aisle.

        @HeTieShou, hehe yes hopefully forum feature will be available soon. Thanks everyone for your patience. I will announce more details of new features when technical details are in place!

  5. I thnk Gigi Lai is the most natural looking HK star. She’s naturally beautiful! I don’t see any area of her face could be claim that she has any plastic surgery. Love her always have…but it kinda bother me she married an old disable man. Somehow I think it’s for his money but who knows~ Taking care of your skin is a must for women. I spend money on skin care and makeup plus clothes and I love doing so, it’s like a special treat from my hectic life. My skin is fair I dunno if the skin care products I used really pay off for the $ I paid…I believe in healthy diet and excerise for younger looking skin.

    1. You never know which actresses have had plastic surgery or not. THere are many of them that I thought never did, but then they all did… The only way that you can tell is if you see old childhood pictures of them. If their features still look the same then there is a good chance that they didn’t. However, if their features look completely different then there is a good chance that they did.

      You seem to have a lot of money to spend on clothes, make up and skin care. Those things get really expensive. I would buy clothes only once in awhile but not like I used to since I would not get to wearing it all then it would just be a waste of money. Make up I don’t wear so I don’t need to buy it. I just get some skin care and it lasts me a long time, therefore, I don’t need to spend a lot of dough on that kind of stuff. I think it is too stressful to try to keep up with having the latest style clothes and wearing make up because it takes too much work to put on daily.

      1. @HeTieShou It really depends on how far back those childhood pics are. Sometimes their features change a bit. There are some people I know that were average-looking when they were in their elementary school years, but have seemed more unattractive in recent years.

      2. I seen many childhook pics of Gigi and she looks the same, it’s like looking at a miniature Gigi so cute!

        Keeping up with the trend is ones preference. Some sees it as stressful, some sees it as a pleasure,a reward for themselves. I found it fun to do my mix and match for different seasons. Finding new techniques on makeup are also interesting…not a lot of girls understand how to apply makeups properly.
        Skin care is a relaxation…after a long day of work wouldn’t it be nice to just lay down and have a nice stress free mask? Love those stuff!

  6. Gigi lai has not aged at all! Im gem of life she looked even younger than ada choi. Some people are just so lucky!

    1. Gigi is naturally pretty. I never thought of her as a good actress but I always held her as one of the prettiest fadan in TVB. She’s born lucky with a beautiful face.

  7. I think the secret is that asians have the youthful genes. We look much younger than our ages. But as for the stars, I agree with what you guys have already said, they are rich, there are helps and not stressed out about the day2day stuff that ordinary need to worry about. I kinda of like Gigi for her acting and how youthful she is. But, it makes me question her as a person for marrying some who can give her financial security, it’s a little shallow isn’t it?

    1. @Le,
      Well Gigi is not the only one that married someone that can can give her financial security. Many actresses as well as ordinary women do hope for that as well. However, I think that is more for women who are more dependent. If a women was more independent she may not value marrying a guy that has money or not as much. But who ever complained that money was too much?

      I think that many are aiming at Gigi because her husband is disabled and looks way older than her(even though he is only 14 or 15 years older than her). I bet if he was not disabled and did not look as old, I don’t think many would ridicule her for marrying Mr.Ma. Money is of course one of the main reasons she married him, but we all question is that the only reason??? Doesn’t everyone for money to some extent, however, once again is that the only reason??

      1. Yes, you do have a point that Gigi and her husband is a mismatched. I guess if money can buy happiness for the stars or ordinary folks who married the wealthy, then to its own.

    2. At a certain point or stage of our lives, sometimes we just got tired of everything and just wanna someone that loves & cares about us, someone that would be faithful & could rely on…as Gigi she went thru alot & she is not young anymore…this guy happened to be this person that was there for her when her brother had that car accident that nearly took his life…compared to ordinary citizens, Gigi is rich…a multi milloionare..but not as rich as the hushand just all.

      We cann’t judge a book by its cover. Whatever the reason is, I am sure she have a good reason…well in the “Beauty & the Beast”, Beauty chose the Beast but not the Prince…So who knows??

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