Gigi Lai is 3 Months Pregnant

By on March 19, 2009 in Celebrity Babies, NEWS

Gigi Lai Chi married wealthy businessmen, Ma Ting Keung, at the end of 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The couple held a wedding banquet in Hong Kong in February.

Gigi has indicated that she wanted children shortly after the marriage. At the time of the [wedding banquet], Gigi was already 2 months pregnant. The couple have already picked out the hospital in which Gigi will be having her baby.

After marriage, Gigi deliberately kept a low profile due to consideration for her husband. She often stays home and rarely goes out.

It turns out that Gigi is already 3 months pregnant. When reporters spotted Gigi earlier, she was wearing a leopard dress and returning to her younger brother, Lai Ying’s, skin care clinic to follow up on some operations issues.

The reporter went up to Gigi and congratulated her on her pregnancy. Gigi could not conceal pleasure and happiness on her face.


Jayne: Congratulations to Gigi Lai! Both Kelly Chen and Gigi Lai look extremely radiant and beautiful in their pregnancies! Can’t wait to hear further developments!

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