Jimmy Lin Shares Photos of Baby Son

Jimmy Lin Chi Wing recently posted photos of his one-year-old son online. In one of the photos, Jimmy’s son was “driving” his father’s car. Jimmy wrote, “Little Chi taught me how to drive. He kept pushing my hands away while turning the steering wheeling confidently.”

Apparently Little Chi may inherited Jimmy’s love of cars. Perhaps in the future, he may even become a racing enthusiast, following his father’s footsteps!

Jimmy Lin married his model girlfriend, Kelly Chen, of five years after she gave birth to their son last year.

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Despite getting married and becoming a father, Jimmy Lin still looks like a pretty boy!

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  1. I honestly don’t think his son is that cute, but just my opinion. Jimmy actually has aged A LOT, but looks good for his age. At least that shows that he did not use botox to try to remain young…

  2. Very cute. Rarely see an asian kid smiling like that, cocky fella.

    He does look good for his age BUT this is because he has baby face features. It will be a problem as he grows older and he still looks like this with wrinkles and all. He will look weird.

    I still remember how defensive he was when announcing the birth of his child. See? It is so simple to deflect the media; just be bloody honest about it. Why make such a fuss?

  3. The baby is so cute. That close up photo of him is so adorable.

  4. whether the baby is cute or not, it is very opinionated. I happy for Jimmy becoming a father, it’s a beautiful step to maturity.

  5. @Funn,
    Totally agree with you. I used to like Jimmy Lin a lot but was really disgusted by how he announced his engagement and birth of his son. He should have just been honest instead of make such a big deal about it. I think he is just so cocky to think that he is still so popular by hiding this and that. Sorry, but he is no longer big anymore so what more is there for him to hide??? Like what is the big deal??

  6. I wish jimmy lin son give up happy and safely. His maybe a second jimmy lin. Wish his little jimmy lin up grow handsome like his father. Wish jimmy Lin will be happy with his son and be happy alway smile:)

  7. their son is so cute just lyk his father jimmy..i know someday he wil follow the footstep of his father

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