Photo of 8 Month Pregnant Vicki Zhao Surfaces

Since Vicki Zhao Wei’s pregnancy surfaced in December 2009, she has been resting in Singapore. Vicki is currently eight months pregnant and she is expected to give birth in May 2010.

Vicki has already made plans for her come-back after the baby is born. Vicki’s first engagement will be filming for a cell phone ad, whose former spokesperson was Andy Lau Tak Wah. Thus, Vicki’s fee is expected to be in the seven-figure range. Since becoming pregnant, Vicki’s market appeal has not decreased from prior years.   Vicki may film the cell phone ad in June, or shortly after giving birth. Vicki’s agent added, “Aside from the cell phone ad, Vicki has agreed to film three additional commercials and appear in a new movie.”

During Vicki’s pregnancy, there were rumors that Vicki’s husband, Wong Yau Lung, was having an affair with Zhang Ziyi. The rumors claimed that Vicki was desperate to make a quick comeback to increase her income. Vicki said exasperatedly, “These type of rumors will circulate as long as you are in the entertainment industry. I can’t believe my name is now entangled with another actress’s again!”

Vicki added, “My life now is very calm, quiet, and joyous. Over the past several years, I have never taken adequate rest. The upcoming ad endorsements were agreed upon half a year ago or earlier. I am also in the process of selecting some good-quality movie roles.”


Jayne: Very excited about Vicki’s May due date. Is she having a boy or girl?

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