Photo of Vicki Zhao’s Daughter Exposed

Photos of Vicki Zhao Wei’s daughter recently circulated online. Vicki’s baby daughter was quite charming, possessing round eyes and resembling Vicki when she was an infant.  According to tabloids, Vicki traveled to Taiwan with her husband and daughter in order to attend Faye Wong’s concert. At the same time, Vicki turned the trip into a family vacation, enjoying the tasty foods in Taiwan .

Vicki married wealthy businessman, Huang Yaulong in 2008 and had a daughter in April 2010.  Vicki met Huang Yaulong during the filming of Painted Skin <画皮>. Allegedly, Mr. Huang already had a son from another relationship. His assets are valued at $2 billion (Yuan)  and he owned a private airplane.

On January 19th, Vickie visited Faye Wong at her concert rehearsal, claiming that she had traveled to Taiwan by herself. The next day, reporters photographed Vicki and her daughter visiting some friends. Vicki was hugging her daughter closely, demonstrating their close relationship.

On January 21st, Huang Yaulong was spotted holding his daughter while Vicki stepped out of their hotel in the Xinyi district. The family shopped at Taipei ’s 101 Mall. While attempting to take a photo of Vicki with the mall building in the backdrop, Huang Yaulong knelt down almost on his knees to capture the view. His gesture made it apparent how much he loved Vicki. After visiting a friend’s home, the family returned back to their hotel at 9:30 PM.

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Jayne: Vicki Zhao’s daughter is cute, but the above photo of Vicki as a little baby is super cute! Such adorable eyes and fat, chubby cheeks! It appears that earlier speculations that Vicki’s marriage on the rocks were wrong, as Vicki appears happy and intimate in the photos with her husband.

Btw, I don’t know too much about Huang Yaulong aside from his wealth and previous involvement with Tracy Ip. The article mentioned that he had a son from a previous relationship. Not sure whether the son was with he ex-wife or ex-girlfriend?

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  1. Her daughter looks adorable. So everything at home is a-ok for now? Well good for her.

  2. The baby is cute. However I think she looks like dad more than mom.

  3. The baby is adorable. I love those kissable little lips… 🙂

  4. She’s so cute I wanna pinh her cheeks. I love little girls and I can’t wait to have my own. Seems like celebrities always gets to marry rich bussinessmen or guys with wealthy backgrounds. Now I’m sure that most female celebrities would rather date wealthy men over their fellow coworkers.

  5. i wonder if vicki zhao wei has a twitter account or something??? pls reply !!!

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