Vicki Zhao Wei Puts a Stop to Divorce Rumors

For the  past three months, there have been several rumors about Vicki Zhao Wei’s marriage, speculating that her quick come back to work after giving birth to her daughter was due to marital problems with her husband. Vicki gave birth in April 2010 and came back for work in June.

It was previously reported that Vicki and her husband, real estate manager, Huang Yu Long, were having problems living together as they had rushed into marriage. It was also rumored that Vicki Zhao didn’t get along with her mother in-law and that there was much tension between them. Over and above, the scandal about Huang cheating on the then pregnant Vicki with actress Zhang Ziyi, added more to the existing rumors. Vicki’s movie projects and her quick comeback were considered to be “backup” plans for her, in case of future divorce from her husband.

Apparently tired of the divorce rumors, Vicki appeared to be very tired and in a poor mood at various events. She also refused to discuss in detail about her personal matters. Vicki’s manager, Chen Rong, denied the reports, saying that Vicki and her family were doing well. She refused to comment further on Vicki’s personal matters, but revealed that Vicki was doing really well on her career. “Vicki is doing well with many new jobs on hand. She will be filming commercials and will be involved in many aspects of film-making.”

On August 22nd, when Vicki appeared at a product endorsement event in Zhengzhou, China, she refused to give any interviews to the media nor comment on her personal matters. Before the event  started, some reporters tried to take pictures of Vicki while she was talking on her phone, but an unknown young woman tried to cover Vicki, preventing the reporters from snapping additional pictures.

Putting a Stop to the Rumors

A couple of days ago, when Vicki shared the Best Actress Award with Kara Hui for her role in Mulan <花木蘭> at the 10th Changchun Film Festival, she looked calm and happy. During her acceptance speech she said, “This year has been a very important year for me, I believe everyone knows that. Standing here now, I want to thank my family and My Love, thank you for the plentiful love you have showered me.” She was apparently very emotional and her eyes were glowing. With this statement, Vicki Zhao declared her love and her graditude for her husband.

Miss China: Sometimes the media are really harsh on celebrities and rush to conclusions only to intrigue the public’s interest. It is refreshing to see that until now Vicki Zhao has stood her ground and refused to comment over any of the rumours regarding her marriage. Every couple, celebrity or not, has its own problems which should remain between the couple to avoid any further conflicts and problems. Only the couple can truly understand what the core of the problem is and try to work it out. Therefore I believe that no one should be trying to learn more than what is needed to be learnt about Zhao Wei’s and Huang’s marriage problems.

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  1. Julia Roberts gave a tearful speech during her Oscar win and I think she thanked the love of her life too and guess what? They broke up not long later. Media wants scandals, they thrive on that and yes it is unfortunate for entertainers of public figures, missing a toe nail will become big news, more so rumours of bad relationships etc, those are front page news. Someone once said they’re highly paid not for the acting, that is considered a passion and free but for the publicity they have to do. When you’re earning that much and living a very public existence, this is inevitable. And when no one reports anything about you, that is the time when retirement is a better option. I hope Vicki Zhao works things out with her husband but fighting with your in laws is never a good way to do just that. Somehow I have a feeling the media reports are quite accurate on this piece of scandal. It is a matter of when the divorce will be done. HOWEVER at least we know she married and all. Some entertainers are so secretive we don’t even know they married until they divorced. How can a marriage survive in secrecy?

  2. The marriage rumors will probably continue anyway, but Vicki is really in a delicate situation now. Balancing a new family while trying to make her directorial debut, along with frequent public events is impossible. Something will suffer along the way….

  3. Perhaps, she should prioritize herself now that she is a mother and a wife. We all go throught that whether we are a star or not. You get to a certain point in life and just got to decide what is more important.

  4. IT is hard to pick career over family and I am sure many women(and even men too, but it seems to be more of a woman’s issue)had to go through picking family or career. I must say that if it were me, I personally don’t know what I would pick since both are important.

    I am not trying to jinx it, but I feel that the rumours are true. I have learned through the years that in a number of cases if a rumour is constantly reoccuring, then it ends up being true. Like in Andy Lau’s case, I have heard about his wife Carol Zhu for many many years.I kept on hearing about her constantly too so it was not a 1-2 time thing. However, everyone kept on saying that they were just “rumours”. BUt now after all of these years, we all finally know the truth. I don’t think it will take that long in Vicki’s case if the divorce rumours are true.

  5. every celeb has their sad story too. Being rich and always in the limelight not easy.i hear that she was also dropped from her slimming ambassadorship with Marie france because of taking pills. The constant pressure of staying young and slim is very big. And then now this rumour about her unhappy marriage… is this a price to pay for fame?

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