Tracy Ip’s History of Dating Rich Men

Despite Tracy Ip Chui Chui’s mediocre acting career, having a mother suffering from kidney disease, and a father who has no income due to retirement, Tracy was not a “tragic Miss Hong Kong” who was on hard times.

In 2008, Tracy was under the care of wealthy Singapore businessman, Huang Yau Lung (father of Vicki Zhao Wei’s daughter). Tracy’s wealth increased dramatically after meeting Mr. Huang. After breaking-up with Mr. Huang, Tracy continued to live in a luxury apartment and drive an expensive car. Recently, she was spotted shopping for a $20 million (HKD) home near the oceanfront. Tracy’s apparent wealth was quite incredible!

A tabloid reported that when Tracy went to China to “dig gold,” she met Huang Yau Lung. She filmed an advertisement for a Guangzhou resort. Afterwards, she sported a “new look” and acquired two luxury homes with a total value of $30 million (HKD). After losing Huang Yau Lung to Vicki Zhao (who is currently pregnant with Huang’s child), Tracy continued her luxurious lifestyle and wore designer brand clothing despite infrequent filming projects.

Hong Kong tabloids reported that Tracy knew many rich businessmen in China. Allegedly, Tracy even rose to the ranks of a “matchmaker” and started introducing certain starlets such as Nancy Wu Ding Yan to rich  businessmen, thereby breaking off Nancy and Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming’s rumored relationship. Tracy denied the rumors that she was a matchmaker in pairing Nancy with a wealthy businessman.

After winning the Miss Hong Kong 2005 title, tabloids claimed that Tracy’s looks “evolved” [implying plastic surgery done on her face] to increase her money-making opportunities. Retired lawyer, Tsang Kuen Wai, who has an interest in dating Hong Kong actresses and was last reported to be supporting Yammie Nam Kit Ying’s living expenses, revealed that he paid $8,000 to $10,000 (HKD) to have dinner with Tracy in 2006 and 2007. Mr. Tsang also said that he paid for Tracy’s mother’s $40,000 (HKD) medical expenses.

In 2008, Tracy bought two multi-million dollar homes. She insisted that she paid for the homes through profits from the stock market. Tracy already owned a luxury car, but recently she bought an Audi A5, which was worth $500,000 (HKD). She was also rumored to be considering buying a $20 (HKD) million home.

Source: Takungpao

Jayne: Due to Tracy’s flamboyant spending patterns and “evolving looks,” she has long been a gossip magnet.

Earlier in March, the Taiwanese police cracked down on a prostitution ring implicating Taiwanese actresses and models. Lin Wei Wei, a former beauty queen, matched the actresses and models on dinner dates and even set them up to have sex with businessmen. This is likely why the Hong Kong tabloids is digging up Tracy’s history of dating rich men and even speculating that she has risen to “matchmaker” ranks. That’s so insulting!

It’s Tracy’s personal choice to date rich men and lead a certain lifestyle, but another to imply that she is running a prostitution ring is too much!

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  1. Are you guys and gals aware that Tracy Ip is already married to (Huang Yau Lung?) and already pregnant?

    The Sun (HK) newspaper broke the story that Tracy Ip is pregnant and targeted for birth on Nov 2010 in Singapore. Tracy Ip rumored already in Singapore to rest for the delivery.

    1. fame comes rich man, lol, rich girl comes money crazy man, haha

  2. Nulle, I think you meant that Vicki Zhao is already married to Huang Yau Lung. And Vicki already had her baby girl.

  3. She’s got breast, nose & chin jobs…

    Sharon Chan’s got a breast job too!

  4. I’m very new to beautiful Asian actresses and Million/Billionaires, but it seems pretty kosher to me. I think these women want a free lifestyle , where in China with a working class husband they wouldn’t be able to have. Men with lots of money have always been able to date pretty women, so it’s just the world turning.

  5. I can’t understand why she did plastic surgery – she was one of the cutest Ms Hongkongs for quite a while, and it was her weak acting skills which stifled her stardom. If she would work harder at that she would have all the star quality with her natural look.

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