Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung React to Ron Ng’s “Bed Scandal”

The press visited the filming set of TVB series, Prominent Family <名媛望族>, yesterday. Regarding Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) absence due to illness yesterday, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) said that he did not know about Ron falling sick. Kenneth said, “Last night at Toby Leung’s ( 梁靖琪) wedding, Ron was not sick or in any pain.  I will call to ask about his condition.” In Prominent Family, Kenneth will fight for Rebecca Zhu’s (朱晨麗) affections along with Ron, in which Kenneth will lose the love battle.

Regarding the death of veteran actor, Wang Wei (王偉), Kenneth felt that it was a pity. It turned out that Wang Wei had served as Kenneth’s teaching instructor. Kenneth lamented that there was an increasing scarcity of seasoned, veteran actors.

Tavia Yeung and Sire Ma Deflect Past Rumors With Ron Ng

When the press mentioned Viann Zhang (張馨予) posting a bed photo of herself on Ron’s blog, Sire Ma (馬賽) indicated that she had already drawn a clear boundary with Ron earlier. Sire noted that she and Ron were never in a relationship previously and was unclear about the posting of Viann’s photo on Ron’s blog, thus she refrained from further comment. Sire will not have any scenes with Ron in Prominent Family.

Formerly rumored with Ron, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) was also unclear about the posting of Viann’s bed photo on Ron’s blog. Tavia commented, “I will warn Ron to be careful and not place any pohtos in his cell phone.” (What if Him Law 羅仲謙 were to borrow your cell phone?) “We are friends, but I will not lend my phone overnight!”

Damien Lau: “Ron Ng Posted the Bed Photo Himself!”

Damien Lau (劉松仁) joked that Ron Ng posted the photo of Viann Zhang on his blog himself. When pointed out that Damien had to rely on himself to promote Prominent Family at the press visit yesterday, Damien joked, “If he needed to rely on me, then post the photo on my blog!” (You want trouble?) “I’m already such an advanced age; no trouble will come to my side! Perhaps it’s to help promote the series!” (This series does not have Viann Zhang!) “Relatives need to help out!”

Regarding veteran actor, Wang Wei’s death, Damien indicated that he was surprised by the news and will contact the Wang family to send his condolences.

JJ Jia Congratulated Ron Ng and Viann Zhang’s Love

At the Prominent Family filming yesterday, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) was asked to comment upon costar, Ron Ng’s girlfriend, Viann Zhang, posting a bed photo of herself on his blog. JJ immediately said “Wah! Wah! Wah!” and congratulated the couple. When the reporter noted that Ron’s fans blasted Viann, JJ said, “As long as Ron likes her, that’s enough!” (He likes her?) “He definitely likes her very much!”

JJ got very drunk at the after-party following the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards. JJ admitted that she will get drunk immediately upon drinking, thus she will abstain from alcohol in the future. “Actually, other people are in a more dangerous position than I am. Once they get drunk, they will touch women, regardless of whether it is appropriate or not!”


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Jayne: Was Ron Ng forbidden to appear before the press due to the “bed photo” scandal? The “Prominent Family” cast seem to be teasing him about his relationship with Viann Zhang.

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  1. What bed photo scandal? She posted her own bed photo on his is it weibo or he posted himself? Does it matter since we all know they’re in bed together anyway?

    Oh I am watching Bottled Passion and I do feel Tavia would have been perfect for Nicki’s role before her nose job. Nicki is just… awful.

    1. There are speculations that Viann got angry at Ron and thus posted a photo of herself reclining in bed on Ron’s Weibo blog. Fortunately it is just a photo of her alone and not together in bed with Ron.

      1. Because he is having a party and leave her at home alone. I guess it’s why Viann got mad at him.

      2. You know this girl will be the death of him. So not “ting hua”. Ron, for your own good, dump her. For our own good, piss her off more!

      3. You know what? I really think Ron should dump this big but brainless plastic for good, she didn’t any good news for Ron but tons of bad ones..

      4. @Funn: You want to see the gossips more?

        @Veejay: You know wat, from her action, her big head seems to have a lot of brain. Tell me wat is brainless in Viann?

      5. @Funn,

        I can’t agree with you more!, She (Viann) is just like what those cantonese saying called her “13 dim” NO brain.

      6. Hope this crazy chick wasn’t watching “fatal attraction” while Ron was at the party. He should watch out for his dog’s safety too.

      7. @josie: No harm. Ron cut you-know-what of his male dog already.

      8. Fox,

        I don’t wanna know what you were getting at but I was referring to Glenn close boiling the bunny in FA.

      9. I totally agree that Ron needs to dump this plastic doll before she causes more trouble for him. He may also accidently make her plastic fall out and she may sue him….

      10. @josie: You dun want to know but you understand, I know it :). That’s enough.

      11. @fox,

        She’s smart for posting “pictures” to expose and tell the world that she’s dating Ron to boost her popularity but this girl is going over board in the game of dating a celebrity especially in HK.

        Noticed almost all hk artists deny about their relationship and this Viann is going against the rules or principle by exposing herself as Ron’s gf which really make Ron in a tight position sometimes. So to me, She’s smart only in exposing herself thus gaining popularity but isn’t smart enough when her action can eventually destroy a “relationship” with the guy she “loves” or not.

      12. And we thought Ron has more control over his girlfriend than Raymond earlier.

      13. @Veejay: It isn’t brainless. Viann’s name will appear in all the mags. HK ppl hate her or not, no matter. She is famous and ppl know her without having to film anything or releasing any photobook. It’s too cunning instead. If you don’t know, Viann’s prince doubled recently after the Ron-Viann stuff happened.

        @Kidd: Yes that’s rite.

      14. Ok, that just shows the 2R have been outstmarted by these Mainland Plastic dolls lol..

        These plastic dolls basically don’t just give sex for free..they dated these hk celebrity mainly for popularity boosting..and the 2Rs fell for it.

      15. @Veejay: Do you see PSS dare to show anything on weibo before the breakup :P?

      16. @Fox,

        “just’ like u said earlier, it does not matter whether they’re still dating or “not”.. as long as they got the proof frm dating these celebrity aka “pics”..that’s the way of getting their popularity boosted by posting these solid and powerful pics online. The point is Viann and Mavis are obviously two cunning and typical mainland hotties who hook up rich and famous guys for ambition

      17. @ Veejay

        Mavis nicely played invisible woman when dating Raymond. Only after Raymond dumped her or supposedly two-timed her, she went on the offensive.

      18. @Veejay: Kidd is totally correct :). I blv that she went that offensive because she loved him too much.

      19. That’s why V & M are obviously two ferocious tigeress who cannot be tamed hahahaa and if Ron thought he could tame her? sorry la. They will counter attack ya!

      20. You can believe that Mavis dated LF for “love” while I can believe Mavis dated LF for “fame and love”..:P

      21. @Veejay: Are you playing Miley Cyrus’s Cannot be tamed?

        Viann and PSS are not brainless but the level of controlling from their bf are different. Just that.

      22. @Veejay: If for fame during the love time, she won’t accept to be invisible woman. The breakup time is different.

      23. That’s why Hk housewives are pretty cautious with these mainland mistresses, they have all the tricks under their sleeve to keep a man from going home..

      24. Veejay, not just HK, even Malaysia. Quite a phenomena. Sometimes I do pity the mainland girls. How many can find handsome young guys to leech on? So they ended up with old retirees. But pity only until there.

      25. After working with the likes of Tavia and Kate for so long, feminine polite girls like Mavis and Viann must be a great new experience for 2R. No wonder they fall for the girls.

        You watch Mavis and Viann speak. They sound so feminine and polite.

      26. @fox,

        how long exactly did LF dated Mavis?

        maybe LF dumped Mavis faster than she could ‘expose’ their relationship as planned? or maybe Mavis already have bunch of pics in hand and was thinking to expose them online like viann did, but due to her slow reaction, she got dumped by LF before she could do anything lol.

      27. True, but one is Taiwanese correct? The other China? Mavis is taiwanese? Taiwanese girls do sound very polite, the proper ones I mean and very very “teh”. Well the guys also!

      28. @Funn,

        yes, you better pity them until there. These mainland mistresses can actually devour your bf/husband alive and kick ya out from the house by replacing your position as gf/wife in the household.

        The way they thinks are really different than us..wonder why? because they’re fed up with their poverty life in Mainland or just wanna gain money fast?

      29. Yeah sure kidd, I’m sure 2R were attracted to the girl’s voice. Not their other “assets”.

        Besides, how good is Ron’s mandarin? He probably doesn’t even bother to listen to what viann says.

      30. @ Funn

        I thought both are from China. But, I might be wrong.

        Anyway, between Viann and Mavis, I think Viann is doing better career wise. She already has lead roles in movies while Mavis is has quite small roles.

      31. @Veejay: According to both, seems to be more than half of a year. Exact date only them can know. Enough time for him to introduce her to all of his friends (Ron, Joe, 620, Bobby, etc.) but not enough for her to do anything? She posted something like a hint that she is in a relationship on weibo but never mentioned his name or a pic which can related her to him. So I blv they were both in love with each other for a while. Both of them are serious with the relationship but the breakup is a heart hurt to PSS, lead her to change from love to hatred. Love more hate more.

        PSS is definitely low profile with the relationship much more than Viann with Ron.

        @Funn: Viann and PSS are both China girls. PSS is Hangzhou if I rmb rite while Viann is Sohou?

        @Kidd: Yes, the way they talk, their gestures are different from HK girls. They are more soft, gentle and caring. But I feel PSS who is a richer girl than Viann from the beginning (she was born in a rich family) so she seems to less cunning in a relationship than Viann. Less possessive, too. Viann gives me the feeling that she wants to control Ron and make him hers only.

      32. @ Fox

        I agree with you. I also think Mavis is less cunning than Viann. I think she truly loved Raymond back then. But, when her heart was broken, she turn femme-fatale. Reading her pass interview before her relationship Raymond comes to light, she seem to be an extremist type when in love.

      33. Ron should hurry up and play these plastic dolls before he lose his license due to his falling star in hk showbiz.

        Can’t blame Ron since his is not exactly smart compared to the likes of Kenneth and especially when he is not thinking with his little brain, LOL

    2. Ppl blv that Viann posted her pic on the bed to his weibo.

      He said that this pic wasn’t taken in his house/his bed and Viann wrongly posted to his weibo instead of hers. Then he deleted it.

      Blv or not, your choice ah~.

      Small note: It’s the 444th post in his weibo. 4 = die, die three times to Ron. Well, destiny. He deleted it after 4h the pic be posted, another 4 :P.

      1. Her photo resemble Mavis’ photo. The position and pout. Its eerie

    3. i was thinking of the same thing! tavia would’ve been perfect. i dont like nikki’s acting and that totally ruined the story for me.

    4. I agree. She really did ruin the drama for me, and Bottled Passion is actually a pretty good show. It’s only been a few episodes and I already like it a lot more than CRH and WHB, lol.

  2. Re Tavia’s

    “I will warn Ron to be careful and not place any pohtos in his cell phone.”

    Tavia, people ask you A, you go answer B.

      1. A hint for the cellphone’s secret :P. Ron Ng and the secret cellphone – new rival of Harry Potter and the secret chamber.

      1. Yes himhim. There are reasons she should be careful if shes really with him lol

      2. As she keeps denying, she can’t claim even if himhim beats her like Theressa.

      3. Wait till TY gets her first dark purple spot on her “nose”..let’s see if she can still call him “him him” so intimate.

      4. LOL, waiting for himhim to lose his temper and “flykick” TY’s nose…

    1. Maybe she’s trying to divert the topic into something ppl won’t go asking her question she didnt want to answer.

      TY isn’t stupid, she’s infact very cunning 😉 hehehehe..

      1. Youre smart. I think she was saving herself too by diverting the couple questions to cell phones. Its open secret thar shes hanging out with Himhim

  3. I’m more curious of one thing: This pic doesn’t look self taken (dun see her hand hold the camera/cellphone). Wonder who take it for her?

    1. @Fox, I notice that too, her hand doesn’t seems to be holding the camera or mobile..the pic looks like it was taken by “someone” else who is also on the bed o_O!

      1. She posted in in 1 or 2 AM I dun rmb and I really doubt that Mr. Ng was home. He went to the wedding and I bet that after that, he would have a party :P.

      2. yeah ron already replied that he went to another party until 4am after toby’s wedding. he also said viann apologized for doing this, and he forgave her lol. when the reporters ask if they r exposing their relationship, he said he “used” to date her, now he needs time to think etc.

        so he dumped her already and she did this to spite him? HA

      3. If he dumped her already, why she still can use his phone to upload to weibo?

      4. @Kidd,

        Maybe Ron has no time to change his weibo’s password or he just don’t care whoever use his weibo.. Things like that happen lol.

        Some ppl just didnt change their password or lock immediately after relationship falling out just because they trusted their other half (ex).

    2. picture can be taken by someone but she also can set auto timer.

  4. Damien Lau is so funny and witty. I also like JJ Jia’s response.

    Sire Ma must still be scarred by Ron’s very public rejection of her.

    1. Sire Ma might be scarred by Ron’s plastic mate since Viann seems to be someone ferocious to handle hahahaha.

      Remember Kate’s double sausage calling from Viann’s indirect weibo? This girl is a crazy girl and will do crazy things if u ever mess with her man.

      1. Sorry J00ky,

        I dont have keep the link, maybe someone here can help ya.

        Anyway, Viann was found flirting with some guy actors in I love HK 2012..

    2. Is sire matched up w/ Kenneth in this series? I see opportunity… although he and selena were awfully cute in the opening at the anniversary awards. Kenneth could have so many choices if he put some effort in the chase.

      JJ is cute. She comments more than what the reporters ask her. I wonder if she’s hinting that Joe ma had previously hit on her.

      1. No. Sire will play Kenneth’s sister in the series.

        Info from wikipedia

      2. As long as they have scenes together, I guess there’s a chance. Aimee played Moses’ sister too and look how annoyingly attached they are. In fact, they sicken me like if it was incest.

      3. Aimee sicken me the most..her face and high pitch voice is so darn annoying..

        Can’t stand how she answered Vincent during the Anniversary Awards…acted so naive..come on.

    1. Joe Ma said that ‘bed photo’ was taken 6 years ago and I believe him. He look young in the pix.

    2. pic taken 6 years ago..

      It could be the girl who he had affair with at Thailand before his wife came back from France.

    3. Funny how Joe Ma is getting the worse effect of the Rose scandal although Benny was the one with the worse groping

  5. Bwahahahaha, Ron’s GF is a hoot. Why warn him about her though? Imo, he deserves her. If you wanna date plastic crazies, you deserve her plastic craziness.

    1. Talk about plastic, around him are the plastic girls (as sure that most of TVB girls had plastic surgeries). Why he can’t choose a pretty plastic girl with soft and gentle gestures and voice – can be considered as more feminine?

  6. Both Viann and Mavis seem like the psychotic types. Hope Ray learns from his lesson although I do think Mavis truly loved him. Viann’s a question mark for me but so far I find her behavior and comments immature and petty.

    As for 2R liking the two b/c they’re more feminine and polite, I would say sometimes the ones that come off as the ‘sweetest’ girls and not tomboyish are actually the scary ones.

  7. Jayne, if Vianne got angry if Ron partied with out her, and posted scandalous phot on his blo, what a silly thing to do. I wonder what she do if he was to be seen hugging or going to dinner with pretty female, even if it is innocent. She would go make erotic edison chen type movie with some man and post on Ron’s blog??.LOL. I say she is very chidish. Ron should dump Ms plastic Barbie. She seem to cause him more headache and pain than pleasure.

    1. I think if Viann continues to act the way she does, her relationship with Ron will not last….Lets see, time will tell..

      1. Read the latest news of Ron and Viann relationship on other website, according to the source..Ron replied the reporter that “he dated her”..

        Is that mean Ron and Viann no longer together?? or currently having cold war?

  8. viann is pretty. but then she’s plastic right? she looks like a barbie doll. when i saw that picture is just reminds me of mavis pan. they both have that really, really looooong face.

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