JJ Jia Thinks About “Killing” Husband Louis Fan Everyday

(Above) The couple have a nine-year age gap.

Marrying actor Louis Fan (樊少皇) in 2016, actress JJ Jia Xiaochen (賈曉晨) welcomed two princesses, “Little Rice Bowl” (小飯兜) and “Little Rice Ball” (小飯團) to their family. Rumors of marital discord had surfaced when she earlier complained about her husband being a “boring” person on social media, while Louis also accidentally uploaded a post about being “divorced”.

Makes Up with a Handbag Whenever He Angers Her

On September 16, JJ appeared at the ribbon cutting ceremony of a beauty salon she endorses, and revealed to the press that her daughters are currently living with her in Hong Kong, where Louis is also based; she would head to Beijing when she has work.

JJ and Louis on a recent date.

With their passionate dating relationship, it seems like the duo continues to have little squabbles even after years of marriage.

Quoting from a book she had read of a couple who had been married for 50 years, where the wife felt like murdering her husband everyday, JJ laughingly said “I think about divorcing 50 times a day, and killing him 101 times a day”. Although Louis made her angry over mostly small matters, she felt really infuriated and pained due to his “careless” personality, shared JJ, though she is afraid of “antagonizing all men” with her words. Clarifying that she does not put her thoughts into action, only stopping at the contemplating, she said Louis would make it up with a handbag every time he “angers” her, adding, “Handbags are a universal cure”.

All of Louis’ Properties Are All Under JJ’s Name!

With her 41st birthday coming up on September 20, JJ said that she has already received a new handbag from Louis. Describing him as having a”good temper”, she said that although she would often bring up divorce, he never once agreed, adding laughingly, “It’d be tough if he divorced me, as all his properties (in both mainland China and Hong Kong) are under my name, so he’d have to ask for a room from the production crew,” Her birthday wish this year is to have a party with her daughters and a simple meal with her good friends.

Preferring to do movies rather than dramas due to the longer time commitment required for the latter, JJ recalled how her daughter had happened to get hospitalized the last time she did a drama, which left her constantly worried and sleepless the entire time, thus she hoped to return to dramas so only when the kids are grown up.

Source: HK.On.CC

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