JJ Jia Staying at Postpartum Care Center After Giving Birth

Getting married in 2016, 35-year-old JJ Jia (賈曉晨) and 44-year-old Louis Fan (樊少皇) welcomed the arrival of their daughter in November. The couple recently held a celebration to mark their daughter’s one-month milestone.  

The couple officially announced JJ’s pregnancy last June. Although Louis still had work in Mainland China, he flew back just in time as JJ went into labor. Louis wrote on his social media, “Welcome, Little Rice Bowl. Make sure to love Mommy – I love you two.”

Weighing six pounds four ounces, the baby was in great health despite arriving several weeks earlier than its December due date. Although originally planning to get a C-section, JJ ended up giving birth naturally. The baby girl’s nose and eyes resemble Louis, while her lips and chin take after JJ.

Two days before her daughter was born, JJ had a slight fever. After going for high tea one day, JJ even had to support herself while holding on to the wall.

Staying at a post-pregnancy care center for convenience, JJ has been recovering well since giving birth and is currently breastfeeding. The postpartum care center provides five meals a day for JJ and has nurses to help care for her newborn baby. The center even helped organize the celebration marking the baby’s one-month arrival, making it a hassle-free experience so all JJ has to do is rest and recover quickly.

Sources: Oriental Daily; Sina.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The time after giving birth is a special time for the mom to bond with husband and baby together. Since it sounds like Louis Fan still has unfinished work in Mainland China, the postpartum care center is an easy way to make sure that JJ will be well taken care of after giving birth. Although Louis is unable to spend the early days of caring for his daughter….

  2. I still think it’s miraculous that Louis fan managed to win over JJ Jia’s heart. From the fact that she’s willing to be with someone who already has a family and has no wealth to speak of… I mean, let’s be real. She can do tons better. Yet she chose to stick by him, marry him and have his kid. Very few women has the patience, tolerance and big heart this woman has. I wish her a speedy recovery and a wonderful healthy baby

    1. @coralie
      Yes, I am still just more shocked at that ex who had grown kids w/him and they were never married. I mean, seriously I know people don’t care anymore about having kids out of wedlock anymore but having 2 kids like more than 10 something years and never even married to you are still popping kids out one after another? I am sorry, I can never understand. :0/

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