Louis Fan Owes Debt After Lending $8 Million HKD to Childhood Friend?

Earlier in August, news broke out that Hong Kong martial arts actor Louis Fan (樊少皇) reportedly owed $2 million HKD to loan sharks. After his huge debt has been in the rumor mill for several years, his wife, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) put an end to those allegations once and for all. While at an event for her new film Missing <失蹤> on October 28, the actress took the chance to clear her husband’s name.

JJ revealed Louis is actually the victim in this situation. She explained her husband lent $8 million HKD to a childhood friend of his, but that friend did not return the money back to Louis. Instead, the borrower caused the actor to be chased by loan sharks. She expressed it’s a “sad situation” as they did not expect the friend to betray Louis and make him suffer the loss of reputation and money.

“We already notified the police and handed the matter over to our lawyer,” JJ shared. “CID is following it right now but since the debt collectors stopped harassing us, CID can’t do anything. They opened a file so they will continue to investigate the case if [the loan sharks] bother us again.”

The situation first caught wind over the summer when the debt collectors reportedly sent letters to the couple’s neighbors saying, “Louis owes money, pay back the consequences.” In addition, they constantly harassed Louis and gradually became more aggressive about collecting the money. Not only did they smear red paint over his father’s house, but also allegedly went after the beauty clinic that JJ endorsed. Supposedly, the loan sharks placed more than 50 harassment calls and sent two big men to the beauty salon to cause trouble.

The incidents blew up and attracted a lot of public concern. However, it is not the first time Louis was pursued by loan sharks. In 2016, Louis had creditors showing up at his house to collect money. At the time, the actor clarified it was a friend who borrowed the money. The friend managed to pay off the debts, and the storm temporarily subsided.

Yet, Louis became embroiled in a similar situation once again. JJ said, “Since we have a court case right now, we’ll have to wait until it ends before trying to get back the $8 million HKD. We’ll have to hire a lawyer; earning money isn’t easy.”

Sources: Ettoday

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. one should try not to loan money. i lend my money to a colleague few year back, he a good person and honest but he was just dirt poor. what i didn’t know was that the IRS was after him so every single paycheck that went in was immediately taken out. i got some of my money back but eventually i let a large part of it go.

  2. You should only lend money that is your own and be prepared to never get it back. So many men live by the words “yi hei” and end up causing misery to their family.

    My uncle was the same. He was so rich; but became a guarantor for a friend who betrayed him and ended up going bankrupt. The people who suffered are his family, who are innocent in this situation. I don’t get why they can’t put their families before their friends.

    1. How dumb do they think people are? Why would you borrow to a friend money that you cant afford? And claiming this is the second time? I dont think so.

      Hes had gambling rumours for years. Moat likely that.

  3. Although the story could be true, we can’t trust JJ’s explanation 100% because it is the best reason to protect her husband’s reputation. Also I though he is earning millions in China. Isn’t a few million affordable to pay back?

      1. @mike hhhhmm, JJ Jia you’ve got to give it to her, she’s forever loyal to her husband.

        He’s a repeat offender, either he’s overly generous or a very poor judge of character.

      2. @mike
        Haha. I automatically assumed it was the same debt that has been mentioned in articles from the past. If this is a different debt then more likely Louis is a prolific borrower with money problems. He is lucky to have such a great figure wife. I am suspicious that JJ might be good figured but quite dumb minded and believes everything that her husband says. Before people jump on my suspicions, this is a random guess. Maybe when I see JJ, she keeps of reminding of her character opposite Ron in L’Escargot….

  4. This might be from the same friend but if not they’re either lying or he’s just too oblivious. It’s weird since they are getting a loan to lend people money. That’s the thing I don’t get and I’ve seen people do that before which baffles me, imo if you can’t help someone then just straight out tell them rather then doing more than you can.

  5. Don’t ever loan money to anyone and expect to get it back. Family and friends are the same when it comes to money.

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