Louis Fan Involved in Another Debt Scandal, JJ Jia: He’s Innocent

Louis Fan (樊少皇) has been in debt for quite some time, and despite his efforts of trying to pay it all back, the controversies just aren’t stopping.

This week, a man known as Chow Kwan-ying (周軍英) had filed a suit against Louis in the High Court, accusing the Hong Kong actor for not paying back the money he had lend him back in May 2013. According to Chow, Louis loaned 4 million yuan from Chow through their mutual friend Choi Ming-sam (蔡銘森), in order to pay for his ex-wife’s alimony. At the time, Louis allegedly promised Chow that he would pay back the loan in six months, including 160,000 yuan a month in interest. Louis had reportedly stamped the documents with his fingerprint.

According to Chow, Louis had thus far only paid back 13 months of interest, totaling 2.08 million yuan. In early 2016, he paid back HK$2 million (1.75 million yuan) in interest, but not the original amount. During this time, Choi had reportedly lent Louis 7.10 million yuan via check to help the actor deal with his financial troubles, but when Chow went to cash in the check, Choi’s bank account disappeared.

When Chow approached the matter to Louis, the actor claimed that he had already transferred 4 million yuan to Choi’s account, and denied the claim that he would pay back the loan in six months.

Currently seeking damages from Louis, Chow also alleged that Louis had used the loan to purchase a property in Tseung Kwan O back in 2014. Chow is asking the court to ban Louis from selling his assets.

Louis’s wife, JJ Jia (賈曉晨), has denied Chow’s claims. She clarified, “We’ve made a statement about this before, but my husband is innocent. This case has nothing to do with my husband, but a dispute between [Chow and Choi]. I have no control, nor do I know, what they have talked about regarding this matter.”

She also denied about Louis having an ex-wife, clarifying that Louis never married the mother of his two older children. Louis and his ex-girlfriend had been separate since 2007.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I sincerely hope if Louis really made a loan, he will make affect to make repayments…..

  2. he’s been involved with too many of these loan dispute or debt scandals that are making it hard to believe he’s innocent every time

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