Celebrity Weddings: Louis Fan and JJ Jia

By on November 15, 2015 in NEWS

Celebrity Weddings: Louis Fan and JJ Jia

Despite having two children, 42-year-old Louis Fan (樊少皇) managed to snag beautiful 33-year-old JJ Jia (賈曉晨). Announcing their marriage on Weibo last week, Louis wrote, “We’re getting married! Please give us your blessings!” JJ replied sweetly, “‘[Louis] is finally mine! No one else will be allowed to bully him…except for me!”

When rumors of the romance between Louis and JJ first started spreading in 2012, there was also talk about Louis having two children and being married for over ten years. In response to those rumors, Louis publicly stated that it was true that he had two children but he had never been married and had in fact broken up with Cherie Chan (陈少霞), Louis strongly refuted the claims that JJ was a “homewrecker.”

Louis Fan JJ JiaLouis and JJ have been dating for about three years, and Louis had earlier proposed to JJ, who did not give an immediate answer. After attending Wilson Chin‘s (錢國偉) wedding as a bridesmaid, JJ finally accepted Louis’ proposal. Louis and JJ allegedly applied for their marriage registration the day after Wilson’s wedding, on October 9. In response to this rumor, JJ laughed and said, “We only applied to register our marriage on that day. You guys didn’t even wait for us to announce this ourselves, how annoying!”

As Louis spends most of his time in Mainland China, and JJ’s career was based in Hong Kong, the couple allegedly split up due to the pressures of a long-distance relationship. Nevertheless, JJ shifted her career focus to Mainland China, and this brought the couple back together.

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  • 16 comments to Celebrity Weddings: Louis Fan and JJ Jia

    1. funnlim says:

      If the other way around? Will it be easier?

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    2. asian2015 says:

      Wow. Both of their eyes are so big and JJ looks so pretty in here love the way she look. Anyway congrats to them.

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      • mike replied:

        @asian2015 use the beauty app sparingly people…its just ridiculous when you enlarge your eyes that much Louis.

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      • alien replied:

        @asian2015 yeah, nowadays the beauty effect is already inbuilt in many cameras and is on “auto” mode you have to off it if you do not want instead( in the past you have to turn it on instead). I find it rather annoying and it’s very obvious here that it is used to give off the smooth effect of their faces. As well as enlarge their eyes and make them look more radiant.

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      • replied:

        Yes, I thought so too. Well, to be honest, she’s always been cute but here she looks beautiful. Lucky guy really, had two kids and cohabiting w/the mother of his children but NEVER bother to marry her but this one w/I 3 years?
        Wow, don’t know what to say actually. SIGH…MEN? hahaa…lol…

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        • asian2015 replied:

          @kiki that is strange then with 2 kids and not bother about marriage? Do you know who’s the mother of his 2 kids? Or maybe he’s too picky on girls or maybe he thinks JJ are much prettier then his ex girlfriend so I really not sure of what’s going on.

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        • replied:

          Honestly, we ever hear much about this guy cuz he’s not popular in HK right? I think I only watched one old series w/him and Dicky Cheung? hahaha LOL..Ages ago so imagine he has kids probably in his 20’s cuz that year that it was exposed, his older kid was like 15 so he must had them young. When you are that popular, I guess no one digs that deep into their personal life at least we never even knew about this guy who had been living together/having kids and no one even knew? I have no clue who the woman is or how she looks like b/c I don’t think the media bother to dig up her pic???? Cuz they only exposed him having kids after dating this TVB actress?
          Honestly, it’s sad for the mother of those children I mean he’s not that popular but hopefully she will still get some money since she met him in his early days, she must be in her 40s now right? After cohabiting someone for so long and bearing their children in their almost 20’s now and he’s now marrying a younger and prettier thing. SIGH>>>>

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        • asian2015 replied:

          @kiki well I remember he’s kinda famous back in the old day and he’s also in lots of martial art movie then he don’t have much news for some reason? Maybe because he’s too busy with his 2 kids? The movie you’re talking about with Dicky Cheung? I think it’s called the young Fong Sai Yuk? If I’m correct. I didn’t get to watch all of it just some of it.

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        • kidd replied:


          Like name HK actors, Louis/Terry Fan has moved his career to Mainland China. He was in quite a number of Mainland series.

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        • kaykay408 replied:

          @kiki he was in the infamous TVB Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 1996 played the monk character. He was cute with an innocent face back then. Now just looks weird.

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        • kidd replied:


          I am surprised that you use “infamous” to describe DGSD 97. Did many viewers don’t like it when it first came out. As for as I know many wuxia fans in english wuxia forums (which was also visited by fans who know and read chinese) like the series. It was more faithful to the novel than the 80’s version.

          Of the all the JY adaptations made during the 90s and early 2000, SOD 96 and DGSD 97 was the most liked by wuxia fans.

          Terry/Louis Fan was particularly chosen because he match the description of Hui Juk in the novel.

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        • kaykay408 replied:

          @kidd lol that was totally a mistake. Got it fixed now 🙂 I mean “famous” sorry!
          Yup my sibling, cousins and I enjoyed it very much when it first came out. I just rewatched it not so long ago and still love it.

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    3. elizabeth says:

      Congrats to both JJ and Louis! I think both of them have been very mature in how they have handled what people have said about them and worked together to overcome the obstacles to get to the alter. I wish the best for both of them.

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    4. happybi says:

      Wishing the best for the both of them.

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    5. melodylai says:

      Woah! Didn’t even know they were an item! I thought JJ was with Sammy still LOL!

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    6. jjwong says:

      Congrats. Good for them. He was also in a tvb drama about Wong Fei Hong’s dad’s life (not the remake with Felix Wong and Jade Leung). He played the young Wong Kay Ying. The literal trans is like, North Fist, South Kick. I didn’t think he was bad and he did show potential. i never thought much about JJ. Can’t remember any big role or special about her performance.

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