Review: Forensic Heroes 3 (TVB 2011)

Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III >
TVB 2011
Producer: Mui Siu Ching
Genre: Police Procedural Mystery
Number of episodes: 30


Who’s In It? 

Cast in no particular order:
Wayne Lai as “Jack Po” or “Pro Sir”
Maggie Cheung as “Mandy Chung”
Kate Tsui as “Ada Ling”
Ron Ng as “Lee Chin Fung” or “Wind”
Yuen Wah as “Po Shung Hing”
Aimee Chan as “Angel Chiang”
Edwin Siu as “Ken Ho”
Nancy Wu as “Eva Chow”
and some other characters

What’s This About?

People die. Most are murdered. Police arrive on scene. Location is secured. Then come the heroes! They will leave no mystery unsolved, no stone unturned, no cough undiagnosed and no criminal unpunished. They are Hong Kong’s foremost intellectuals applying reason, logic and the scientific method to force culprits into submission. They are Hong Kong’s finest. They are Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung, and occasionally other people who walk about. 

Review Formally Begins Here 

What starts off as an fairly erratic and mildly annoying series, gradually settles down and finds its niche area. The most endearing part of the series is that it was not unpretentious. Sure it tried to be funny some times and used odd plot devices to exaggerate the humour, such as adding supernatural elements and cross-dressing, but the pre-modern backdrop and odd banter between the three lead males somehow works. There isn’t anything new on display here of course, but it also didn’t pretend to be something it was not. You can literally pack your brain away for 40 minutes and vegetate. The wide supporting cast also rounds out the series quite well such that you generally won’t mind knowing who the culprit is before the leads do. Nevertheless it was some mindless fun. 

What you have just read is a short review of Super Scoops <荃加福祿壽探案>. What?! Isn’t this suppose to be about… Right. So how was Hong Kong’s finest? In keeping with’s tradition/policy on spoilers I will insert a spoiler warning here for the discerning readers:-

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<SPOILER  STARTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                                        It sucks.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<SPOILER ENDS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Now usually I would try to inject a bit more objectivity to disguise my lunacy. Often it is a quest to deliberately search for criteria that appeals to readers and then massage into them what truly is my lunacy. This helps add that air of validity and credibility into what is otherwise personal opinion. It’s like using Photoshop on a less than desirable photograph. It helps attract viewer attention and approval (sometimes) by hiding the ugly and accentuating the good (false). So why have I not applied the Photoshop principle? Because you cannot Photoshop a series of 100 kilobyte gif files.  

Why 100 kilobytes? In simple computer lingo, megabytes are a measure of the size of a file. The higher the quality of the file, the large its file size (duh). Also, in the Photoshop world, gif files, a format in which photos are stored, are notoriously difficult to Photoshop because they are, shall we say, low quality files. So why this comparison? Essentially what I see when I watched this was a series of rapidly moving 100 kilobyte gif files. I call it a series because there are so many of them- 43 minutes of them by 30 episodes. More importantly, they’re all low quality! 

To be Fair the “Review” Probably Starts Here 

Two things to note. I usually hate using sweeping generalizations and exaggerations, and “it sucks” seems to be both. Then again I solemnly believe there are exceptions. Similar to when you miss the train, “that sucks.” Moreover there often is not one yardstick or lens to measure everything. You have to be a bit more flexible, a bit more understanding, a bit more sensitive. So for an unpretentious series like Super Scoops <荃加福祿壽探案> that is some dinner-time silliness, you can’t help lower your measuring stick. Conversely, for a series billing itself to be the “Anniversary series” with a “massive all-star cast” dealing with “cases that take you to the edge of your seat” by combining “unprecedented scientific knowledge to fiction,” I think some hard scrutiny is deserved. And as hard as hard scrutiny comes by, nothing can be harder than “it sucks.” 

Before I spill my heart as to why I feel the way I do, listen to what the forensics have made me do and you might understand a little of my lunacy. Here’s a roadmap of my viewing experience: 

  • This has been the first series in memory where I turned off (voluntarily) more than once after 10 minutes into an episode because I wanted to learn about the news (Ouch!).
  • This has been the first series in memory where I constantly felt insulted, annoyed and bored- one reason being that I don’t like being told NAMES OF CHEMICALS.
  • This has been the first series in memory where I felt the amount of logic destroyed did not equate to equal happiness- the WHOLE forensics team can’t seriously afford to sit around and have long chats with ONE team of police officers right?
  • This has been the first series in memory during which I ended up watching (and finishing) another series before returning for another round of beating- Palace <宮> is not bad.

This was also the first series in memory which after watching most of, while clutching my gall bladder and shoving all innards back inside my shell, did not finish; I got to 27 and threw in the towel.

Oops, the “Review” Actually Begins Now

Was it that bad? Maybe not if you watch an episode every now and then. But when you sit there and watch episode by episode, and you are confronted with the same boring faces and lectures, you start to think about the meaning of life too. Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung turn in the most boring characters. In fact I might say Wayne deserves “Best Actor” because he nailed “boredom” perfectly. Never did a lead make me shriek as much as Wayne. Definitely deserves the name Pro Sir. This begs the question: why does TVB think professionals have no interests outside their work? If Pro Sir had a side-hobby of blogging about TVB series, I would be able to empathize so much more. And if Mandy loved collecting varied cups of instant noodles from across the world, I would like her much more. Why TVB chose to give the two leads zero personality is beyond me. 

I’m also forced wondering why the entire police force is not converted into an armed mobile forensics team given forensic analysis is transferable into many fields anyway: forensic accounting, forensic psychology, computer forensics etc. So by TVB-logic, why are we wasting time with mere chefs and actors? Every occupation should have a forensics counterpart. Coffee too bitter? – “It’s the reaction of chemical compound jingolbellzmerri-chrismas mixed with seronin hallelujah produced in your saliva glands,” said the forensic. Air conditioner not cold enough? – “It must be the angle of elevation between your window, your thighs and the height of this room,” cried the forensic. Somehow someone somewhere figured this is entertaining, I found it nauseating. Nauseating because there is no ambiguity. And where there is no ambiguity, there can be no suspense.  

Then there’s the cases. I’m nearly positive they wrote these backwards. I mean that’s okay if it’s a complex intricate weaving of secrets and mysteries. But when it’s just one lead to one lead, it’s  pretty low-level story telling. It also doesn’t help by constantly concentrating on high-level textbook forensic knowledge and dismissing the psychological side of murder investigations. Cases unfold with little dedication to developing character depth or contextual intrigue. Whilst many “deductions” are simply careful observations, not really earning any awe. Then there’s always some rare fish or unique item in the whole of Hong Kong that narrows down potential culprits or answers to say one. Even worse, criminals still confess to crimes regardless of what the circumstantial evidence is.  

At episode 10 when Mandy started talking to the dead body, I nearly thought the series just got better. Time for some eerie twilight investigations. But that was too hopeful. Instead the rest of the series is a repetitious series of the one and the same plot device. This is why I say the quality is like many 100 kilobyte gif files. The images are there and they are readily observable. But behind that flash of color, when you look at its source, you’ll find that it’s comprised of simple blocks of data with little sophistication or vibrancy. TVB could have redeemed itself if it shot the series with a bit more artistry. But no. It prefers to shoot it like every other drama, in that matter-of-fact mundane way. 

Notable Mentions 

I have a special mention for Miss Kate Tsui, who turns in the most unbelievable senior inspector I have seen to-date. If you told me she was an undercover in a modeling agency, I’d buy it, but senior inspector? What part of her looks senior? And then what part of her looks inspector? Then there’s her attitude. Kate is still showing her baby-face expressions which frankly wasn’t suitable for a tough-as-nails lawyer in her last series, and is still not suitable as SIP. Even Joyce Tang in Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐> looked more like an inspector than Kate. You may ask why am I so hooked on looks and gestures. Easily explained. Because THIS senior inspector was here only for looks, all the work was done by the real heroes. Cops equal donuts. 

Overall Appraisal 

The story was boring, the characters were boring, the execution was boring, and I’m sure the music was also boring, but since I cannot remember the music, I’m forced to base this conclusion on my own forensic analysis of the angles and lighting combined with the distances between where characters stand, and the height of meeting rooms versus the spread of tables. Once I printed a black colored page and poured the chemical named erotic-eroxide, the answer was clear. But before I could dob the culprit in, said culprit already confessed to the crime in true TVB fashion. So this might be a little harsh. In a way if you think of it as either reinforcing your already existing dislike or throwing you into complete disagreement because you loved this series, either way your views will further polarize after reading this. Either way, I’m helping you. This is a real psychological effect. More real than any hypnosis Raymond Lam could pull off as a devil. Do thank me (please). 


Wrap in foil, place in microwave, heat for 6 minutes and stay away! It’s got less redeeming qualities than its predecessor which at least had Charmaine Sheh’s perfectly poised straightened long hair to marvel at. 


Obligatory disclaimer: This article is not meant to be a critique of the actors and actresses   appearing in whatever series it is concerned, and where you disagree, feel threatened, or feel otherwise offended by the contents above, you have no one else to blame but yourself for reading it all and possibly Jayne for providing you access to this lunacy, but in either case the author of this article did not intend to infuriate any particular reader (much), nor does the author think it’s fun to say bad things about other people’s efforts (much).

This review was written by SDS, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. SDS,
    I choked on my coffee a few times while reading this scathing review! Loved your jokes in which everything was explained from the forensic experts’ perspective.

    TVB does tend to overdose the audience with professional jargon where it may come across as pretentious and pose as a technical instruction guide.

      1. And their forensics wearing business formal every time they go out to the field.

      2. Ah yes, sunglasses is a must for vampire wannabes .. ahem…
        Loved your review, please don’t stop writing for goodness sakes!

  2. Had a blast reading this. This review is probably the best thing I could come close with FH3!

    1. Two stars is too giving. This series does not deserve any stars.

      1. Well… I had to do something to appease the fans. and giving no stars may seem like a website technical error. I don’t want to make Jayne look bad……….

      2. We need a new (Negative) rating system….
        Garbage cans.

        5 out of 5 garbage cans.

    2. This series really wasn’t that bad. I watched the whole drama. I really liked the funny character Go Sir in the sereis and it was really funny when all the guys would pertend to be like him. I also liked the chemistry between Ron and Kate as always. Their relationship was quite good in this series. Like how Ron always gives Kate a surprising kiss out of no where. I still laugh at the scene where Ron and Kate was at the automobile store to look for a car and Ron was talking about how many babies he wants to have and then Kate surprises Ron by telling the sales she wants a tour bus (to fit all her kids). Another Ron and Kate scene I liked was the one with the english menu. I liked it not because of Ron and Kate, but because of how stupid and funny the names of the food on the english menu is to someone who knows english and lives in North America.

      I agree that the series was not the best but not that bad.

      1. Disagree completely. It was bad. The whole series is garbage!

  3. omg i totally agree! it sucks sooo bad.
    i can’t believe the ratings for this series was so high in hong kong!

  4. FH3 is so bad tvb needs to bring back Bobby au for FH4

    1. I totally agree!! That was my point at the start. FH3 is nothing without Bobby..

      However this series wasnt as bad..i enjoyed watching this series more than Lives of it was always laughing going undercover..

    2. Bobby can’t even save FH1 … I’d say rewrite the whole thing.

  5. “I have a special mention for Miss Kate Tsui, who turns in the most unbelievable senior inspector I have seen to-date. If you told me she was an undercover in a modeling agency, I’d buy it, but senior inspector? What part of her looks senior? And then what part of her looks inspector? Then there’s her attitude. Kate is still showing her baby-face expressions which frankly wasn’t suitable for a tough-as-nails lawyer in her last series, and is still not suitable as SIP. Even Joyce Tang in Armed Reaction looked more like an inspector than Kate. You may ask why am I so hooked on looks and gestures. Easily explained. Because THIS senior inspector was here only for looks, all the work was done by the real heroes. Cops equal donuts.”

    You couldn’t have been more right about this part! Haha

  6. “I have a special mention for Miss Kate Tsui, who turns in the most unbelievable senior inspector I have seen to-date. If you told me she was an undercover in a modeling agency, I’d buy it, but senior inspector? What part of her looks senior? And then what part of her looks inspector? Then there’s her attitude. Kate is still showing her baby-face expressions which frankly wasn’t suitable for a tough-as-nails lawyer in her last series, and is still not suitable as SIP. Even Joyce Tang in Armed Reaction looked more like an inspector than Kate. You may ask why am I so hooked on looks and gestures. Easily explained. Because THIS senior inspector was here only for looks, all the work was done by the real heroes. Cops equal donuts.”

    “You couldn’t have been more right about this part! Haha!” ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!

  7. yup this was absolutely how FHIII was to me…
    I think the only “good” part was Nancy and her anti-hero character. Everyone was just to righteous and must find the truth to help these innocent people. Every time they mentioned getting some psychologist I swear Ruco was going to show up but no they just leave that point hanging there to haunt me. Oh and the whole point of Aimee being there is to speak English and “sacrificed” in the end.

    1. I didn’t event hink Aimee spoke that great english. I’m sure her english is good since she came from North America, but she sounded like she was reading off a book or something like that during the series.

    2. Yeah I didn’t understand why she had to be the one to speak all the English parts. I’m sure they would all know how to speak English as it would be a requirement to be in the Forensics team.

      And I didn’t like the way Aimee died, SUCH BAD ACTING. Thank god they got rid of her as I’m pretty sure they’ll be making another sequel. Now they just have to kill off Kate or just not continue her character in the next series and explain her disappearance somehow like they did with Fiona Sit on the Academy by killing her off in a flashback 😀

      1. I didn’t really finish watching FHIII because of her (aimee) was in the series..yeah I hate her in a bias way (which I cannot tell why too)..

        Apart from that, I also hate her when she pretends to be “naive” when questioned by Dodo in the tvb anniversary award.. hating her made me hate Moses too now.

  8. Was just watching episode 27. Find it so funny how when the forensic scientist walks in and goes “I have evidence that he has committed a crime… the toy masks are made using too much dangerous chemicals” Then the accused says “I didn’t know, I just bought them from the production factory in Dong Guan.” So the forensic scientist replies “No, we have checked, you own 80% of the shares in that factory.” Note that this was before the cops even knew anything HAHAH so that means the forensic scientists went and checked who made the toys and also went and checked how many shares this guy has in the company.. pretty sure that’s the cops job not theirs.

    1. When you’re a forensic in HK apparently you have a licence to meddle in everyone elses business. Its like the FBI.

      1. I also remember the scene during the university killing case, where when they found out that his friend was the killer, it was Pro Sir who busted the guys door open and rushed in with the cops FOLLOWING BEHIND.

      2. Eh, even FBI can’t meddle in everything unless it is a what is it called? State investigation? Some jurisdiction thing? Can’t blame the cops in HK since the forensic has all the equipment and all the cops have is ermmm…. well…nice office and ipads?

    2. I think, in this series, the cops basically didn’t even solve any of the crimes. All they did in the series was be the first ones there at the crime scene and go and ask people related to or around the crime scene for some info.They didn’t even have to think much. It was the forensics people who did all the thinking and gathering all the important information. The forensics always told the cops what to do and all that. The cops were just useless in this series. But I guess they purposely made it like that to go with the series’ name Forensic Heroes.

  9. DID NOT LIKE THIS DRAMA.I had low expectations for it at first already, but many ppl were saying that it seems to be as good as the first two. I knew I had to watch it, since I’m a huge fan of FH. Okay, so when I got to around ep 5 or so, I thought it was alright. Then, it got more boring as the series progressed with repetitive cases (that weren’t even interesting or scary). And,I hate how they entrely changed the cast. Didn’t even feel like FH. The music they used for intense scenes changed, the police office changed, the FH office changed. Everything changed! And it wasn’t like the changes were good at all. Worst part of all is that this series seriously LACKS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Even after I finished the series, I felt like I don’t know the characters well. For ex, I still have no clue what the police members in Madam Ling’s group are called. Whereas in FH1 & 2, even the minor characters were developed and had their own personalities defined. I want Bobby, Yoyo, etc. back!!! Honestly, the only part I was impressed with was the clown scene at the end. It was the only “FH feeling” I got from the entire 30 episodes!

  10. I also found this series highly boring. It seems like most of the focus was placed on introducing a very clean, hip series with tons of advanced technologies. I think this carried over to all the characters, who were all quite straightforward, “professional” (like you rightly say), and no-nonsense. This series made me miss the more personal stories and character development in FS1. I also must say that many of the cases seemed wayy too familiar, especially the last one about the traumatizing mother and then dressing victims up to her clothes. This has been done before in the history of TVB crime dramas! Furthermore, many of their cases seem especially troublesome, like the first one with the wedding. Instead of making the case more believable and interesting, TVB decides to rehash degrading stereotypes about predatory gay men to elicit a response from its viewers! Messed up!!

  11. Man I haven’t been watching TVB series lately, I’m so out of the loop. But I watched some of the episodes of this drama.

    and i think this drama doesn’t deserve wayne lai.

  12. Seriously… TVB drama doesnt make any sense nowadasy. Kate cannot act, dont know why TVB promotes her. Probably because she’s the only actress that would play sexual or kissing scences.

  13. Nicely written. I didn’t think the series was too bad in my opinion but i agree with some of your statements! Miss Kate Tsui was only your notable mention? I can think of some others but i guess Kate is one of them!! Well done to this series and the review 🙂

  14. The only thing that made me want to watch this was Edwin … He was so cute in this.

  15. Totally agree with your review! The original cast was sooooooo much better, and the characters are so much more “human” and realistic.

    Each time I see Kate on screen, I just keep saying to myself that she is the most pathetic senior inspector EVER!!!!!!!!! The cops are all so stupid! I mean they weren’t that bright in FH1 and 2, but at least YoYo has some presence to lead a team(well before she had her injury anyways), and Charmaine looked sophisticated and smart!

    Sam (Frankie) was much more charming than Mandy (Maggie), and he had a life!

    I can’t believe that Maggie thinks that she has a chance for the awards – her character was so plain, and the romance was so force and “all of a sudden” that there was barely any sparks with her and Wayne, plus there are times where she looks older than Wayne, and her character is supposed to be younger than Eva – I mean are you kidding me?

    1. her character is supposed to be younger than Eva????? Unbelievable!

  16. I don’t find Maggie’s character boring in the series. In fact, I think Mandy is one of the more interesting character in the series.

    She has an inquisitive mind. When something catch her interesting, she will study it in great details. She also have a wide range of interested including the paranormal. She’s not all about her forensic work. Lastly, she has a quirky habit of checking out human bodies, especially male bodies. :p

    1. I agree! I love Maggie’s character, Dr. Chung, the most in this series!

      1. yes I agree,,,,but she has no spark with Wayne,,,, they don’t match

    2. Maggie and Wayne are BORING. There’s nothing exciting about these two in this series.

    3. I liked Maggie and thought she was very intelligent. I did not find her particularly interesting though perhaps not completely boring.

      1. Maggie’s lines… ABSOLUTELY BORING. Can you concentrate what they really saying instead of really long scientific explanations, mombo-jumbo??????

    4. I agree with Kidd. Out of the 4 main leads, I think Maggie’s was the most interesting and well developed. From her profession to interest in psychology and her family history, as a viewer I definitely got a sense that this was a “real” character. I also don’t think her character was supposed to be younger than Nancy’s Eva. Mandy is supposed to be 35 in the show (the case with her parents happened 30 years ago when she was 5 years old). In Eva’s video to Pro Sir she mentioned that they had been together for 15 years and they met when she was in university and he was there to give a career talk. Assuming she was a freshman at the time, she would have been 18 at the time and 33 at present. So I think they were meant to be basically the same age with Wayne anywhere from 5 – 7 years older.

      The main problem I had with this series is that is tried to be too cool or “chok” instead of focusing on the cases and character development. For this I blame Mui Siu Ching’s overall vision, and the script writers.

      Maggie did well in the role, but there was something missing in her performance compared to her previous roles. Ever since her illness, she hasn’t been as stellar. I feel like Ron did the best he could with his character. His acting was still pretty wooden at times, and he had basically played the same role in every modern series he has been in, but I do still see the potential in him…if only he weren’t so typecast. Kate is horrible…so unbelieveable as a SIP. She was more concerned with having perfectly curled hair, glossed lips and making “cute” faces than actually portraying any sense of a women who could actually hold such a senior position. Don’t know if this is the fault of the scriptwriters or Kate’s acting. I suspect a combination of both. As much as I love Wayne, even he was too concerned with looking cool at times that this is the only time where I wouldn’t give his performance 100%. For me, the only redeeming factor was Nancy’s character and her phenomenal portrayl of Eva. I loved all of her scenes, especially the ones with her daughter (a great child actress) and for me, the only time Wayne’s character really came to life was in these family scenes with Nancy, Mun Mun or Yuen Wah.

  17. SDS, kudos to you for a wordy breakdown of your in-depth analysis. I thought you may have been brainwashed into drafting a lengthy critique of FH3 after watching FH3. If so, I understand as I tend to get lost on non-germaine scenes which pops up which lends nothing to the outcome of the series. You are dead-on on SIP “Kate” who pops into the scene with no professional purpose especially when other more professional and in-touch actors/actresses are doing their jobs. What is unbelievable are FH personnel carrying those silver briefcases in every scene. I was always to taught that the senior FH person on the scene will survey the situation first, assess who, where, what is needed and then issues directives to specific personnel to carry out their duties as well as to bring the necessary equipment from the vehicle(s) into the crime scene. Also, protective booties should be worn so not to contaminate the crime scene as well. However, actors & actresses necessity on fashion footwear overrules common crime solving sense…

  18. yea seriously, this series was so hyped up. and then it ended up being awful. the police were completely useless. forensics team did everything. it was a nice way to kill time after school though haha

  19. You hit the nail on the head – a perfect insight of FH3. I would have given it 1 star – and it goes to Wayne Lai because somehow he managed to look good despite playing the most boring lead character that ever surfaced TVB.

    Please translate your review to Chinese and send it off to TVB. We can all sign it in agreement.

    1. Hmmm good idea but I still value my personal safety. Maybe after christmas…

      1. TVB won’t be bothered. They suffer from IAIFAC (which does sound offensive eh?) You’re safe.


        But experts have said TVB’s actual illness is IDCIB which is I DON’T CARE ONE BIT

      2. Well you have a point, but… just in case, wouldn’t want say Ms Lok hunting me down, its obvious she has the clout for it.

      1. No… I like his “see mun” look…!
        It’s his dull character and poor script that makes him seem awkward.

      2. Wayne Lai is a miscast in this series. Best Actor nominee, what a joke!

  20. FINALLY!!!!! HONESTY!!!
    Seriously i LOVED FH1+2 this one they overdid the technology for me (like does EVERYONE seriously used that ipad rip off? i doubt the government has the budget for it) the flashy clothes the police wear and the hair that never seems to get ruined (Kate) and my gosh Kate over used her pouty mouth when talking and fake baby voice – its at its worse in this series
    And also i found myself solving the case BEFORE they solved it in the series LOL i guess its the way the introduced the new characters like the ep that involved Ron’s family – “Grandpa’s” PA learned herbal med etc they end up finding herbs or whatever i LOL’ED so hard when i figured it out before them and them using all their high tech stuff whats the point?
    They should have went back to cops wearing simple hair cut, simple clothing.
    When viewing evidence/dead body – Using a projecter so everyone is watching the same thing – and the audiences are seeing what they see etc etc
    Sometimes simple is best. And using “all star cast” aka TVB’s heavily promoted stars doesnt mean HQ show.
    They over cooked it and burnt the series IMO.
    For FH4 BRING BACK BOBBY, YOYO, Frankie Linda (hey if they can reuse Fala in “Laughing Gor” and Micheal in The Academy/EU why not bring back Linda?) Yvonne (sorry dunno her real name), Raymond, Fred, Oscar etc

    #RANT OVER lol =P

    1. Yes Florence Kwok was a forensic technition in part 1 and 2. All of a sudden she was Ron’s Aunty. i was like what the?? why change the roles around??

      yes and Jason Chan..they totally changed the cast!!

      1. florence kwok ftw! i liked edwin and had nothing against aimee, but they don’t give off the forensics vibe like florence and the others did

  21. FH3 was horrible NOT because Bobby was not in it – FH3 was horrible because the script, story and characters were horrible. It would have been just as bad even if the original casts played these same FH3 characters and with this same storyline. (Imagine Linda Chung playing Senior Inspector… same disaster sans the perfectly coiffed hair). FH3, regardless who’s in it or whatever title TVB should have used, the story, the cases and characters all sucks.

  22. I loved FH1, and still liked FH2 even though they added Chamaine and Kevin because at least these characters were interesting, but you are so right about FH3! I seriously do not get why this is the highest rating series.

    They made it so the cops are dumb and the Forensic specialists do everything, including the cop’s work! The cases were not good at all.
    – For Natalie’s case, why did she even stay in that relationship for 10 years if she hated the guy? No explanation!
    – There was also the case about the student getting killed and them not knowing where the real crime scene was. It was actually in the university when he got pushed into these lighting fixtures and they got crushed. This evidence was installed on the ceiling and that’s why it couldn’t be found, but wouldn’t the installers notice that they were broken? Then, when they took it down, it looked brand new again.
    -When Wayne and Maggie went missing in the end, why didn’t the police just check the signal from the location since the phone was still on?
    -Why didn’t Kate just kick the guy in the head when he was holding her wrists? Her legs are free?

    For a series that’s supposed to be so smart, it actually turned out pretty dumb with a lot of plot holes.

    1. omg totally agree with you on the kate scene in the end. i was just shouting, KICK HIS DAMN HEAD OMG. LOL. and it was a total rip off from fh2, with the cars exploding in the middle of nowhere after chasing a criminal and all.

  23. This review is horrible! I can’t believe you are allowed to write mean stuff on here. The cast have worked hard on this series, and here you are critising their acting, THAT YOU PROBABLY CAN’T EVEN DO. Kate lost her voice and hurt herself while filming it,and you are not appreciating everyone’s efforts.

    1. I am sure the cast worked hard, I am sure they should be applauded for their effort but this review does not look at effort, it looks at end results and if end result suck, all the effort is pointless. Marks is not awarded for how hard you worked, but the results of your hard work. However mean this reviewer may be, she made her point which many agrees. Viewers don’t care if Kate fell on her face or each star sleeps 1 hour just to complete this work; box office receipts does not even depend on that. The same way TVB doesn’t care how many viewers slam that cursed series and the acting; they award whoever they want to award. So the viewers are free to comment in any way they want.

      Truth be told, I somehow knew FH3 will suck the moment I saw the 1st episode; because it follows what FH1 and FH2 were and they sucked big time. You change the cast, change the package, change the location and yet never change the contents, it still suck. Not even Wayne Lai or Maggie Cheung or anyone can save what is already a sucky thing.

      Of course we can’t do their acting, or maybe we can. We are not in the entertainment industry. It’s like asking Kate to be a lawyer as compared to some of us who are lawyers. Wait… she acted as one didn’t she and you can tell by her “convincing” performance how the legal profession “welcomes” her into their very close knit group.

      Look; there are nice reviewers, there are mean reviewers. And there are those who writes and writes but contains zero critique. As long as it is a constructive criticism, it is a job well done.

      So SDS, who probably doesn’t care for any critiques of her (or is it his??) review,


      1. I (his) do care for critique, but only if its something I did not expect when I wrote it. I sympathise with the fact people have to be more appreciative of the process, journey, effort and all that good stuff as opposed to solely focusing on the merits of the product, destination, outcome. I truly believe in that both ends-means are just as important. But it all depends on the context. In this context, like you said in regards to the way TVB operates, there’s no reason why we need to be too accomodating or appreciative of its efforts- so everyone else involved should shoulder some of the blame- that’s employer-employee loyalty 🙂

      2. I haven’t watch FH3 but I will, inspite of the insipid reviews.

        It’s from TVB so my expectations are already there, as in low, to start with.

        But still I will speak up for TVB this time.

        Despite all the brickbats that we like to throw at TVB, impossible scenes, silly plots, etc, thinking about TVB series always and still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in the tummy.

        It’s like 7-up or Sprite, not exactly good for you, not as addictive as Coke, but still a drink that you would pick up and drink regularly. Maybe like Iced Lemon Tea or Iced Green Tea. Just sweet tasting and refreshing and forgettable, nothing great.

        You come to expect the fast paced development. You come to expect the cynicism of Hong Kongers lives depicted. You come to expect the cops series it loves to portray.

        I dread to think of life without TVB. Although I have my Korean boys and gals, and Hollywood stars, they can’t occupy the niche that is peculiarly, crazily wrong, but still uniquely TVB. TVB to me is like home. Embarrassing but still such a familar scent.

        That I think is why all of us are still visiting this site, reading and writing and debating about silly TVB and Hong Kong stars.

      3. @canto

        I half agree with you. I do still expect tvb to do diff things with its series and sometimes it does but most the time it doesn’t. Also partly because I grew up with them its kinda half part of me. Thats not to say I can’t expect better. Well at least something more well executed.

      4. SDS,
        “Also partly because I grew up with them its kinda half part of me. Thats not to say I can’t expect better. Well at least something more well executed.”

        I think many readers can identify with your statement, especially overseas fans who are eager to watch some entertainment with more cultural elements that we can relate to. TVB series have their quirkiness. Sometimes I watch with the remote ready to fast forward, but watching some random episodes is entertaining enough. I think I have trouble when I have to sit through every scene in all the episodes.

        Which series in your recent memory passes your quality expectations and was “well executed”?

    2. I see where you’re getting at but like I have said in my so called review, its all for a bit of fun. It’s not a personal attack on the actors, but just a critique on the product and producer (aka TVB).

      Think of it this way, actors etc are paid. Just like me at work. And when I churn out stuff belonging in the *it sucks* category, no one is going to appreciate how how much effort I put in and put it in the *its good* category. At most they are going to put it in the *keep trying* category in my face and think *can’t believe I have to console this twit*

      Yes I could have moderated the tone a bit but… its Christmas. Yes, that’s the best reason I could come up with. In any event you can’t blame me, its the angle of recline in my chair and the brightness of my LCD coupled with the resolution of the screen and the blackness of this keyboard that made me do it. Its all very scientific…

  24. And what’s with Aimee-who-speaks-English?? Her English lines are a complete turn-off for me.

    1. She didn’t deserve to die either. for goodness sake she is just a lab technician!!!..not a police officer..i thought it was pretty lame for her to die..

      1. What… she died?!!! THANKS FOR SPOILING IT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THere’s a policy on this kind of stuff here you know! EvEN I fOLLOwed it. NOW how AM I SUppOse to WatCh tHe Rest of this BEAST? HoW heh? You OWE me BiG tIME! 🙂

      2. Ok Spoiler alert, though don’t think it’s necessary now since the cat is out of the bag.. 😛

        If Aimee’s chac didn’t go snooping off with her bf Edwin, then they won’t have gotten into trouble and she won’t have gotten shot. Basically, if she just played nice little forensic lab tech and not some police wannabee, she would have lived.

      3. Well, to those who does not like her, at least she won’t be in the sequel unless TVB pulls a long lost twin sister plot.

      4. @ Funn Lim

        I wouldn’t put it past TVB. They have used far more cliche and ridiculous plot twists to bring people back from the dead before. Exhibit A: Laughing.

      5. TVB nowadays like to do this. Killing characters unnecessarily to make the ending ‘memorable’ and ‘touching’.

        I bet there’ll be more such endings to come. Unnecessary character death, heavy kissing scene and female in bra will be the norm for future TVB series.

      6. Kidd,
        Topless men showering or taking off their shirts for no reason also seem to be the norm too. And more men in their boxers/ underwear as well.

        Perhaps women kissing women may be another new trend, depending on the reaction to “War and Beauty 2.”

      7. But Laughing is unique; they ignored he was dead. Anyway anyone felt sad her character died? If yes a reason to revive her.

      8. @ Kidd and Jayne

        I bet there’ll be more such endings to come. Unnecessary character death, heavy kissing scene and female in bra will be the norm for future TVB series.

        Topless men showering or taking off their shirts for no reason also seem to be the norm too. And more men in their boxers/ underwear as well.

        I think this is not just for TVB. It seems like no matter what country, what channel, what series, sex appeal is fast becoming the selling point of each series. It’s really sad. I miss the days when an intense look between two lovers could convey the passion they have for each other instead of the usual love scenes you get nowadays.

      9. @ CY

        Agree with you. I also prefer subtle display of passion over this all out kissing scenes. Makes me remember the news of the producer of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ excluded Fala from CBML2 because she refused to kiss mouth to mouth in CBML. Why is there a need for mouth to mouth kiss in a family-friendly ancient drama? People in ancient time so open meh?

      10. Hey, what do u guys have against half-naked men? 😛
        As long as they’re good-looking, I am very grateful for those gratuitous scenes. Plus without them, KC might be out of work.


        I think the CBML kiss would’ve been a quick peck on the lips, not some long, wet kiss. I think fala was being too conservative. Besides, it was Kenneth, not some pervy KLF.
        Anyhow, thank goodness there are no plans to make CBML2.

      11. I don’t mind kissing mouth to mouth. Even kissing mouth to mouth can be subtle in a very erotic way. I am just troubled by how many bad kissers there are in TVB, or maybe wrong sort of kissing style. Nothing passionate, nothing erotic, just clumsy, like 2 people sucking oxygen out of the other.

      12. Kidd, people in ancient time that open, but privately open. Didn’t you know? Was it Chinese who invented kissing? But of course kamasutra and those impossible positions from India. What’s wrong with a good kissing scene? Family drama also can kiss; just how you kiss matters. Puffing fish kiss is a no-no. Suck out face is a no-no. Pursed lips with hands is a no-no.

      13. @ Kidd

        Not sure if it was that open in ancient times but I agree that for a family-orientated series, there is no need for sex appeal. Can’t they just keep it clean and fun? I mean a quick peck or a chaste kiss here and there, is still acceptable for these types of series. But if it’s a full on mouth to mouth kind of kissing, not so appropriate I think.

      14. @ Jayne

        Perhaps women kissing women may be another new trend, depending on the reaction to “War and Beauty 2.

        Errr, I’m actually looking forward to watching this series because of that. Haha, I’m really curious what kind of angle they are going to use to show why those two were kissing each other and what kind of relationship Ada’s and Sheren’s chacs will have. All I can hope is that it’s not like you guys call it, shock value. Hopefully there is a good and (fingers crossed) touching story behind it.

      1. The FH3 script writers dont have the brains to construct the most exciting ending of the series.

    2. Yeah, I though Aimee sounded like she was reading off a book or something.

    3. I actually liked her English lines. Later found out from my mother that Aimee graduated from UC Berkeley. No wonder I thought that she spoke English with no accent whatsoever.

      1. Aimee’s English is indeed a non-accented Canadian English. I’m pretty sure that she was born and raised in Woodbridge (a Toronto suburb). She attended Ontario College of Arts and Design and graduated as a graphic designer before modelling / pageants. The problem with Aimee is, in almost every role she’s played, they make her character either a ABC/CBC or a HKer who was educated overseas in order to explain her heavy accent when speaking Cantonese. And they are promoting her like crazy over more deserving people like Nancy (who should be first line, same level as Myolie, Tavis, Fala etc). Aimee does have potential. Her role in Off Pedder was very natural and quite good for a newcomer, but I think her acting has regressed since then which make this current over promotion so undeserved imho

  25. It was so boring and draggy. What’s the most disappointing factor?

    1) I don’t feel the intensity sparking from Wayne’s and Maggie’s relationship.

    2) When examining evidence, everything seems to be in place and well organized.

    3) I think everyone could predict one of them would die in one of the last few episodes.

    4) Overall, it’s just so bleh…

    5) And their acting… it’s like they’re not putting any effort into it. Maybe their characters as you put it, blend. Boring.

    6) The Ending: of course, they had to ditch their personal affairs (Wayne and Maggie) for the most important job, posing.

    7) Do the forensic’s team really get to work in formal wear instead of the required attire?

    About Kate’s character… maybe TVB is trying to show us a different side to a senior inspector. At one end, she’s all professional, work hard and all she talks about is work and at the other end, if you get to know her personally… you’d be in for a surprise?

    Oh! And I agree…the series is one straight line, no excitement, nothing. When Nancy died. I was like, “oh.she died.” Although I didn’t know that her character was to die, I just didn’t feel anything.

  26. I have to wonder what scale this review is based on. Admittedly, FH3 is not as good as the first (I didn’t think the second was that good) but to give it 2 stars is just laughable. If FH3 gets a 2 then I would have to give Super Snoops a -2.

    The series overly employed the use of technology and I found the wardrobe to be overdone.
    I did not like the fact that the forensics team was basically solving the cases on their own but I believe that occurred only because FH# deviated from the formula of its predecessors. TVB should not have placed both of the main leads in a non-police role. That just encouraged the writer and editors to focus more on the forensics team than the police.

    I believe this series is a victim of Hong Kong culture. It was plain stupid to end the series with everyone walking down with chok faces. Hopefully, TVB does not continue to overuse that ridiculous phenomenon.

    There’s not much I can praise but I do give it credit for making me want to watch the following episode. However, that’s mainly due to it being a police drama.

    Bottom line, it wasn’t great but it’s not as bad as the reviewer is making it sound. P.s. Super Snoops was horrible (just saying).

    1. The scale is a very unscientific one. I too have a problem with it but since its my conscience, and his a very humoress one (i think), what can you do right? LOLOMGROFL

      Anyway I can’t afford a better scale at the moment because I don’t work for TVB so I don’t know where to get some of that FH3 mojo. Do direct me to which store sells such mojo. I’ll pick some up for my Christmas deco.

      In seriousness though, I must add I think Super Scoops is not a great series, but it was simple, unpretentious and aimed for silliness. I don’t think you should measure that with the same lens as FH3- a hyped criminal investigations drama. Its like university exams- you change your assessment criteria based on the level of sophistication of those who are being examined and the standard expected. One standard for everything will make life harder and frankly, less enjoyable. That’s my view anyway.

      “Bottom line, it wasn’t great but it’s not as bad as the review is making it sound.”

      What sound? its all writing. 🙂

      1. Are you going to do a review on Super Snoops? I hope its a negative review? 😀

      2. “What sound? its all writing.”
        Haha…I’m sorry but according to the Webster dictionary, “sound” can be defined as “to convey a certain impression.” So yes, I believe I used the right word.

        So you’re saying a series should be reviewed by the way it’s hyped and advertised? By that standard, if TVB doesn’t hype a single show and instead advertises everything to be just a normal laid back show, then every series should get 5 stars.

        “One standard for everything will make life harder and frankly, less enjoyable.”
        I have to say this seems to be quite unfair. That’s like saying series A, which you had high expectations for being good is not the same as series B, which you had low expectations for being just as good. To me they should get the same score and series B shouldn’t receive a higher score just because there was less expectations for it.

      3. @Larry 3

        Doing a review of Super Scoops is too difficult yet too easy. Too difficult because you can’t really watch it as a series. More like an extended skit. Too easy because if you wanted to, you could tear it apart from episode 1.


        I’m saying that I feel there are too many differences in the aims and targets of Super Scoops and FH3, such that to compare them side by side using the same scale is pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being lenient, its just, you can say I don’t believe Super Scoops is even at the level of review- its not meant to be reviewed. End of story. FH3 is different. Not just the hype, but there is emphasis on how ‘sophisticated’ the series ought to come across, the build up of story and the drama it intended to inject.

        There is nothing unfair about different treatment of different subjects, or different standards for things of different classes. Of course you can argue they are in the same class but for me, they aren’t. Any case, its called equity. Its the more generous and forgiving cousin of equality and it seeks to compensate for the oft misused masculine concept of fairness/equality.

        In terms of expectations, I agree with you about what you say in theory, but in reality its hardly ever the case. Firstly, you assume that both series you mention can attain an objectively equivalent ‘rating’. Secondly, you assume expectations is the only factor in that scenario affecting the rating. Thirdly, you are presupposing a ‘review’ based entirely on objective merits, whereas I declared in the article it is not so there is already a difference in our goals. Fifthly, you seem to assume that two pieces of entertainment can be compared without influence from material previously seen or personal preferences and expectations- I genuinely disagree. Finally, the sentence you quoted from me does not relate to the example you provided and frankly I don’t see the connection.

        Now like I said, I do agree with your example in theory subject to one qualification. Series A and B should technically receive the same ‘rating’ because expectation is a form of prejudice. However, in the realm of reviews, especailly entertainment review, is injecting your own expectations into the final assessment of one’s own perception of the overall product something so wrong, so vile? I would prefer to save cries of justice for pursuits more deserving.

        My one qualification to the theory is that in the current form you present it, its rather objective and takes one set of criteria to be definitively applicable for every series, but I don’t quite think its quite so transferable. Sure you can review a series along headings like story, character, execution, music- but in every case, you will look for different things, and feel differently to each series/film and the combination of its parts and this will be influenced by what else you’ve seen etc. Moreover to say two series A, one you watched with high expectations and one with low/no expectations, and that both are equally good thus deserving of an equal score already answers the question to be answered. If both series to you is just as good, then only one score should result.

        I’m not trying to disparage your opinion, and I’m all for objectivity and fairness, but its just I was never intent on applying a rigorous standard of objectivity or fairness in my writing from the outset. Personally I don’t think its feasible for entertainment review, and I’m not auteur or professional so I don’t deem to know how to do it either. All I’m saying is, my aim is/was to amuse lets say- I’m not trying to form the next TVB Series Review Equality Council.

      1. Really? I like Super Snoops, the series give me a good laugh!!! So cute series.

      2. I agree with Ric. It was horrible. Couldn’t believe that TVB even allowed the series to air.

  27. This series doesn`t even deserve 2 stars, giving it half is good already. HOW THE HELL DID IT BECOME THE MOST-WATCHED out of all three. The first and second are miles away from this one. It doesn`t even make sense, first the forensic people knew everything. Every like last detail about this world.Ha! Even Sheldon Cooper doens`t know everything. The Killing plots were sloved in a like an episode, with no plot twists, and suprise ending (which the final ending was horrible), nothing of the sort. Okay, so I thought they would make it up in the romantic plots, which they did not. I only half enjoyed Edwin and Aimee`s plot, typical, but hey cliches are the way to go, sometimes. Making this complicated like Pro Sir and Maggie, just don`t work out. Nancy`s character was so useless, she dies in the end anyway. But her performance was quite good, she never disapoints. My Friend and I practically said the entire plot by the 3 episode. SO PREDICTABLE!!! ARRRGGG…totally not worth the 10 month wait for this series to come out!!! At least, with it`s unbelieveable plot in Super Snoops, there were musical elements (GLEE!) and in general it was funny, dinnerside entertainemnt.

  28. Just finished this series. Seem like they leave a possible open for the part 4.
    Kate Tsui was Not convincing of the cop madam role. She just does not look right, and not look educated enough. Maybe it her clothing, or just her face, but to me she does Not look like a “Madam”
    I like Fala Chen in Laughing Gor cop madam role more. Fala Chen look more elegant, educated and has the “Madam” look smore. Kate was like bleh, what ever kindda feeling.
    Overall I like this series. Good job TVB!

    1. Are you the only person here (other than me) that didn’t hate this sereis?

  29. I loved all of the previous FHs and as a huge fan of Bobby, I was willing to watch a series that was just remotely associated with him.

    It was sort of a disappointment though I didn’t nearly have the same reactions as SDS haha. The most likable characters in those show were the father and grandfather–they were hilarious and endearing. The other characters didn’t really inspire anything other than neutrality.

    I would give my honorable mention to Ko Sir ( Kate’s superior who was transferred). I took issue with everything that had to do with Kate’s character–mother, boyfriend, looks and attitude. I think the FH should be a relatively serious show with the element of human drama and a splash of comedy input by the characters-the show should have been case driven. Yoyo and Charmaine were both slick and intelligent–Kate seemed like she just became a madam through some clerical error in police academy.

    In addition, I couldn’t like Aimee’s character. She just seemed like a pompous arrogant jerk because of she kept belittling her unit in favor of CSI. I can’t believe they tried to peddle her to us as having lost her first kiss to her colleague…uhm, no.

  30. Kudos SDS! Your reviews never fail to crack me up. I love how you inject humour and sarcasm into your reviews of series that border on the brain dead. Keep up the good work!

  31. As a series where one can completely turn off their brain and still solve the case faster than the cops, it’s only good for wasting time.

    P.S. May contain spoilers.

    The bad:
    1) What’s with all the posing? Each time the police and forensic staff meet up at the scene of the crime, it seems like they are posing for a photo shoot rather than actually doing their work.

    2) Kate does not look like a police officer period. She looks like she belongs at a modelling agency. How can she run with her high heels and long flowing hair?

    3) This series showed me that the HK police force is basically useless. The forensic staff does everything. They should just give the Pro Sir and his team badges, guns and the authority to catch the bad guys and save up on Miss Ling’s team.

    4) The cases didn’t make sense, you didn’t feel anything for the bad guys/dead guys/heroes and the ‘evidence’ for most cases was circumstantial at best, where any decent lawyer worth his/her degree should be able to refute. E.g., A TREE? They had to use a tree as evidence for the 天眼少女 case? How can that serve as concrete evidence, heck as presentable evidence at all? Wouldn’t doing carbon dating and the like on the baby’s skeleton be a better choice? Don’t tell me with all their ‘fancy shmancy” equipment, they can’t do that? And why is Pro Sir the one telling the guy that he will be in jail for a long time? Is he so free? Also, why does every villain confess to their crimes so easily? It so goes against the core of their crimes. Have they no money to hire lawyers?

    5) Almost all of the characters are one dimensional card-boards (more about that later). They have no depth, no substance and at times no common sense e.g. kick the guy’s head!!! Switch on the gps on you phone!!

    6) Plot, script, casting, acting and filming style was just so, so.. dreadful. This ranks top in the series that I have watched this year that has no life, no spark. At least in previous detective dramas, they could make you pity the good guys and even the bad guys. But here, nothing matter.

    The Not So Bad
    1) The one and only thing that was bearable with this series was Nancy Wu. I must give her props. I feel that she did a great job. Her chac was the most well developed as well as realistic. And her acting outshone even the main (boring)
    leads. But alas, she played only a minor supporting role in this and she wasn’t in the series long enough to save it.

    P.S. No offense intended. These are just my opinions. You are welcome to disagree but do not flame.

    1. BTW, I did not watch any of the previous FH series, so this is not a comparison.

    2. On point no.4.

      I did feel for the computer geek in the university murder case. In this case, the murderer is also unexpected. The 天眼少女 is one of the best case in the series. Too bad it ended in such a lame way. Agree that the tree evidence is extremely weak. They do this tree evidence to that they can give the karma talk.

      1. Hmmm.. yea I guess the geek one was a bit sad, if only it was that his death was a big accident. But I didn’t like that they had to make him into this poor pitiful person who always gets bullied and has this sad family background (his dad had cancer i think) just so we would feel more for his death. Although, I must say, for him and his murderer, they had pretty decent acting, considering that I have never seen them act before.

        The 天眼少女 had, I think the best execution out of all the cases in the show, and honestly that’s not saying much. She (forgot her name) did a good job, although I didn’t like the whole messed up relationship he had forced on her. Yes, I seriously don’t believe that any judge in their right mind would accept that tree as evidence and any lawyer worth their knowledge would be able to refute that ‘evidence’. Also, how is it possible that she can follow her aunt overseas so quickly without having to testify in court?

      2. I actually feel bad for him not because he has pitiful background, but, because he’s such a nice and optimistic person but has to end up like this.

    3. My thoughts are that you’d be harsher than me 🙂 good stuff!!!

      1. You mean me? 😛 Thanks? Haha maybe I am being harsh but I just hate how TVB loves treating the audience like 3 year olds and also, forensic science, like any science isn’t exact and 100% accurate.

        On one hand, they make it seem so easy to find ‘real’ evidence and prove it e.g., DNA, blood stains; on another, they have to resort to such retarded evidence like a tree (sorry, this tree thing is a major pet peeve of mine from this series). It just doesn’t make sense. It makes solving crimes so clean and straight forward. If it were so easy to prove a person’s guilt, then there won’t be so many unsolved crimes in the world. And that’s just the science part that got to me. Haven’t even gone into the acting, directing and scriptwriting yet.

        P.S. Just realised that I should reread before posting, been making a lot of typos and grammatical errors.. 😛

      2. Yea, the manner which cases are solved is quite unbearable. I chose not to say anything about it, since its TVB’s trend with displaying things in a black and white manner since I don’t know when. Actually it was a lot more grey decades ago I recall. But yea, now let the forensics do the rest. They’re nearly as powerful as the guy upstairs it seems…

      3. Yea, the way the handle the cases is just how TVB loves to patronize its audience nowadays. Erm, not sure if it was decades ago, but I was rewatching DIF4 recently and there was more of a gray area in many of their cases. Sometimes it was hard to say if the culprit was truly to blame for their unlawful actions or merely the unfortunate victims of circumstance. I like that better because sometimes in life, there is no right or wrong, only gray.

    4. I agree with all of the above. The whole thing was awful, just awful. Only redeeming parts were Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu and Edwin Siu.

      Another pet peeve is Wayne Lai’s daughter calling Maggie Cheung “mum” at the end. She sure got over the death of her mother fast.

      1. Yeap, I also think she got over the death of her mom too fast. I prefer she continue calling Maggie ‘Mandy Je Je’.

  32. Speaking of photoshop, does anyone else find the FH3 poster to be a bit creepy? It looks like someone OD on the photo editing. All the chacs, especially Maggie look like CGI pin ups.

    1. Yes!! Maggie definitely looks CGIed. I think that’s the latest trend for TVB’s graphics. Either that or they are trying to make everything look more “scientific” / “avatar-ish”?

      1. Haha, maybe? But it just makes the poster look plain weird.

        I mean I understand if they do a little bit of photo editing here and there, it happens all the time, but this one is really too much.. Hmm, maybe, but for me, it kinda reminds me of Final Fantasy style CGI where the animated chacs look so life-like. But here, it just makes the real life people look like their CGI alter egos i.e., fake. Not a good look to go for I feel.

      2. Haha, oh yea, they did. Maggie just ‘caught’ my eye too much that I missed out on the others… 😛

  33. There is no chemical feelings, no excitement at all. It is hard to remember any case in the series. Such a poor and boring series named Forensic Heroes. I miss Tim Sir and Madam Leung so much.

  34. I don’t know if I plan on seeing this series since I didn’t like the first 2 parts much either… There seemed to be many praises for it too…

  35. Aw…why are peepo dissing Super Snoops? I thought it was really cute and the songs were really catchy. It was sort of a cheeky series.

    1. If you watch the first episode, a lot of people turn it off. It was bad and thus decrease the “positive” discussion/reviews, and ratings that went south.

    2. 15minutes into “Super Snoops” and I turned it off. Don’t know how people could watch this garbage.

  36. wow. harsh review. i actually disagree and thought it was pretty good. it definitely had its annoying points like the extreme posing, but overall i didn’t think it was boring or sucked at all. i guess i get that the explanations can make you feel like your but i’m probably used to it because tvb usually make their police drama scripts like that. i don’t know… i just don’t understand what sucks so much about it =/

  37. I didn’t get through all the comments. Felt it was a mediocre series that could fit in during early summer, certainly not grand anniversary series material.

    LOL..I had the fortune of watching this in between DVR recordings of Dexter, NCIS, and House. Where it seemed perfectly natural for the other series to blurt out complicated chemical names, strange diseases, and hard to pronounce artifacts, it sounded terrible in Cantonese. I found myself straining to translate everything they say into English so I could google it.

    I give them props as the first series in memory to try to be truly scientific. Also parallel watching with Dexter made LOL that the Forensics team wore full on business suits to crime scenes for blood splatter tests, while its just Dexter wearing a glove, button up short sleeves, and jeans.

    I was 3 episodes in before I realized that Pro Sir was not Kate Tsui’s superior and that they functioned as two entirely separate departments.

  38. Sorry ,Im a actually big fan n i love all the forensics Hk series ,no matter what the comment is i will buy if got part 4 ,cos i really don,t care the acting or who,s the actor is im completely support the show ,love the suit ,love the sunglass love wayne …however pls next time tvb stylist do not put kate tsui in thous outfit she look silly n stupid i hope tvb will put wayne n maggie a kissing scene at less they both shown us they love …i wish hong kong tvb forensics serial will create more luxurious story for us n do maintain your style ….

  39. I actually thought this series was very good. I don’t know why you’re dissing it so harshly. I liked it a lot and is now one of my favorite TVB dramas. The cast was pretty good, everyone could act well and Kate and Ron were cute.

    I agree that Wayne and Maggie were boring and at times they really were, maybe it’s because I actually liked Wayne with Nancy instead.

    I liked the cases except for the first case about the gay groom and best man. That one was actually really boring. 天眼少女 was interesting and unexpected and the last case about the serial killer was really interesting as well. I didn’t mind the posing at all. And I liked this series because it also had its funny moments with how Ron was “NG47” and Ko Sir.

    I enjoyed this series overall.

  40. I love the first 2 FH’s, but somehow can’t get it past the 1st episode … maybe it’s the cast, i don’t know … but had the kept the original casts from 1 & 2, i might be interested just to follow the story line, i felt i was left hanging

  41. Be honest. Do the stars even mean anything to you? xD They don’t seem very reflective of what you actually seem to think about the quality of the series as much as the actual review itself does.

  42. The last epsiode is really stupid. Why didn’t the police tracked the cellphone when he called to negotiate for his father. Why didn’t the woman inspector use her hand or her other free leg to attack the murderer during the scuffle where he was trapped in the burning car. The only reasons i can think of for all that scenes are that the writer is an idiot or he thinks the audience is stupid. It was a complete waste of my brain cells to watch the whole series. Sorry for my ranting, but it was painful to watch and a real insult to the audience.

  43. you have no right to insult the series. all of you who commented negative things too! It’s an awesome drama that I cant wait to watch everyday! The plot is nice, characters nice, THE DRAMA IS NICE! VERY NICE! SUPERB! We can learn so much from this drama! Why are you guys so ignorant?

    1. you have no right to praise the series. all of you who commented positive things too! It’s a stupid drama that I cant wait to NOT watch at all! The plot is dumb, characters dumb, THE DRAMA IS DUMB! VERY DUMB! SUPERBLY DUMB! We can learn so little from this drama! Why are you guys so easy to pleased?

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