Samantha Ko Alludes to Being Cheated on in Previous Relationship

Starring Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Mat Yeung (楊明), TVB’s upcoming drama, On-Lie Game <迷網> will air on July 13. The police drama will revolve around senior inspector Szeto Chung (Mat Yeung) leading the Technology Crimes Group in solving high-tech and Internet fraud cases.

Portraying Mat’s ex and a divorced woman in the drama, Samantha reflected on her role, “My character, Vincy, is someone who puts a lot of emphasis on love and relationships. Because her husband is away from her often for extended periods of time, she is very lonely. That is how she fell into the trap of an Internet romance. In the end, Mat’s character will save me.”

On whether she has experienced online fraud in the past, Samantha expressed that while she often shares more with Internet strangers than those around her, she had not fallen for scams before. “I am quite cowardly! In the past, it was popular to chat via ICQ. I rarely ever met up with anyone in person. Sometimes, though, there are things that I wouldn’t talk about with friends. However, I would talk to people online, because you feel that they would not betray you.”

With recent rumors abounding that her ex-boyfriend, musician Tang Chi Wai (鄧志偉), had cheated on Samantha, reporters probed further about whether she has ever been lied to in love. Samantha said, “I have experienced such a thing in the past. There was a third party, and he ended up officially getting together with this third party. I only found out about their cheating after half a year. I’m sure a lot of people have been through this before.” On whether this has cast a shadow on her outlook of love, Samantha said, “I wouldn’t say I’m scared, because every person you meet is different. I hold on to hope. It is an experience to learn from.”

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Samantha Ko’s Split From Tang Chi-wai Was Because He Cheated On Her

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