Maggie Cheung Ho Yee Will Only Consider a Partner If It’s Better Than Being Single

51-year-old Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (張可頤) has been single for nine years. Although the TV Queen—who won Best Actress for her performance as Lui Sei Leung in 2003’s The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow <九五至尊>—was never very public about her relationships, past experiences have led Maggie to see relationships in a different light. She doesn’t want to date for the sake of dating. She will only consider a life partner if it makes her better than being single.

Maggie debuted in 1989 as a film actress, and briefly pursued a music career as a member of PP Gals (花生女郎), with the stage name “Tina”. However, it wasn’t until 1994, after participating in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, when her career really took flight.

Maggie went public with only two relationships since her debut. The first was Hong Kong-Singaporean musician and manager Samm Chan (陳容森). They broke in 1998 following rumors that a third party had entered the relationship. The second was financier Eric Tsang On Bong (曾安邦), who Maggie met while hosting Living Up <更上一層樓> in 2008. Going from friends to lovers, gossip mills had reported that they were considering marriage. They separated in 2011.

Eric was Maggie’s last relationship. Surrounded by friends who are married with kids, Maggie had hoped to do the same at one point in her life. However, past experiences have led the actress to believe that fate can’t be forced.

“At this point in my life, all I need is a soulmate,” she said. “The journey to that isn’t easy, so now I’ve learned to live and be grateful with what I already have. I enjoy being single. I enjoy this stress-free life.”

Past experiences with depression also opened a new road for Maggie.

After filming the Chinese TV drama Chang Hen Ge <長恨歌> in 2005, Maggie’s beloved dog passed away. Unable to remove herself from the mindset of her character, Maggie succumbed into depression.

Maggie said in a Weibo post, “The most important thing to know, is that when you have a partner, and having a partner feels better than being single, then you know that you are meant to be together.” She developed hyperthyroidism as a result. Maggie went on a hiatus for two years to recuperate in Australia, where she sought the help of a Qigong master. She recovered in 2009.

“Learn to let go. Keep an open mind, and stay happy,” she said.

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow is currently re-running on TVB at midnight.

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