HKTV Artists Want to Return to TVB?

With HKTV failing to obtain its free broadcast license, the future of HKTV artists are bleak. To save their careers, many HKTV artists and production crew members allegedly hope to return to TVB and contacted TVB executives Virginia Lok (樂易玲), Sandy Yu (余詠珊), Tommy Leung (梁家樹), and Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍). The source stated that the possibility of seeing former HKTV artists appearing in future TVB dramas is very high.

TVB producer Lee Tim Sing (李添勝) admitted that TVB is in dire need of more experienced crew members for production work. The producer had lost over half of its crew to HKTV when he was making Bullet Brain <神探高倫布> last year, and the lack of capable crewmen took a toll on the quality of the production.

Tim Gor said, “I’ve been calling some of our former colleagues in the past two days and sent my blessings. I really want some of my former war buddies to come back and help! It’s always best to have experienced people helping out. Even so, it really depends on [TVB] arrangements and policies. TVB offered to raise their pay to stop them from leaving, but they still chose to resign. If they do come back, they will not get their original offer. They have to understand that first.”

According to various reports, most of the 320 HKTV employees who will be laid off were hair stylists, makeup stylists, costume stylists, and production assistants.

As for HKTV artists, Frankie Lam (林文龍) and Al Wai (艾威) did not deny the possibility of returning to TVB in the near future, but HKTV remains to be their number one priority. TVB Best Actor Ha Yu (夏雨) is also considering returning to TVB. Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (張可頤) and Felix Wong (黃日華) chose not to comment, but did express that they will be supporting HKTV’s upcoming Sunday protest, which has attracted nearly half a million supporters on Facebook.


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  1. I hope deno cheung return to tvb play as a villain. great actor with so promising talent.

      1. I didn’t even know this guy’s name on the clip but i remember his face. He’s not bad looking and quite cute sometimes but always the same crappyzzz roles from tvb. sigh, sad cuz he has great potential too. tvb really sucks that they always miss out and don’t promote ppl that they don’t have connections to i guess. It’s also quite hard for them to start over since they are getting older and not easy to start somewhere else. In China, the market is good there it seems but if you don’t have any sort of recognition then you have no connections there or in demand. sigh…. wish him the best!!

      2. Ahhh I actually got a bit teary eyed watching that vid. Really sad that Hktv didn’t work out in the end, especially for all the artists who had hoped for a new beginning.

    1. I think the reason why he left TVB was because they only gave him minor villain roles.

      1. They given him also bad boyfriend, bad husband roles as well in the past 2-3 years. I seriously doubt he will go back to TVB, there are other jobs payed more then do those shippy roles.

  2. if tvb bad co with mean ppl, production crews and actors would rather change profession than going back, or maybe go to mainland china/taiwan..

    1. It has been reported some former TVB artists that went to HKTV are thinking of changing professions after this incident. If they rather change professions than go back to TVB, it tells a lot about how unsatisfied they were while working there. Especially when most are over 30s, changing professions at this time & starting from scratch is a very tough decision and step to make. wish them the best.

  3. Lmao, to be honest right from the start I knew hktv would not get their license at all. They should have been smart and think it through before they done that.

    1. i had a feeling that even though hktv did make it. they wont make it too far. just wish that tvb will start raising their bar again and stop their lame lines and plot in drama and shows.

    2. That is why not all people is millionaire in this world. You think everyone is smart? And i hate traitor. But if traitors want to come back to my company and work, i will still let. But dont expect to receive the original pay. Stupid Hktv trying to challenge TVB!

      1. I don’t get the vitriol. You mean these guys/girls shouldn’t have changed jobs? You’ve never changed a job in your life? Changing jobs means that you’re a traitor?

        OK, so they made a bad call. People make those every day. It’s not the end of the world – just eat humble pie and get on with it.

        People like Felix Wong who had a very bad experience at TVB and badmouthed the TV station after leaving would be hypocritical to return now but I think these guys have options and I don’t think TVB would treat them well even if they were allowed to return.

        IF TVB was smart, they’d give these guys a raise and treat them better – just because HKTV didn’t suceed this time, doesn’t mean another company won’t suceed the next time.

      2. Sure, being a traitor to defeat other tv station. I dont mind if you are traitor actually but pls be a smart traitor. Made a stupid move to work there at last lost like a sore losers!

      3. @ Rambling In this world, there is only winner or loser. There is no in between and obviously you are the loser that support HKTV. LOL

      4. Why would TVB want Felix back. That guy burnt bridges on his way out. It would also be unfair for the loyal TVB actors who stuck it out with TVB.

        Felix gambled and lost. No one to blame buy himself.

  4. I expect the offscreen workers and the supporting actors to return to TVB at some point. I assume the backstage workers have families in HK and it would be inconvenient to just move to mainland China to find work. The same goes for the supporting actors. They also don’t have much name recognition to find good work outside of HK. TVB does lack onscreen talent so I doubt they would refuse to resign those artists if they chose to come back. The biggest issue is probably money. If the HKTV employees can get past that hurdle, I don’t see why TVB would not resign them.

  5. I can imagine people wanting to return, especially if there are higher-ups like Lee Tim Sing willing to help them. It would probably be more stable to go back instead of staying since their future is still uncertain.

  6. I believe people have option to change company/job but they shouldn’t bad mouth their original employer. I think it is unprofessional and uncalled for because if you don’t like the company you could’ve leave a long time ago not when another company give you better offer. Just remember this is a very small world, esp the entertainment business.

    1. that’s why. You must be smart i tell you. You must know how to differentiate who is banker and who is player. Chinese is different from westerner. Westerner only likes to see result and they dont care about relationship. But we do and very important. TVB adi been in the industry for so many decades. Dont think just invest few hundred millions then can beat TVB.

      1. I think Westerner do value relationship. You have a higher chance of getting the job If you know the right person and your chance of getting a promotion is higher If you develop a relationship with those around you.

  7. This situation really reminds me of a very similar situation in Singapore many many years ago.

    Mediacorp was like TVB and there was a new player in town called Mediaworks. Actors from Mediacorp together with many names jumped ship, Mediaworks had its license and all and made some really good series but couldn’t sustain and just a few years later merged with Mediacorp. The actors from Mediaworks knew they had to work for Mediacorp again and was waiting for that letter to say if they will stay or they will go. Like a long term or short term contract. One particular Malaysian actor was given a I think small letter meaning he was fired. It was vindictive because he was a good actor with potential. It took him many years to slowly get back into the company’s good graces, many quiet hardwork as well. All these actors when they jumped ship were promised a better scripts, money etc and in the end was left in the lurch when company folded.

    Same situation here except in HK the govt contributed to this monopoly sort of attitude.

  8. LOL…actually, from what I’ve read the past few days, there aren’t that many artists who want to return to TVB…most have said that they have other sources of income, so they are not too affected by the layoffs and others have said they may change professions. Keep in mind too that alot of the artists who signed with HKTV are free artists and had already been working for other stations prior to this (more specifically, they had been working with NowTV and i-Cable). Of course, I’m not surprised that the Media would try to spin it as though all those laid off are ‘desperate’ to return to TVB…certain Media outlets are even trying to make it sound like HKTV employees aren’t united just because not all of the artists are joining the protest on Sunday.

    Anyway…artists who were planning to return might want to hold off on running back to TVB so quickly because there are some new developments today….

    Of course, we already know that the industry’s filmmakers (represented by the 10 guilds and entertainment organizations in HK) held their press conference today where many of HK’s top directors / producers were present — they denounced the government’s decision and have officially voiced their support for HKTV.

    Meanwhile, one of the lawmakers has confirmed that she is 2 votes away from the support needed to force the Executive Council to release all the documents related to the decision, which would be reviewed on November 8th when the Legislative Council holds a discussion on the licensing issue. The ‘documents’ include not just the consultant reports that were used (the SVP report I posted about earlier), but will also include the minutes from the ExCo’s meeting (which will prove to be important because of the ‘written’ record of what types of discussions took place during the license decision meeting).

    And it looks like Ricky Wong definitely intends on filing judicial review — during an interview on RTHK’s radio show, he revealed a little bit more about that ‘call’ he received from the government official back in 2009, saying that it was ‘something more than an invitation’ to apply for a license. He said that the details will be revealed in court (if he has evidence, looks like someone might be in big trouble….)

    1. I actually thought he filed for judicial review already. But then do remember executive decisions are not as of right. So frankly I think his act of firing his employees mean he knows his game is up.

      Or he can sue that official.

    2. Hahaha. just let that nub RICKY to sue it to high court or whatever court lar. haha. At last i can guarantee you He wont get the license. Although i not so sure about Hong Kong legislation but still their boss is CHINA right? China sure support TVB rather than uselss ricky. Dream more. Better know who is the banker and player before wasting time.

      1. You are an extremely rude and arrogant TVB supporter. Actually the HK Govt loves ATV the most because ATV links to the mainland the most. that’s why ATV still ‘survive’ although it losing money and has zero ratings.

      2. So? You know nothing about my real life la. If i have shares in TVB you loser also wont know anything lar. hahaha..Being the winner has any right to be arrogant as i like. hahaha. Since you think urself so PRO, then teach RICKY to get the tv license lar instead of butthurting here. LOL

      3. If Hong Kong government loves ATV, why the hell they make a falsified report on former Chinese Premier death a year ago.

    3. There are some discrepancies of what Ricky claim vs the information he received from govt.

      Perhaps someone can translate this from KuangaiTVB weibo


    4. A lot of people know and speculate that the HK Govt don’t allow Ricky the license to protect ATV from bancrupt if HKTV airs and because Ricky is somewhat an opposition to mainland govt. This is ridiculous of HK govt to listen to mainland so much now when back then in 2009 someone from the govt promised Ricky he will definitely get the licence and can embark on his dream to provide superb quality free entertainment to HK masses which he cannot provide now without the free license. Internet broadcasting will make company lose money with lack of advertisement revenue as is not an option. Selling the dramas to mainland also hard because it’s HK oriented and won’t make it to mainland harsh censorship. There is also the leak in online forums of a section of the report from consultant that HKTV scored better than NowTV. Ricky should bring this evidence to the court and fight HK govt with the HK filmmakers except only Wong Jing all behind him supporting him.

      1. Sure its not easy to penetrate into the industry. You think having money then able to get the license as you like? TVB adi been in the industry for so many decade and strong and reliable. What this HKTV has produced so far? If you indeed so capable, then produce the drama somewhere else lar. Of course your road would be very tough and alot of challenges. OF course what, You came late, and this is ur challenges. Just like MLM, whoever doing it first has better advantage. Go to tell ur boss RICKY to show to the world how capable he can be instead of barking nonstop!

      2. As expected it’s the TVB bootlickers like you that barks the loudest. Ricky was only getting his justice for the goodwill of HK entertainment and audience future fate. We’ll see their spirit in the street rally today when news come out. The support sounds huge and strong from Facebook page and the HK performing guild press conference.

      3. Face it. HKTV will never going to get a license. The decision is final. They will not over turn the ruling.

      4. Dominic Lam, Frankie Lam, Maggie Cheung,Ai wai, Power Chan and Mimi Lo are among those leading in the rally for HKTV justice today.

      5. 由香港電視員工發起的「HKTV堅持公義大行動」遊行,港視總導演蘇萬聰指,現時有2000人參加。他們高叫「還我公義,還我電視」、「不滿死因不明不白」。林嘉華、林文龍、張可頤、蒙嘉慧、艾威等參加,羅敏莊、陳國邦一家三口加入港視大隊出發。大隊已抵達政總。

      6. 「民間開放電視行動」下午3時在銅鑼灣發起遊行,前往政府總部,1000多市民參加,要求政府交代發牌準則、否決香港電視獲牌原因。組織發言人陳璟茵表示,傍晚6時會在政總外有公開討論,商討下一步行動,不排除留守行動。

      7. @bbfanny: Yup..the protest is going on right now and the turnout has been great! Glad to see so many non-HKTV people there marching and supporting the cause. I’m sure there were some people out there who thought that the turnout would be low…well, two to three thousand people — and counting — doesn’t sound ‘low’ to me….

      8. This is just a start. HKTV is also organising a series of rallies to break TVB and ATV monopoly. Among the rallies
        -to encourage public to boycott TVB and ATV advertisers
        -to hold a turn off TV day and many more


      9. Yup I think 1000 at one place and 2000 at another making it 3000 quite good turnout since HK people only 7-8 million

      10. @bbfanny: LOL…yup, I had heard about the ‘turning off the TV’ thing too (someone came up with that a few days ago). Though honestly, most of us already do that anyway, since there isn’t a whole lot of stuff worth watching on TVB anymore (and obviously no one watches ATV anymore what with their zero ratings and all). I actually find it funny that they choose to do it on the day of TVB’s anniversary gala — it’s good timing in my opinion because that gala show has been a joke the past couple years anyway, so it’s not like people would miss out on anything (plus those who want to watch it can always do so on the Internet…).

      11. @bbfanny: Haha…yup…now that’s what I call a protest! Definitely 100 times better than that lame attempt ATV put on to protest the licenses (what was the turnout for the ATV one again? like several dozen people? LOL). And at least there will be meaningful public discussions / dialogues once everyone reaches government headquarters — that’s way more efficient and constructive than the ‘monkey show’ ATV put on several months ago (at least we don’t have to worry about HKTV people dancing Gangnam style on the lawn of the govt building…haha).

      12. Haha butthurter like this bbfanny and ur boos RICKY being the loser still wanna barking OUT LOUD NOW. hahaha SOre Losers
        Dominic Lam, Frankie Lam, Maggie Cheung,Ai wai, Power Chan and Mimi Lo are among those leading in the rally for HKTV justice today…HAHAHA, just this useless protester leading? hahaha. Who is those influential in Hong Kong you noob definitely duno at all. Its very fun you know being loser like you bark all the way out. I know very hard for you loser to accept the reality of being a loser forever and ur boss RICKY will never get the license. hahaha

      13. The protest will be ongoing and HKTV together with the public will pressure HK chief executive and the masses will also pressure on the monopoly of TVB and ATV. Chief director of HKTV said the staffs won’t move until govt gives them a satisfactory answer. I heard many will stay overnight for the protest and willcontinue tomorrow.They are fully spirited!

        大會提出四個持續抗爭方案,讓參與集會人士作分組討論,分別是:在政總留守至周二行政會議開會、或梁振英作交代、發動群眾包圍TVB和ATV施壓、要求立法會運用權力及特權法交代。香港電視總導演#蘇萬聰# 表示:「政府唔解釋,我哋唔會走!不讓我們開台,我們明晚在這裡開台!」

      14. @Raymond I am not butthurt or affiliated with HKTV but like the thousands protesters today I’m supporting their to provide HK entertainment with more free tv choices with high quality arts and programmes and transparent selection of free TVs. ATV is nearly dying why the govt hasn’t take back its license?

      15. Ricky Wong is touched by the huge support and said that this march is not because of the licence selection, but is to remind the govt to respect HK people’s choice and needs. He will never give up.

      16. @bbfanny well, as i said TVB adi in the industry for so many decades. Do not think you can easily spend few hundred million then can acquire the license so easily. Monopoly business then monopoly business, no need to explain further. If you said HKTV can produce superb nice drama, then just produce it and then put online. This kind of business, you dont think spend money only so easy. If you said HKTV can produce better quality drama right, talk kok? Go produce first and show to the public lar. Online broadcast not a problem because you prepare to burn money also. What to do you are new in to the market so you got to do it! Dont give reason like where is fairness this and that. This world is always never fair.This business , the resources(the actors and actresses) required are very limited. Government wont simply grant ur boss RICKY a license to make trouble. Anyhow just accept the fact ur boss RICKY is a loser and forever not having the chance to get the license.

      17. @bbfanny hahaah if this protest did happen and did pressure the government to let them get a lincense.think what will happen after that ,?this mean if you protest you get what you want?

      18. @hahaah,what honkong ppl can get now is just seeing how hongkong slowly being swallowed by the communistic china c.y.leung is blind and deaf for any kind of protest,he just follow the orders of communistic china.hong kong is only in name a democratic region but in reality china is controling hong kong and in the future there will be fewer and fewer freedom for hongkong ppl.its sad but nobody in hongkong can turn this fate.we need a revolution like what sun yat sen did to overthrow the communistic party haha.

  9. Most of the 320 laid off are only the lower level small jobs such as hair stylists,makeup artists, costume designers. In fact the scriptwriters, producers, actors and cameramen aren’t affected much and might be still receiving their awesome paychecks compared to small sum and staff welfare that tvb gave them.

  10. TVB is suck.. I am not anti anyone but TVB drama really suck… No logic at all.. Competitor is good.. ensuring improvement, otherwise u will gone………..

    1. I have to agree … recent TVB dramas are terrible, the writing and the storyline sorta make you wonder if secondary school students joined their writing staff.

  11. Why can’t Ricky just buyout ATV? Surely he has the money to do that? Buy it then rebuild the whole company.

    1. Ricky already explained why he’s not going to buy ATV (during his Chinese University talk, he used the analogy of buying an old house versus a new one to explain it). Even before his explanation though, it was already obvious he wasn’t going to buy it…ATV is ‘beyond repair’ at this point and has been that way for many years (even ATV’s own employees want the station to close up shop because they are such an embarrassment to everyone associated with them). I don’t think any business person with a sound mind would go near that station even if you paid them a million dollars (that is, unless you’re an investor from Mainland China who just wants to use the station as a propaganda tool to do your bidding…).

      1. I thought that ATV closed down years ago but yet they are still around but like a silent shadow. I really lament the olden days when they made so many great classic series.

      2. Well, before he talked about why he dun wan to buy, who is the ATV boss? Did the atv boss had said before that he willing to sell it? LOL

  12. I wonder how many are that desperate to want to come back to TVB?? I think there may be a few, but not that many,especially if they have other sources of income and other places to work.

    1. If some do indeed come back to TVB, i bet they are gonna “punish” them by only giving them kelefare roles-to teach them a lesson.

  13. If the government do give a lincense to the HKTV ! It indicates anywho protest will get what they want . This mean that Hong Kong will crumble ,eg if it did succeed the Hong Kong government is going down.If this happen cy must step down due to protest!!!!!
    However will china let this happen ? Do china listen to protest that a no !!

    1. hehe, China sure support TVB rather than HKTV. All the goodwill TVB had created and accumulated, dun dream this HKTV can buy it by investing few hundred million into the industry!

    2. This is what I am afraid of. They realistically cant let it happen or they will have no control in the future. – Although they supposedly did back down from the national curriculum thing.

      I just hope for some sort of resolution that makes everything public and if anyone has done something shady, they need to be punished for it. That would possibly give them an out to grant a license if the guy who was in charge of approving it was proven to be in the wrong.
      They could have an easy scapegoat and still come out looking like they did things legally by looking into it and correcting their errors.

  14. Honestly, if i left a company to pursue opportunity elsewhere, i would not come back, especially if i had once spoken loudly how bad my previous employer was. I am sure those who left TVB for HKTV is more than capable of finding work else where, returning to TVB should not be an option. Think of the animosity that will take place. Once bitten twice shy.

    1. That is easy to say if you have other options, BUT what is that was your only option of making an income to live??? Trust me, if you were that desperate then you would have to swallow your pride in order to make a living…

    2. They do come back to TVB if there is a good deal. It happens all the time since the 1980s. I won’t be surprise some actors/actress and production crews to ask for TVB forgiveness.

  15. What was Felix Wong thinking when he himself have problem with his big mouth that let to many issues with the employers. It wasn’t wise to bring in the daughter to the entertainment industry. She is the split image of her mother. Not nice looking at all.

    1. He spoke up because he was kissing TVB’s ass. The other contract actors are afraid. I don’t think he has a big mouth, he spoke the truth.

      1. Yes, Felix was very outspoken about his displeasure with HKTV, can who can blame him. I don’t think he has a big mouth either, he spoke from the heart and is not afraid of repercussion. Too bad not many of his fellow actors follow suit, most of them are just wishy washy around the subject.

    2. Felix was not happy with TVB , now he’s not happy with HKTV as well. This just goes to prove nowhere is perfect.
      Sometimes it’s just best not to air ‘dirty laundry’ at all!

  16. Those that left…like Maggie and Felix are older anyways. TVB doesn’t normally utilize older actors very well. For them to leave is a relatively easy chose especially since HKTV gave them more money. Wish them luck w/everything…. 🙂

  17. The larger issue at stake here is the political transparency of HK. Many people migrated before 1997 because they didn’t have the confidence in China’s political system. This episode clearly shows their fears were not unfounded.

    1. well said!! I was thinking the same when i read that the decision has been made (not to grant HKTV license) and there will be no appeal process.

      1. Just because some news reports say that does not mean that it is all true… You never know what can happen.

      2. The news reports quoted government officials as saying there is NO appeal. This issue is not what can happen. But the high handedness of the HK government in handling the matter.

    2. The sad thing is, it’s not just apparent in government…the police force is starting to be like China’s as well. For example….the official’ number of protesters yesterday was confirmed to be more than 120,000, yet the ‘count’ from the police is that there were only 20,000 people or so (and even now, that’s the number the police are sticking to, despite the widespread reporting of the other number). How many times have we seen similar ‘misreporting’ of numbers whenever major issues involving protests and such occur in China? Unfortunately, way too many instances to count…..

      1. Yup, the whole One Country, Two Systems propaganda promised is really looking like BS in recent years.

  18. No more “freedom and democratic” for HK people. What a pity!

    1. There is freedom, problem is there is no democratic process by the stupid communist government.

      1. yeh,freedom dictated by the communistic china is not really the freedom that i want.

      2. Look at rural China. They have more freedom then the big cities.

  19. I wonder why are there no news at all about the HKTV artists and
    HK people’s protest in this web.

    1. yeah, there’s news about it on many english-language outlets for chinese news…scmp, the standard, rthk, etc. i’m sure ming pao or sing tao have reported about this.

    2. I actually think it’s probably due to lack of translators (Jayne — correct me if I’m wrong). I’ve been following this issue quite closely and have been reading articles from various sources in both Chinese and English….there’s actually a lot of ‘good’ stuff out there from some pretty reputable sources (as well as some not so reputable ones), but trying to weed out the stuff that’s worth mentioning vs the ‘sensationalized’ stuff does take some time….and for the ones in Chinese, getting them translated takes even more time.

      For me personally, I’ve actually only been posting like 30% or so of what I’ve read to my blog and various forums because there is just way too much info out there to filter through and relay (I’ve actually been posting / commenting even less on this particular site because of the over abundance of ‘trolls’ who seem to frequent the site….).

      Also, since the protests just took place yesterday, I’m not surprised that there is not much mention of it here or in other English language forums yet, since very few sites do ‘up to the minute’ type reports unless they’re an actual news agency rather than a fan-based site/forum for news.

      1. Any news you want Jaynestars to translate, you can submit to her using the ‘submit a news link’ at the bottom of the page.

      2. Don’t ever stop commenting! You provide a ton of interesting and useful info and help balance out the trolls. 😛
        I can’t wait till there are proper forums and mods to clean up all the posts.

      3. llwy12,
        There has indeed be an influx of news regarding HKTV and the artists who filmed for the station. We will be posting some highlights of the protests and the artists’ situation. However, due to the large volume of news out there, we can only provide highlights as there are other topics of interests to cover as well.

        Your comments, which reveal your knowledge of Hong Kong and HKTV, has provided additional insight on the situation. Thanks!

  20. TVB could use this for a good PR boost and give a type of “amnesty” for ex-employees. – Invite them back with their last pay and no penalization to their parts.
    They would get a lot of good will and show themselves to NOT be the bully slave-drivers that they really are. They might even get some of the people bad mouthing them to say they were wrong and apologize. That’s got to be an ego booster for the execs if that happened.

    I predict the opposite. They will hire back the people they desperately need, like production crew at reduced wages, and hire back SOME of the actors at severely reduced wages and screen time.
    I’m guessing we will see a lot of familiar kelefeh famous actors in the future.
    TVB wouldn’t know what to do with a great opportunity if it dropped in front of them and chained itself to their leg. Calling them “out of touch & clueless” would be a compliment.

    1. @Panzer: LOL…well-said! Though I doubt that very many artists will go back to TVB, but even if some do, it won’t help TVB much, since it’s not like they are going to cast them in anything other than ‘kelefe’ roles. Also, keep in mind that most of the behind-the-scenes talent (producers, screenwriters, directors) are staying at HKTV (Ricky pretty much kept all the behind-the-scenes creative talent such as So Man Chung, Lau Shun On, Chu King Kei, etc.). What TVB truly lacks right now are good scriptwriters and if they hoped to get some of their good ones back because of this HKTV fiasco, then they need to think again because it’s not going to happen….the ones who left to Mainland aren’t going to come back and the ones at HKTV won’t be leaving anytime soon either…

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