Felix Wong on Coping With Grief Since His Wife’s Passing

Felix Wong (黃日華) was devastated when his wife of 33 years, former actress Leung Kit Wah (梁潔華), succumbed to leukemia in May 2020. In grief, Felix lost meaning in his life and fell into a deep depression. A year later, Felix is finally ready to talk about the pain of losing his wife.

Appearing as a guest on Twinkle Twinkle Single Star <單對單> hosted by Maria Leitao (黎芷珊), Felix admitted he was heartbroken watching his wife suffer since she was diagnosed with the illness. Kit Wah told him that she did not want to die. As her health deteriorated, she started to lose her will to fight.

Holding back his tears, Felix shared, “My heart ached when I was watching her. I prayed for her recovery, and I was willing to give up 10 or 20 years of my life in exchange for her health.”

Kit Wah’s absence created a big void inside Felix. “I used to take care of my wife 24 hours a day. She left so suddenly that I felt like I lost my purpose in life. I didn’t know what to do afterward with my time, because the person you wanted to take care of is no longer here. When I looked at my bed, her clothes, or our photos, I thought of her. I couldn’t control my emotions and I was depressed.”

Grateful for Family and Friends’ Support

After waking up alone on his bed, Felix slowly accepted that Kit Wah was not coming back  and he began to adapt to the new reality. During the difficult time, Felix relied on his daughter Adrian (黃芷晴) and friends for support and to steer himself back on the right track.

With so many wonderful memories of his wife, especially visiting certain places would remind him of her, Felix confessed it was extremely difficult to move on. Although the happy memories are all in the past now, he can still fondly recall them with a positive attitude. He said determinedly, “You must learn to let go, and accept reality!”

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. it’s never easy to let a love one go from the moment they leave they are gone. only your attitude towards it will help you cope but the pain will always be there no matter how long. I hope he has found true inner peace dealing w/ it. I am sure that’s what his late wife wants for him too.

    1. @m0m0
      Very true… After losing my parents,one of my brothers and best friend, it has been so hard. You try to cope and let go, but the pain is always going to be there. Of course his late wife would want him happy but that is easier said than done.

    1. @hohliu
      He is but he had a good wife who loved him and made him a better person. True love like theirs is getting rare these days. Their marriage was not always smooth sailing but they remained with each other through thick and thin. Now that is how a real marriage is.

  2. I saw a meme that said that grief does not get less, but life grows around it. I think that is true, especially for a life partner. Hoping the best for Felix and his family.

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