Felix Wong’s Wife Taught Him How to Love

After battling leukemia for seven years, former actress Leung Kit Wah (梁潔華) succumbed to her illness and passed away on May 26. Her husband, Felix Wong (黃日華), and daughter, Adrian Wong (黃芷晴), continue to quietly grieve as they make funeral arrangements. Family, friends, and fans have reached out to offer their sympathies and condolences.

Felix accepted a telephone inquiry by the media to thank the public for their support and encouragement during this difficult time. He shared that his wife passed away from organ failure. He added, “She left peacefully and was not in pain. She smiled as she passed. Before she passed, she told my daughter ‘Take care of your dad! He is aging too!’ She also made sure to tell Adrian and me to take care of our dogs. Some of our previous dogs have passed away. I believe they are waiting for her and will keep her company on the other side.”

During the phone interview, Felix could not hold in his sadness and broke down in tears. He took a few minutes to regain his composure and continued, “Although I will miss her terribly, I will remember the things she has asked me to do. She urged me to taper down my temper and not argue with others so often; don’t drive so fast; don’t smoke so many cigarettes. I have done most of these things, but have not been able to stop smoking. I will slowly quit and keep my promise to her.”

Throughout her battle with cancer, the family saw a glimpse of hope when Leung Kit Wah got a bone marrow transplant in 2018. Felix recalled, “After the surgery, she improved a lot. However, four or five months after the surgery, she suffered a recurrence. These past couple of years, my wife had to undergo a lot of chemotherapy and take a lot of medications. Actually, the doctor had told us that a person’s organs can only withstand so much medication; you can’t ingest too much medication or go through too much chemotherapy. At the time, the doctor said my wife would only be able to live for another one or two years. However, she fought hard and lived for another three years. I am very proud of her! When she passed, she was only around 80 or 90 pounds.”

Standing by his wife’s side throughout her cancer battle, Felix witnessed how strong she is. “Through the past three years, I have watched my wife undergo countless chemotherapy sessions, constantly take medicine, and get blood transfusions. I know it was difficult and she was suffering. However, she did not complain. She was a warrior fighting for her life. I am extremely proud of her courage and strength. I have learned a lot from her throughout our marriage. She has taught me how to care for others around me and love animals.”

Felix did not forget to thank all those who have helped Leung Kit Wah throughout her cancer battle, especially the healthcare workers. He expressed, “Because my wife had to go through a lot of blood transfusions, I am extremely grateful for the selfless and passionate people who donate blood. Thank you!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

[Obituary] Former Actress Leung Kit Wah Passes Away

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  1. this couple sound very loving and good people. i hope the family gets the peace they need.

  2. Very sad to hear. Felix is a good man, that’s for sure, and his wife sounded like she was a great wife to him as well. Always sad to hear people dying too young because of an illness. RIP.

    1. @theyenman
      Yes Felix is a great man his wife seemed like a good wife to him too. They were such a sweet couple. I am sure she will stay in their hearts forever. I hope one day Felix can find happiness again as he deserves to be happy. His late wife would definitely want him to be happy.

  3. Felix and his wife have always been a devoted and loving couple. Now that is getting very rare these days, especially in the entertainment industry. Felix was a good husband and his wife was a good wife to him too. I still remember seeing them in series together although not as a couple but love seeing them in series. Hope Felix and Adrian stay strong and maybe one day Felix can find happiness again… I am sure his late wife would want him happy. She is now in a happier and better place away from all of the pains and pressures of this world.

    I am now rewatching The twilight of a Nation and they were both in there. The lovely memories will always stay in our hearts forever.

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