Maggie Cheung Demoted To TV Host Amid Declining Status

Despite her impressive résumé, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (張可頤) is reportedly having a tough time landing jobs after burning bridges with former employer TVB. Once a respected TV Queen, Maggie has now resorted to hosting a variety program alongside a cast of unknown actors.

Although TVB made Maggie a household name, the 45-year-old chose to leave the company after her contract expired in 2012. She immediately signed with Ricky Wong‘s (王維基) HKTV and was marketed as the new station’s top sister. She was given a starring role in big-budget series Hakka Women <客家女人>, though the drama still has no air date due to HKTV’s on-going TV licensing conflicts. After the Hong Kong government rejected HKTV’s initial free-to-air license application in 2013, Maggie decided to not renew her contract and has remained a free agent ever since.

While she has expressed interest in returning to TVB, rumors alleged that her diva demands had angered executives and landed her on the dreaded internal blacklist. Shunned by the TV industry’s biggest player, Maggie is now having trouble earning enough income to cover mortgage on her $6 million HKD residence. Although there were offers from Mainland, she has rarely appeared locally since her stint at HKTV.

No longer attracting top offers, Maggie is now forced to return to the bottom rung of the entertainment ladder. This April, she accepted a job with i-Cable to host a program that showcases Hong Kong’s historic buildings. Partnered up with the station’s lesser-known artistes, Maggie’s new show has little hope of ever attracting mainstream interest. Also, i-Cable may have written the show off, making nearly no effort at all to promote the program.


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  1. This teaches one not to bite the hand that feeds them. You can leave but you shouldn’t bad mouth and go directly against. That’s call burning bridges and it’s silly. Anyway what’s so expensive about HK 6 Mil to her? I thought other reports says she is rather rich.

    1. Hi Lps,
      If you continue living with your savings and no income, you’ll sooner or later finish the savings.

      1. Well said Bloom. Even if you are really rich,if you just sit back and spend then you will end up in the poor house sooner or later.

    2. I think the hand that fed her were the advertisers she worked with. TVB likes to starve their artists.

    3. TVB doesn’t even pay it’s artists well. Even if TVB took her back, her salary may be lower than before.

      1. Still…its stupid to burn bridges…its a small world…

        TVB may not pay well but you cannot deny the fact it provides a platform to other opportunities…

        Still amicable to people around you…

  2. Kelefe roles in movies then…. Otherwise suck it up and go back to 620 and TVB.

    A lot of ex-TVB artists are STRUGGLING to get income now to pay off bills, not that surprising.

  3. She is one of my fav actresses and I really hope she can get better offers and jobs. Had really liked the drama where she paired with Gordon Lam in tea making industry. And many more good dramas. Well those days TVB offered better quality series and the artists can act way better than the new ones now.

  4. All these ingrates like her and Felix Wong thought they had latched on to a good thing with Ricky Wong. Too bad they had to learn their lesson the hard way. Never burn bridges and never get too big for your boots.

    1. omg, you’re the one who sounds like an ingrate. She stood up against TVB, a slave driving employer, what’s so wrong about that? All it shows is that TVB is petty, the HK government is corrupt, and a lot of actors/actresses are cowards. If all the actors and actresses will stand together against TVB, then maybe they’ll make more of an initiative to improve work conditions and salaries. It’s really because of people like you, COWARDS who are too afraid to stand up against bad treatment, that organizations like TVB can thrive.

      1. How is TVB a slave driving employer? If the employees believe that they are being underpaid, they shouldn’t have signed the contract in the first place.

        If the working conditions at TVB are so bad, their employees can easily jerk fries at a fast food restaurant instead.

      2. @Steven, man you really don’t know how HK entertainment system works.

        No one wants to be with TVB, but they have no other choice. The other players in the field doesn’t have enough clout or power to take away TVB’s ratings. So stars get stuck at TVB, unable to find a better employer.

        But with the advent of Mainland dramas, people are now leaving in droves. You don’t think that’s a coincidence, do you?

      3. ^ wow… you guys are really brain washed by TVB huh?

        when it comes to the entertainment industry, you have no choice but to give in to these big companies in order to find fame and fortune. Of course, if you are already famous like Charmaine or Kevin, you can easily reject the contract offer and move up to the mainland business. However, for rookies and unknowns, what can you do?

      4. Mt and others like you, pl get off yr high horse. Seriously, how old are you people? Cos you sound like a bunch of immature kids with your very idealistic view of the world. Sooner or later Maggie will come crawling back to tvb, mark my words. Sweatshop or whatever you call tvb, she and others like her hv to thank tvb for giving them the exposure and the money that came with it. Sure, tvb is not the best employer but the reationship betw them and the artistes under them is mutually beneficial. It’s not cowardice but being realistic in this world we live in. No one but a fool will go around burning their bridges. Yeah she stood up agst tvb but that’s only becos she thought she had an alternative employer to go to. Do you think she wld hv “stood up against tvb” otherwise? Too bad for her that it didn’t work out with hktv.

      5. Wilson Tsui vowed never to,come back to TVB and he has not even though he was struggling, As for Maggie ever coming back,it will depend on whether she left on good or bad terms.

      6. I think everyone is happy in TVB because they smile and accept their salary, Money isnt everything. Friendships means more too.
        620 is one of the best manager in the world and TVB is one of the best in Asia. Every artiste is happy in TVB and no one talks about salary.

      7. @lily,
        Boy, you are a truly blind tvb fan. Who said it was all about money? It is the bad treatment and many other things.

      8. omg, yes, she thought she had another job. Isn’t that suppose to be good? Wouldn’t you, as an employee, want more choices and alternatives?
        If telling it as it is and stating that working for TVB sucks makes me idealistic, then I guess I’m idealistic. But I think it’s better than being blind like you. Blind support like yours only enable TVB in monopolizing the HK entertainment industry. Paying employees low salaries while making them work long hours and making it difficult for them to work elsewhere is not realistic, it’s called exploitation. What kind of a person are you to support that?
        And @steven, you don’t work do you? You sit home all day and eat fries, eh? Because if you do work and if you have worked, then you will realize the difficulties of 1)finding employment, 2) finding well-paid employment, 3) finding well-paid employment with decent working conditions. With TVB monopolizing the industry, where else can actors/actresses find acting jobs?
        I’m surprised at how many people support TVB! You guys have been completely brainwashed. It says a lot about TVB’s influence and authority…and sadly also about your intellectual ability to think critically.

      9. Mt, if you want to continue to view the world thru rose-tinted glasses, be my guest. I didn’t say anything abt tvb being a good employer or supporting them blindly. I’m merely stating it as it is that Maggie wouldn’t be so dumb to burn her bridges if she didn’t think she had an alternative to go to. She’s not a martyr, if that’s what you’re trying to make her out to be.

      1. Let’s face it. There is no free lunch. Everywhere you go you have to work hard if you want to rise to the top. So it’s not about defending tvb. It’s about why people are not smart enough to make sure they don’t offend the people who can bring them job, sponsors etc? You seriously think Ricky Wong is a god send? Sort hours more pay and good life? That’s just the initial part to attract tvb’s talents so that he doesn’t need to start from scratch? Where is he now? Why aren’t he opening a company any employs all these people to do something? It’s naive to think he is any better than TVB when he gets his license and have choices

      2. Well now we will never know because he didn’t get the broadcasting license…and very likely because of TVB. When a bit corporation like TVB is afraid of competition, then there is something wrong. No one knows for sure if Ricky Wong’s station will treat employees better or worse, but it will at the very least offer them more opportunities.
        Did Maggie burn a bridge? Maybe, but that just reflects poorly on TVB and their pettiness. Did she fight for a cause? YES, but sadly she lost this one. Should more people stand up to TVB like her? YES, that’s how change happens, and hopefully for the better.

    2. Agreed! Felix Wong is ungrateful alright. He’s a good example of not to follow. It’s okay for Felix to burn TVB bridge, he can afford it because of the famous friends he has. These people forgets where they came from. 😀 LOL!

  5. I dont believe this news..after HKTV cant get free to air license, all the news about Maggie is how poor is jobs, no moni & etc.

    1. Yeah, looks like on her weibo she’s been busy traveling and pursuing hobbies. Sounds like a good life.

  6. Wish the former TVB Artist will join ATV. She could work as a Host & others.

  7. HKTV is such a flop… I hope all those artist deserve all the struggles their going through its karma!

    1. HKTV is not a flop, if anything, it was a company trying to compete with the other 2 monopolizing the industry and failed due to politics. You should commend HKTV for trying to diversify the industry. Did TVB pay you for defend for them?

    2. @Vodka, before you diss something, see if it’s worth dissing. Go watch their dramas (what few epis there are anyways, and then decide to rag on them if you choose to do so.)

      1. It was one of the worst drama ever produced in the world.

    3. @vodka,
      You should not say that. I feel bad for HKTV who was defeated before even given a chance to enter the TV world. what is wrong with joining a different company after working with another company? In life,we all do that at some point. However,it is true that we should not bad mouth our previous employer unless they were soooo bad that we just cannot hold it in and must warn others. Sadly,TVB seems like that type of bad employer that many just cannot hold it in.

    4. HKTV is one the biggest flop in the world and all the people in there deserves it for not getting their license.

      1. Wow Lily, you must be a die hard TVB fan
        and do not understand how they truly are. Even way back in the days, I already heard soooo many bad and negative stories about TVB mistreating and over working their artists and with low pay too. I am guessing either you are in denial, do not care what the artists go through behind the scenes and just want to watch the series in front of the scenes only or you are aware of how bad tvb is but love them so much bad will defend them at all costs. You need to wake up and see how bad tvb treats their artists which is a shame because the late Sir Run Run Shaw treated his employees well and was a good boss. It is truly sad that those who have taken over cannot do the same as him and follow in his footsteps.

    5. Hi Vodka,
      It’s a well known fact that TVB was never nice to their artists. Maybe if you were working there, you might also consider leaving. If my employer is not treating me well, and if I could find another better place then it’s obvious that I would leave. I would like to think all of us work for money and that’s one of the reasons why we’re working. Of course I would like to do some work where I’ve passion but then again not all of us are lucky enough to be able to do the job that we’ve passion. It’s absolutely nothing wrong for those ex-tvb artistes to leave if there was another station giving them better perks etc. Anyone with the right mind would consider leaving. It was just unfortunate that the HK government didnt award the licence to the tv stations. Therefore once again TVB can sort of monopoly their artiste, if today china is still down, TVB would be more fierce to their staff.

      1. Very well said Bloom ! I really agree with you!

      2. Thanks for agreeing HeTieShou. It’s really sad when some ppl failed to try to put themselves in some situation. TVB kind of monopoly the tv stations industries for yrs, it’s good that finally there are stations in mainland now that can pay better so that those artistes that were suffering at tvb has an option now.

      3. Hi Bloom,
        You are so right and do you remember back in the days when China’s film industry was pretty much non existent and only TVB and ATV existed in HK? The artists had to endure even more since they had no other choice.

  8. What’s wrong with being a host? She’s an entertainer, variety is her name. Moreover there are down times and up times but I believe she will survive.

    By the way she looks good in the pictures above.

    1. She has a diva attitude, that’s the problem. The producers aren’t going to deal with wannabe divas that is not bringing in the viewers. As in this case.

      1. @ Mike, I agree. Maggie Cheung never came off as an agreeable person to me. I’m not upset about her falling from grace, but I wish it wasn’t at the expense of an entire tv production company.

  9. Nothing is wrong with being a variety show host except for one that is doomed to flop.

    Many of these ex TVB guys had tried to ride the coat tail of Ricky Wong’s bravado, totally unaware of their new boss’ hidden dagger which he would not hesitate in wielding when they no longer serve his purpose.

    This truly is a cautionary tale.

    1. @ Terminator – you make no sense. Ricky Wong tried as hard as he could to fight for a new tv station and employees, but he lost. What can he possibly do for his employees now that he no longer possess anything worthwhile to them?

      1. Yes,Ricky worked hard for his new company and employees so no one can blame for not trying hard enough.

      2. @moncheri

        For your info, Ricky Wong’s company still exists with live employees. They are proceeding as an independent production company. He just wants to move on without some of these high-profiled “catches” he snapped from TVB.

  10. Hopefully this sets an example to all those TVB traitors. No happy ending for them!

    1. They deserve to be beggars and lie on the streets.

  11. I thought she said in some interview that because she hasn’t come across anything interesting, script wise, so she’s going to do hosting, which allows her time to relax and pursue other interests. She does have a history of thyroid so she has to keep a lid on her stress level.

    1. So what did you expect her to say? I’m actually desperate for a job?

      1. If she was desperate, she would have accepted any jobs, like people of her generation like Hong Wah, Natalie Tong, Halina Tam, etc. who reduced to playing aunties and bit parts. I believe her value is still there and she’d only accept what she’d like. I mean, she has always been a picky actress with script even when she started out or when she was at the top of her game.

      2. Maybe her situation is not as bad as depicted in this article?

    2. Exactly,which artists wants to admit that they are struggling or are unemployed?

  12. I wonder why she didnt accept the offers from China? Everyone knows China pays bucket loads more than HK.

    1. A lot of HK actors don’t like the working environment in China. A little underhanded management and inconvenient locations.

      1. True,but Maggie has worked on several series in China and many seemed to like her performances so I still do not get why she is struggling? Unless she just wants to be back in HK instead of having to be in China for work all the time. The working hours in China are way better and allows more rest than TVB for sure.

  13. again shows how bad tvb is, they rather do this than work for them

    1. I think you missed that part which reads ” while she has expressed interest in returning to tvb….” (if the article is to be believed).

      1. of course she would want to go back, shes a tv actress thats her job…and theres only 1 place to work and do her job

  14. How did she burn bridges with TVB? What did she say? 😮

  15. If what this article said is true,it is a good example of how unpredictable life is in this business and life in general. You can be really rich and famous one moment but poor and unknown the next.

    I saw her in a number of China series and she did a good job in those roles even though they were mostly annoying and evil roles,so I wonder why she is struggling now? Many artists that make it to China often times do well. But I guess not everyone is always successful,especially in this industry. It is also always good to be humble and not act proud regardless of what field you work in or whatever you do.

    1. Its the competition… too many people are vying for a key role. Hong Kong needs more free market in TV.

    2. As cruel as it sounds, her age is against her. Her career can only go downhill. Just look at the example of Maggie Siu.

      1. Maggie Siu is still actively filming and she is often in 2nd lead. She is not a good example to quote.

      2. From first lead to second lead and she’s still not a good example?

      3. She is much older but she is still working with prominent roles. So she is not a good example.

      4. Disagree. MS is only 4 yrs older than MC. That’s not called “much older”. From first lead to second lead is definitely a demotion in status. I don’t know what else you can call it.

      5. Maggie Siu was mostly the second lead or share lead when she was younger. She only leaded a few series, but most of the time, she was the second lead. e.g. in “Looking Back in Anger”, she was the third female lead. I wouldn’t say that she demoted from first lead to second lead. Sharon Tang and Michelle Yim are still playing lead roles, so they don’t necessarily go downhill because of aging. And yes, Maggie Siu is older than Maggie Cheung. Four years do make a difference. Jessica Suen and Ada Choi still take first lead roles when they work for TVB, but after four years later, we’re not sure.

    3. Hi HeTieShou,
      Yes, I agree that Maggie Cheung can act well and she is nice looking too. But of course she’s not so nice looking compare to those days. I used to think that her career would soar but I guess her character could have dampen her success. If you lick your boss shoes, he/she would try to make your life better. If you dont he/she may try to make your life difficult. I guess her case is the latter one. Since there are also so many newbies it’s not that easy to land in good roles. TVB can make anyone a fadan now, they dont need Maggie Cheung as she may also be difficult and unwilling to change.

      1. Hi Bloom,
        Very true and some would rather have their pride rather than kiss up to anyone in order to succeed or survive.

      2. Looking back to 1994 Miss Hong Kong Pageant and that’s the Maggie Cheung we knew(not bright). Everything about her is so-so. It isn’t easy when she doesn’t have the bullsh1t skill, knows how to kiss a55 and when to bend. Stubborn is stupidity.:) 😀 LOL!

      3. Hi Kiwi,
        Everyone has their own perception and wants in life. Doesnt mean that does who dont lick the boss is considered stupid. It may appear that way to those who disagree. I once had a colleague a male, he wasn’t educated but I dont know how he got a job in our company. Probably because he knows he wasn’t that educated, he had to apple polish our bosses. He is their eyes and ears, when chinese new year comes, he always go to our bosses house on the 1st day of cny to pay them a visit. But his apple polish honestly works, he has been promoted again and again even though he cant really work. To me it really depends what you want in life, if you dont mind apple polish your boss to get what you want then go ahead. But not all of us are like that.

      4. That’s an example of the actual kiss ass and when to bend(suck c@ck or lick () and bend down). Yup the person you mentioned has no talent and is a clown. For someone who has the talent and willing to work hard that’s kiss a55 already. Knowing you’re going to walk into a wall and you still do it, that is stubbornnnnn. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      5. Education is good. It looks like your friends have the bullsh1t skill. Maybe you should get a few pointers from them. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    4. Hi HeTieShou,
      Yes, life is really unpredictable. Remember we wrote about this on Yang Mi & her hubby recently. I often feel that ppl these days are considered alot more luckier than ppl those days. Most of us received educations, unlike ppl like my late grandma illeterate because her mother said girls don’t need to be educated and furthermore they would be married off. I mean most of us know had the opportunity to receive the most basic educations, those who didnt would be their own choice which I would like to think it that way.

      Alot of my friends are already planning for early retirement. As for me, I dont have any other side income nor any investments. I only rely on my job so I’m not sure whether I could really think of early retirement.

      I was just telling myself that when I can still work, I better work and be thankful that I have a job because there are ppl whom are jobless out there.

      I’ve always felt Maggie Cheung to be a good actress, she can acts well. Yes, maybe her character is not that easy. But this reality world is all about connections sometimes. Alot of times I noticed some ppl get some jobs not realy because they’re the best but because they’re connected to somebody, some do apple polish. Please dont get me wrong, I’m not say all, but quite a handful are like that. I hope whatever she does, I hope she gets the best as she truly is someone that can act well.

      1. Hi Bloom,
        Yes,you are right and you never know what can happen in life. People that have never experienced the unpredictable will never understand how hard it can be. The people of our times are a lot luckier but sadly many do not treasure that and take it for granted. My parents are very traditional but always wanted me and my brothers to get educated and have our own career so we do not need to rely on anyone. They always stress the importance of career and not just think you can hitch a guy with money and be a stay at home mom. It is always better to make your own income.

        Yes,you are lucky to be able to have a job because during these tough times,many are still jobless and struggling to make ends meet. It is good to still hold onto to your career/ job even after marriage and kids since you do not know what can happen.

        I agree they Maggie is a great actress too. I have seen her act in several productions and she is very talented. You are right that connections seem to rule overall. You can be highly skilled and lose to someone who is less skilled due to connections and luck. Life is truly not fair.

      2. Hi HeTieShou,
        We could only continue to work hard and hope for the best. Hopefully life gets better and better.
        Yes, I’ve been working for many yrs now, I’ve seen so many unfairness even in office. Not all the MD in a company is the best MD, they may not be the best, hate by everyone but since he has good connections with the tops he gets his way.
        I was extremely stubborn when I was younger. Now, I’m in my late 30s I try to bend a bit, recently I had a disagreement with my boss, he was trying to make my life difficult. I was right and he was wrong, but since I cant find another job I had to swallow my pride & went into his office to say sorry. Now I try to swallow my pride, even he wants to say something not nice, I try to tell myself treat him nice, yes, be superficial because I need this job. Unless I find another better job. I hate doing this, it’s not me, but since I want peace in my work, I’m doing something I dont like nor I would ever do.

      3. Hi HeTieShou,
        I forgot to write that these days women are better off be independent. I feel it’s better to be independent than not. I’ve seen some of my friends got married and never worked before, housewife, looking after their children. Each time they wanted something, they had to ask money from their husband, I dont think that’s nice. Anyway, 2 of them divorced recently, their husband divorced them, they find it difficult to find jobs because they dont have any working experience and with few children….. I’m a strong believer that women have to have at least basic educations, have a job, independent especially in finances. It’s a blessings, if you marry someone that you can depend on, if not, you can still depend on yourself. You won’t get hurt, having to think of depending a men is definitely out of my mind, I find these days most men are incapable, I rather depend on myself, I’m not that lucky I guess.

  16. Yes lol, i don’t think you will even get to be a kelefe

  17. I may try hard to sound intelligent but it’s better than you who sound stupid however you try.

    1. “Who the hell was he? While I do feel a slight hint of compassion in regards to his passing in such a young age, but in the end of the day, why did he deserve an orbituary here??”

      A ke you’re on my like list. However r.i.p buddy. If you don’t like it, shut the f8ck up. You don’t spit on people’s grave. He knows where he came. Do you know where you came from? 😀

      1. Talking to a ke piece of sh1t. Get to use the f word. You’re not hiding behind Trini and Nomad. 😀 LOL!

  18. Wow she looks like that Korean actress in iirc “secret love” about a mother son age difference and pianos!

  19. This is not true. Maggie has real estate investment among other things, she’s not financially impoverished the tabloids made her out to be. She’s def not struggling to find a job.

  20. poor maggie! i hope she get good offers. She is one of my fav actress!

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