Vicki Zhao Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Vicki Zhao Wei pregnant

Since becoming pregnant, Vicki Zhao Wei was resting in Singapore while anticipating the birth of her baby.  According to a blogger in Singapore, Vicki gave birth to a girl on April 11th! Millionaire husband, Huang Yau Lung, carefully attended to Vicki’s needs during her hospital stay.

The blogger was a patient at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. After chatting with the nurses, the blogger realized that Vicki was admitted into the same hospital and gave birth several days ago. Allegedly, Vicki will likely leave the hospital and go home to rest within the next one to two days.

Vicki may have reserved VIP patient room number 2228 during her stay at Gleneagles Hospital, due to the auspicious number. The fees for the hospital stay was likely astronomical.

Reporters contacted Vicki’s agent to confirm the baby’s birth. The response was as follows: “Everything went well. There is happiness and joy! Vicki and her family thank everyone for their well wishes!” Vicki’s agent indirectly acknowledged the birth of the baby.

Vicki’s agent also noted that Vicki will be filming a cell phone ad shortly. The filming date has not been decided whether it will be June yet, as negotiations are still in discussion with the sponsor. Vicki is also interested in filming two new movies.

The Hong Kong Film Awards committee also noted that Vicki will not be attending the awards ceremony on April 18th despite her Best Actress nomination for “Mulan.”

Excerpt from the Sun

Jayne: Congratulations to Vicki! Would love to see pictures of the little princess!

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  1. Congrats to Vicki Zhao! It seemed like only yesterday I was watching her play a mischevious character in Princess Pearl. Strangely enough, her daughter and I share the same birthday!

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