Celebrity “Twins”: Vicki Zhao Wei, Angela Zhang, Ady An, and Jacqueline Li

Celebrated actress, Vicki Zhao Wei, is well known for her big expressive eyes. But she is not the only actress possessing a pair of eyes like that. Both actress Ady An Yi Xuan (currently working on Feng Xiaogang’s romantic movie If You Are The One with Shu Qi and Ge You) and Taiwanese singer Angela Zhang Shaohan, possess a pair of big expressive eyes.Also, Ady An’s lips resemble the lips of Vicki Zhao while Angela Zhang has similar lips as well. Ady and Angela have similar face bone structure but Angela resembles Vicki more than Ady An.

Over and above, twenty-seven old actress Jacqueline Li Xiaolu and Angela Zhang share a strong and striking reseblance to each other. They both have small round shaped faces, big eyes, small lips and similar nose. They are both short and thin, have the same bloodtype (A), while they were also born in the same year in 1982. All the actresses share similar big and expressive eyes and small lips.

Out of all the actresses, Angela Zhang is the one who resembles Vicki Zhao Wei the most, while Angela also looks much like Jacqueline Li.

Original article written by Miss China, a JayneStars Contributing Writer.

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  1. Ady sort of reminds me of Crystal/Betty Huang Yi. They both sort of remind me of Jiang Zu Ping as well.

  2. nice try but they don’t look alike except that they are both asian.

  3. How many of those eyes are not cosmetically altered? I do like Vicki’s picture though. It is very alluring.

  4. Ady is soo pretty<3 One of my favorite taiwanese actresses~

  5. They all look very different from one another, apart from being beautiful in their own way and having large eyes. Vicki zhao is the older of the lot though … age is catching up with the ex-Mariefrance spokewoman.Hope that’s not the reason why they changed spokewomen.

  6. More like vicki and faye wong…and jacqueline li and zhou xun!

  7. I agree with bubq on Jacqueline Li and Zhou Xun. Jacqueline Li looks like a exact copy of Zhou Xun. Very alike.

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