Vicki Zhao Secretely Getting Married & Quitting Entertainment Industry?

Recently, a tabloid report claimed that Vicki Zhao Wei intended to quietly get married and retire from the entertainment industry. Earlier, Vicki had stated that her hiatus was due to a need to concentrate on completing her Master’s degree in Directing at the Beijing Film Academy. Reporters contacted Vicki’s manager, Chen Rong, to confirm marriage and retirement rumors. Chen said that Vicki will not retire from the entertainment industry. “Vicki’s graduate degree, career, and love do not conflict with each other.”

In a recent interview with Vicki, it was mentioned that she may have to spend an additional year [repeating courses] in order to complete her Master’s degree. After completing the promotion for her current project, Vicki will allegedly take a hiatus from the entertainment industry to focus on her graduate studies.

The tabloid alluded that numerous celebrities got married recently. Earlier in Cannes, Vicki was spotted wearing a large Cartier diamond ring. It was speculated that perhaps Vicki was engaged to be married. The tabloid speculated that Vicki’s real intention of taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry was to get married in a low-profile wedding.

The tabloid also claimed that Vicki’s boyfriend was not Wang Chuan, but rather a businessman who works outside of the entertainment industry.

Vicki’s manager, Chen Rong, pointed out that Vicki was contemplating filming 2 to 3 projects. She also had to promote current projects as well. Chen mentioned that perhaps reporters misunderstood Vicki’s intentions in her last interview. Although Vicki was actively completing her graduate work, she was also choosing her next film roles. Vicki wished to film more outstanding movies.

Chen Rong reiterated that Vicki will not retire from the entertainment industry.


Jayne: Vicki’s pursuit of a Master’s degree in Directing does indicate that she is interested in a future career off screen. I wonder if wedding plans indeed may be possible. It’s hard to say these days, as the marriage bug seems to be spreading around.

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