Eason Chan and Hillary Tsui’s Marriage Discord Rumors Grow

Since their 3 year marriage, Eason Chan and Hillary Tsui had numerous discord rumors. Due to saving money for his father’s million-dollar medical treatment in China, Eason allegedly told Hillary to stop spending excessively. The couple has been arguing non-stop, thus giving rise to recent marriage discord rumors. In a recent Guangzhou concert, Eason cried onstage three times.

Although Eason, Hillary, and their daughter attended Paul Wong and Wong Ka Keung’s concert together, the couple normally pursue their own interests separately.

Eason likes to pursue his activities freely, [apart from Hillary]. Earlier, he was spotted having dinner with his assistant and two friends after work. The group ate at a modest Thai restaurant in Aberdeen. Eason appeared to be in good spirits and stayed for two hours. When Eason left, several housewives asked for autographs, which he willingly complied.

Due to frequent travel requirements for work, Eason’s car had a suitcase in the trunk. Beneath the trunk was a set of new wheels for his car. Hillary was not present that night and Eason appeared as if he were a bachelor!

In contrast, Hillary was spotted shopping expressionlessly with her daughter, Constance. Hillary told her assistant to take Constance to a nearby department store to buy toys. Afterwards, Constance returned with a chicken drumstick and gave it to her mother.

Holding a cup of iced tea, Hillary and Constance appeared listless and bored. Apparently, Eason does not spend much time with his wife and daughter!

Related Photos– Oriental Sunday Alleged that Kay Tse On Kei May Be Involved with Eason Chan

Source: Tom.com
Jayne: The original Oriental Sunday article claimed that Kay Tse and Eason Chan were romantically linked. Since the pair belonged to the same company, they often performed together. Kay also admitted that she often sent Eason text messages to confide in him. Ah, perhaps Kay’s statement started the rumors.

Eason does appear to be a hard-partying guy who has a lot of friends. He likely does not spend much time with Hillary and Constance due to work demands, but it’s too much for the tabloid to claim that he is having an affair with Kay Tse?

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